Gong pricing: is it possible to get a discount?

Strategies for getting the best possible deal on your Gong subscription

Aimee Manning | NOV 14, 2022

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Named as one of the fastest-growing companies in North America, revenue intelligence platform Gong is certainly making waves in the SaaS space. And is it any wonder, given its feature-rich product and soaring popularity.

So, assuming you’re considering adding Gong to your SaaS stack — and why wouldn’t you given it’s five star rating on G2 — you’re probably wondering how much it costs?

What’s more, you may also be wondering how you can ensure you’re getting the best price possible?

Let’s find out.

How much does Gong cost?

When it comes to Gong’s pricing, there are in fact a number of ways you can obtain this information.

To start with, you can request a quote directly from Gong itself, based on your preferred license type and the size of your team. Should you want to find out the price of Gong without entering into any sales conversations, however, you’re ultimately left with two options.

First, you can scour the internet in the hopes of finding a recent forum or article that provides you with the information you need. The problem with this approach? The information will largely be fragmented, conflicting and therefore unreliable.

Just take these examples below.

According to this detailed Gong Pricing article, prices start from $1,360 per user, per year, with an additional base price of $5,000. If the design is anything to go by, it may well have come directly from Gong itself — although we can’t know this for sure and even if this is the case, there’s no guarantee that it’s the most up-to-date pricing.

Gong pricing

But what about the users themselves?

Well, according to a post on a subreddit dedicated to this very topic, Gong will cost you $5K per year, plus an additional $1,400 per user.

Gong pricing

Or $1,200, if you ask someone else.

Gong pricing

Now while all of these answers are roughly in the same ballpark and may therefore give you a rough idea of cost, it can’t be ignored that even the difference of a couple of hundred dollars per user can soon add up, so it’s difficult to solely rely on this information.

But this isn’t the only conflicting information out there related to Gong’s pricing though. There’s also the question of whether the vendor offers a free version of its software.

While this article suggests it does — more specifically it suggests that it offers a free Collaborator seat type that includes call listening and other limited functionality — both TrustRadius and Capterra state that this isn’t the case and there is no freemium version or free trial offered.

Gong pricing

So, what’s your other option for sourcing accurate pricing information?

In short, by talking to us.

At Vertice, we can access the pricing points and transactional data for thousands of SaaS vendors worldwide — Gong included. In fact, we can tell you exactly how much other companies are paying for the software, giving you the leverage to negotiate a better price (or by negotiating on your behalf — but we’ll get to that later).

Is it possible to get a discount on Gong?

If the forums and articles mentioned above are anything to go by, the more users you have, the greater discount you will receive.

But what if we told you that you could get an even higher discount on your Gong subscription?

According to our own data, SaaS buyers tend to overpay software — not just Gong, but all of their software applications — by as much as 20-30%. This means that there are almost always opportunities to secure a better deal.

The question is how? How do you get the best possible price?

Let’s look at some of our top software negotiation tactics.

Arm yourself with leverage

By understanding just how willing Gong is to provide a discount and knowing how much other companies are paying for the software, you can enter into conversations and negotiations with the leverage to secure the best possible price.

But it’s not just the price you should be negotiating on. It’s also the terms of your contract, including the removal of auto-renewal clauses.

It can also pay to research the competition, including both their prices and what they’re offering in terms of customization and support.

Commit to an annual or multi-year subscription

If you know that Gong is likely to be a permanent fixture in your SaaS stack over the next few years, it may well be worth committing to a multi-year agreement.

According to Vertice data, organizations will typically increase the discount by an extra 5% for every additional year you commit to. So, if the typical annual discount is 20%, you could expect this to be 25% for a two-year agreement and 30% for three years.

According to our own data, organizations will typically increase the discount by an extra 5% for every additional year you commit to. So, if the typical annual discount is 20%, you could expect this to be 25% for a two-year agreement and 30% for three years.

Work with a certified Gong partner

Another possible way to secure a discount is by working with a certified Gong partner. These are the companies that have been trained and approved by Gong to sell, implement, and support the platform.

Have Vertice secure you the best possible price

Whether you’re looking to purchase Gong as a first time user, or you’re negotiating a renewal, the process can be both draining and time-consuming.

As can the process of securing the leverage needed to ensure the best possible pricing.

At Vertice, we can help with all of this. In fact, we can take the burden of buying and renewing SaaS off your hands, saving you a substantial amount of time, while also securing the best possible cost, not only for Gong, but for any software application.

Learn more about us here, or see for yourself how much we can save you with our free cost saving analysis.

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