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What Salesloft can do for you

There are many factors that can disrupt a sale, many of which can’t be predicted or seen. Sales teams require tools to help them overcome these disruptions — to add value to their team and earn customer trust. 

Salesloft is a comprehensive sales engagement platform designed to enhance every stage of the sales operation. Using the platform, sellers can establish repeatable, consistent processes in their workflow, providing the infrastructure and context required to engage customers in the right way, at the right time.

Everything sales teams need is now located on the Salesloft platform — there’s no more chair-swivelling or jumping around to different applications, or time wasted on simple administrative tasks. 

Salesloft customers report an average ROI of 394% within three years and a 30% improvement in closed deal rates.

Salesloft pricing structures and tiers

There are four core products in the Salesloft platform, which the company has called Rhythm. Those four products are:

1. Cadence:

  • A tool for building and nurturing sales pipelines;
  • Data analysis and A/B testing to find suitable prospects;
  • Generative AI to craft first email engagements based on personalized data insights;
  • Automatically syncs critical buyer data to your CRM, saving time on administrative tasks;
  • Integrations to streamline all activities onto one application.

2. Conversations:

  • A tool for finding insights and sales coaching guidance;
  • Transcribes, analyzes and summarizes every conversation with sales prospects;
  • Converts insights into action, distilling interactions into key takeaways;
  • Spots patterns to offer coaching tips to individual sellers or wider sales teams;
  • Maintains deal momentum with clearer customer insights.

3. Deals:

  • A tool for pipeline management and forecasting;
  • Converts CRM data into actionable insights;
  • Capitalizes on real-time buyer engagement to keep on top of deal progression — all on one screen;
  • Deal analytics to boost win rates and improve seller skills;
  • Incorporates qualification frameworks into your workflow to reinforce the sales process.

4. Forecast:

  • A tool to predict future sales outcomes;
  • Combines human insight with AI to predict future sales outcomes;
  • Tracks weekly changes to gauge deal health and buyer engagement;
  • Monitors new and modified deal information from one dashboard;
  • Identifies missed opportunities and areas for improvement.

Salesloft pricing isn’t available online, so you’ll need to contact their own sales team for an idea of costs. There are a few insights to glean from the website however, which reveals three subscription tiers:

  • Essentials, to grow your sales pipeline and gain customer knowledge.
  • Advanced, to convert a higher percentage of deals and win new customers.
  • Premier, to generate predictable revenue, quarter on quarter.

When it comes to Salesloft pricing, we can help your organization negotiate the optimum package at the best price. Once you’ve told us what you’re looking for from your subscription, we’re able to draw on a huge resource of previous customer transactions to garner leverage during contract negotiations. Then, once we’ve secured the deal, the Vertice platform will help you manage all of your SaaS applications.

Additional Salesloft costs to consider

Because visibility on Salesloft pricing is generally poor, it’s unclear whether there are any additional costs to your subscription to consider. In any case, our customer purchasing teams work entirely independently of vendors so that our clients receive the best possible deals.

Other vendors offering sales engagement solutions

How you approach and organize your sales will depend on the industry you’re working in and the product you’re selling; a sales solution that works for one organization might therefore fail for another.  

With this in mind, here are some alternative options to Salesloft. 

Salesloft pricing vs Outreach

Pricing is also unavailable on Outreach’s site but there are four tiers on offer:

  • Standard, which includes all core functionality to create pipelines and close deals, including platform integrations premium support. This service is designed for small sales teams.
  • Professional, which adds deeper insights for managers. This service is targeting larger sales teams. 
  • Enterprise, which targets large organizations with complex requirements looking to scale their sales output.
  • Unlimited, suitable for large organizations looking for absolutely no restrictions in their sales platform.

As you can tell from its tier structures, Outreach’s capabilities are probably most appropriate for big organizations. User reviews suggest the platform is more expensive than Salesloft and is slower to achieve ROI — not necessarily a bad thing for a company that can absorb the shock. Like Salesloft, there’s no free trial. 

Salesloft pricing vs HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub offers a free version of its platform targeting individual sellers, helping them build a reputation and selling expertise. Paid subscriptions are categorized into three tiers, as follows:

  • Starter, beginning at $45pm — includes basic automation, suggested goals and seller productivity performance.
  • Professional, beginning at $450pm — includes advanced automation, sequences and custom reporting.
  • Enterprise, beginning at $1,500pm — includes custom objectives, predictive lead scoring and playbooks.

There’s a wide range of price points and capabilities across these three tiers, which should suit a variety of customers. User reviews also say HubSpot Sales Hub is slower to reach ROI compared to Salesloft, but that the platform is easier to administer. 

Like Salesloft and Outreach, HubSpot doesn’t offer a free trial of its Sales Hub.

Salesloft pricing vs Groove

Groove pricing is the least visible of all the vendors discussed here — in fact, the site doesn’t reveal the product’s various subscription tiers, which will be a frustration for many. Groove does however offer a free trial of the platform, giving it a possible edge over the rest of the field. 

The platform includes automated email and outbound call logging, activity capture and meeting scheduling, removing a significant chunk of admin time. Like Outreach and HubSpot, user reviews say that Groove is slower to reach ROI. On the other hand, the company provides better customer support and the platform is easier to set up.

Salesloft pricing — the Vertice verdict

Selling is inherently difficult — there are many obstacles to a sale, many of which are unpredictable. Salesloft not only improves the framework through which sales teams operate, but also provides key insights that help understand buyer behaviour and develop sales techniques.

The aptly-named Rhythm platform equips sales teams with everything they need to establish a more successful workflow. We’re particular fans of the Conversations tool, which rapidly reduces administrative time and reveals nuggets of customer information to help improve sales performance. 

It’s not possible to effectively position Salesloft against its competitors due to pricing opacity, but comparisons between Outreach, HubSpot Sales Hub and Groove reveal Salesloft customers to be faster to ROI. 

Pricing transparency has been a thorn in the side of SaaS management for years, but the Vertice platform has eradicated the issue by gaining unparalleled access to SaaS purchasing histories. With this transactional data, never before available in the purchasing process, we’re able to optimize all of your SaaS subscriptions. 

Get in touch to find out how the Vertice platform can help your organization reduce its spend and manage its SaaS stack more effectively.


Salesloft pricing FAQs

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Salesloft is the provider of the leading sales engagement platform that helps sellers and sales teams drive more revenue.

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