A complete list of sales intelligence tools

The tools you should be considering when adding to your sales tech stack

Aimee Manning | JAN 11, 2023

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SaaS holds the potential to streamline many of the key operations that power modern businesses — and sales is no exception. Utilizing data and audience insights to generate leads and move prospective customers further down the sales funnel, sales intelligence tools have become an essential part of any organization’s tech stack.

But with so many options now available to you, it can be a challenge knowing where to start when choosing the best-fit sales software for your organization.

To help, we have listed some of the most reputable and popular sales intelligence software solutions currently on the market. What’s more, we’ve detailed some of the different uses of these tools and the various pricing options that are available, along with the key challenges to consider before making any purchasing decisions.

What is sales intelligence software?

Sales intelligence tools are a type of software designed to provide sales teams with data insights and automations, helping them boost the productivity of their sales process — enabling efficient data collection, organization, and analysis. These tools can help to inform strategy and reduce friction in the execution of a sale from lead to close.

Some of the features that sales intelligence platforms typically include are:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Quote management
  • Workflow and approvals
  • Sales performance tracking
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Forecasting

In fast-moving markets, sales intelligence software affords businesses the critical edge to outpace their competitors — and so is an essential tool employed by many.

List of the best sales intelligence tools to consider

When it comes to the best sales intelligence tools, what are they and what can you expect to pay?

Below, we have compiled a list of providers in the market, each with an overview of the features and pricing information that is publicly available at the time of writing. So, if you’re looking for a new platform to add to your sales SaaS stack, you might want to consider one of the following.

1. 6sense

Offering intelligent revenue prediction and action recommendations, 6sense aims to revolutionize sales forecasting using AI. Its algorithm processes buying signals and evaluates customer sentiment in order to target different channels accordingly and increase conversions. According to the vendor, pricing is fully customized and quote-based. You can, however, view some of the pricing and discounting insights for 6sense here.

2. Apollo

Apollo provides an all-in-one platform to help companies of all sizes to find and engage with prospective customers. Its B2B database is regularly refreshed with contact details and offers automation options and integration with a broad set of CRMs. Its free iteration offers some limited contact access and outreach credits, while paid plans are priced from $39/user/month and custom plans starting at $5,000/year.

3. Clearbit

Using an extensive database of verified company and contact data, Clearbit streamlines the lead generation process. The data enrichment platform can be integrated with a range of tools such as G Suite, Salesforce and Outlook for outreach. Pricing is tailored according to ad spend, traffic volume and database size, as well as add-on selections.

4. Gong

Gong’s revenue intelligence platform not only enables sales teams to capture and understand the interactions they have with prospective customers, but it delivers invaluable insights that allow for data-driven decision making. When it comes to finding out the cost of Gong, you can either request a quote directly from its pricing page, or you can see how much we could help you save on your next purchase or renewal.

5. Groove

By automating administrative processes and producing actionable insights from complex data, Groove has the potential to boost sales productivity. The tool can capture a range of activities for integration with Salesforce and assist with contact outreach scheduling and record updating. Subscriptions are quote-based, with no tier price points listed publicly by the vendor.

6. Highspot

As a sales enablement solution, Highspot enables companies to improve the performance of their sales teams and personalize the experience for their prospective customers, by equipping users with the insights, training and coaching they need to succeed. As with many sales intelligence software providers, Highspot doesn’t make its pricing publicly available, however you can get an idea of its pricing parity and discounting possibilities here.

7. HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot is a powerful CRM platform that has amassed a wide customer base and now offers a sales-specific product. Some of its tools are provided for free, while pricing for the “starter” tier with further access begins at $40/month for the standard of two users. When it comes to Hubspot’s pricing, the enterprise-level plan is billed at $1,200/month, offering higher-level operations and fewer restrictions than a starter seat.

8. Leadfeeder

As a well-adopted B2B lead generation software solution, Leadfeeder helps users better target their existing audience, providing insights into website traffic demographics and purchase intent. Pricing wise, Leadfeeder offers a “lite” plan with data restrictions for free, or a premium version of its package starting at $79/month, with no limits on data storage or company identification.

9. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is a network designed primarily for developing relationships and generating opportunities — and its Sales Navigator builds on this principle. The tool helps users to find, learn about, and engage with prospective buyers through advanced search features and lead recommendations. Pricing for LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool starts at $99/user/month or $1,600/year for an enterprise plan.

10. Lusha

Operating as a browser plugin or integrated with a CRM, Lusha provides contact details and contextual profile data for leads. Basic contact details are available for access using the free iteration of the software, while the “pro” upgrade offers exporting options for $29/user/month. Further analytics and advanced features come as part of the “premium” offering at $51/user/month, while the enterprise-level package is quote-based.

11. MindTickle

With a broad range of features including AI-assisted sales training and conversation intelligence, MindTickle is another sales tool that enables organizations to improve the performance of their sales reps. While its pricing isn’t listed on its website, you can access MindTickle’s pricing and discounting insights here.

12. Outreach

Outreach emphasizes the final execution of the sale, using insights to help clients build strong deal cycles that engage buyers. The solution integrates revenue, conversation and sales intelligence into one platform, powered by AI. Outreach’s pricing is not publicly available and requires prospective buyers to request a quote, but you can access certain pricing insights here.

13. Overloop

Integrating a wealth of individual and organization contacts with reporting analytics and automations, Overloop is another hot choice for businesses looking for large, searchable sales intelligence databases. There is only one standard package, offered at a price of $99/user/month — though additional add-on credits are also available.

14. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is a product of the widely used Salesforce CRM tool. It’s built to drive business productivity with a range of automations, including account and contact management and pipeline forecasting. Salesforce offers a range of customizable software editions, ranging from an “essential” plan that charges $25/user/month, up to an “unlimited” platform that asks $300/user/month.

15. Salesloft

An alternative to Outreach and Groove, Salesloft is one of the leading sales engagement platforms on the market. With a range of plans designed to support companies with everything from prospecting to closing deals, right through to improving the post-sale experience, Salesloft is certainly a tool worth considering. When it comes to accessing Salesloft’s pricing, you will need to contact the vendor directly for a bespoke quote. To get an idea of what other companies are paying for Salesloft, we’d recommend taking a look at our dedicated pricing insights page.

16. Seismic

Seismic is another sales tool, designed to facilitate business growth through intelligence and coaching. With a suite of products featuring everything from content automation, right through to buyer engagement and enablement intelligence, it’s certainly worth considering as part of your sales tech stack.

17. Showpad

Combining coaching software with innovative content solutions, Showpad is yet another tool designed to accelerate sales performance and ultimately revenue growth. While Showpad offers plans for both its content and coaching offering, you will need to request a quote from its website to obtain its pricing. That said, you can view the pricing and discounting insights for Showpad here.

18. UserGems

UserGems offers companies advanced tracking to identify their warmest contacts each month that may enter the sales pipeline. The tool is designed to prioritize outreach for individual contacts that have moved between companies and bear the potential for repeated custom. In terms of pricing, UserGems offers customized plans based on contact tracking and data usage.

19. ZoomInfo SalesOS

Offering a large and constantly growing database of purchasing intent data, ZoomInfo’s SalesOS is a go-to platform for companies looking to accelerate their sales pipeline. Combined with tools to assist with outreach, the tool is a popular means to help market teams secure their deals quicker than ever before. Each tier of its pricing model is quote-based.

sales software pricing

The challenge of sales intelligence tool pricing

Our data ultimately shows that 50% of vendors in the sales intelligence space choose to obscure their pricing information. This is plain to see from the above list, with many of the vendors requiring prospective customers to request a personalized quote rather than listing standard plan prices.

But while this selling tactic can help vendors match their pricing to the unique needs of each customer, it makes it more difficult for you as a buyer to compare providers and assess whether you’re getting the best value.

Then there’s the fact that 14% of vendors include price uplift clauses in their contracts, meaning that they are able to increase their prices beyond the negotiated price. It’s worth noting that this figure sits significantly below the SaaS industry average of 33% of vendors that use price increase clauses — but it could still present an obstacle when it comes to getting the best deal.

So, why’s it happening?

Well, one reason is because of the high rates of SaaS inflation, which are pushing prices up year-on-year. By agreeing to these price uplifts in your contracts, you may find yourself paying significantly more than you had originally agreed with vendors — potentially exceeding your SaaS budget.

How Vertice can help you secure the best price on your sales intelligence software

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