Clearbit pricing: How much will it cost + how to get a discount

How to get the best possible price on a Clearbit subscription

Aimee Manning | FEB 21, 2023

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As one of the pioneering sales intelligence platforms, Clearbit enables teams to empower their business decisions with real-time data insights.

In fact, the company has become so popular that it has not only earned itself an impressive 4.4-star rating on G2, but it has also increased its year-on-year revenue by more than 100% between 2021 and 2022. So, if you’re thinking about adding Clearbit to your revenue stack, you’re certainly not alone.

The question is, how much is it going to cost you? And is it possible to get a discount on Clearbit’s pricing?

How much does Clearbit cost?

While Clearbit’s pricing isn’t publicly available on its website, there are several ways you can find out this information — the first of which being to request a tailored quote directly from the vendor’s pricing page.

But what if you’re still trying to evaluate sales intelligence platforms and aren’t yet ready to speak to a sales rep?

Fortunately, there are other routes you can take.

Before we dive into these options, however, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the different plans that Clearbit offers, so that when the time comes, you can ensure that you’re negotiating with the right plan in mind.

Clearbit pricing packages


Clearbit’s Acquisition package helps businesses to target precise, regularly updated B2B audiences using CRM and website data. Pricing for this plan is calculated based on an organization’s total ad spend.


The Conversion package tracks conversions to send lead signals to Google and Facebook algorithms, helping businesses target their bids on high-value leads. Pricing for Clearbit’s Conversion plan is based on monthly web traffic.


Clearbit’s Operations plan provides real-time data to help implement new company systems, automations, and workflows. Pricing for this package is based on the size of an enterprise’s database.

So, now you know the core packages that the company offers, what are the other options for finding out the cost?

How to find out the cost of Clearbit

Essentially, there are two other ways you can obtain the pricing.

The first route is to search through online forums and knowledge bases for insight into what other companies are paying for their subscription. This can give you a rough idea of what you can expect to be charged for a plan, based on the quotes provided to others.

This anecdotal information should, however, be taken with a pinch of salt.


Because the information that you find will often be outdated and contradictory — a result of both the cost of software increasing and the fact that these quotes will have been provided based on the company’s own requirements.

Just take a look at the following examples.

Clearbit pricing

One anonymous Capiche user reports that they pay $26,000 per year for their subscription as well as a further $12,000 for additional leads and visit data. In the same thread, another user claims to be paying $9,600 per year for 10,000 monthly requests.

Clearbit pricing

Elsewhere, an article on RevPilots reports that each of Clearbit’s key products costs between $99 and $999 per month — a more than significant variation in cost, which will likely be tailored to a company’s exact bandwidth requirements.

So, these findings suggest that your Clearbit cost will vary considerably based on different rates of company usage — and scouring the web might not give you the most accurate insight into what you could end up paying.

So, what other option do you have to find out the pricing?

In short, talking to Vertice. Our extensive database of pricing benchmarks contains insights on exactly how much other companies are paying for their software contracts, providing the all-important leverage necessary for vendor negotiations.

Is it possible to get a Clearbit discount?

The first thing to point out is that software prices in general are rarely set in stone and it’s almost always possible to secure a discount on the list price. In fact, the average real price paid for sales software is 22% less than what was originally asked.

What’s even more interesting is that vendors providing sales intelligence software typically offer heavier discounts than vendors selling other types of sales software.

So, in answer to the question, yes it is certainly possible to secure a discount on Clearbit. Assuming that you are negotiating with leverage, that is.

Not sure where to start?

Here are some of our proven negotiation tactics.

Commit to a multi-year agreement

One of the most effective ways to secure a software discount is to commit to a longer-term plan, for example an annual or multi-year agreement. Typically, contracts that run for two or more years offer the most lucrative savings — but there are some considerations to make before you sign up for a longer period.

To start with, you’ll need to be confident that you’ll still be using the software further down the line. While it can be hard to predict where your company will be in several years, you certainly wouldn’t want to tie your business into a subscription that you’ll outgrow or not use the full bandwidth of, as this will quickly translate to wasted SaaS spending.

If, however, Clearbit is likely to become a permanent fixture in your SaaS stack, you should consider a longer agreement. Our data tells us that vendors typically increase their discount by an extra 5% for every extra year that a company commits to — so, if the annual discount is 20%, you could be looking at savings of 25% for a two-year plan, and so on.

Gain leverage with competitor research

Researching alternatives before you enter into negotiations is a valuable way to arm yourself with leverage. Consider inquiring into the price points and discounting data offered both by Clearbit and their sales intelligence competitors, such as Gong or Seamless.

While you want to maintain good relationships with each of your suppliers, discussing the pricing and extra contract terms offered by other vendors can encourage counter offers. For example, you may wish to compare the level of customization or the guarantee and renewal terms offered by other vendors, which may then prompt your seller to offer similar benefits to sway your decision in their favor.

Use an intermediary to negotiate on your behalf

Finding reliable vendor pricing information is becoming an increasingly challenging task. Not only does the lack of pricing transparency often leave you paying more than you otherwise could be, but the process of obtaining numerous quotes can also be an incredibly time-consuming process.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. At least not if you let Vertice negotiate on your behalf.

With access to the pricing and discounting data from more than 13,000 global SaaS vendors, we can ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal on any SaaS purchase or renewal.

Plus, with a team of expert negotiators that understand the intricacies of SaaS purchasing from either side of the deal, we know exactly what to look out for in contracts and can ensure that we’re securing you the best possible terms for your business.

What’s more, Vertice is a risk-free service — we take the guesswork out of the negotiation process and guarantee software savings for your business. Why not see how much you could be saving by using our free cost savings analysis tool.

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