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What is SaaS management?

SaaS management is the process of identifying, managing, and governing the software applications that exist within an organization’s technology portfolio.

When software goes unmanaged, it not only puts the business at risk of data breaches and security issues, but it can also lead to a substantial amount of wasted spend as a result of redundant and duplicate SaaS apps, not to mention unused licenses.

Why do businesses need SaaS management?

There’s no denying that cloud-based software applications offer substantial benefits to businesses, including lower costs and greater flexibility to scale. But the accessibility of software has ultimately transformed the way that companies purchase these applications. Or more specifically, the way that employees purchase them.

Ultimately, with increased autonomy comes decentralized purchasing — something that’s causing huge issues for IT, procurement and finance teams alike.

Challenges that include:

  • Lack of visibility into the software being used across the organization
  • Wasted SaaS spend caused by duplicate, redundant, unused and costly licenses
  • Increased security and compliance risks, including shadow IT and data exposure

Vertice’s SaaS management platform equips businesses with the tools they need to regain control over their software portfolio and put an end to wasted spending.

Gain total visibility over your SaaS stack

In order to effectively manage your SaaS portfolio, you need to know which software applications exist within your organization. More specifically, you need to discover and catalog them.

Vertice’s platform gives you complete visibility of all subscriptions, user licenses, owners, contracts, renewals, and costs. This allows you to make informed decisions about future software purchases and renewals, as well as eliminate any shadow IT eating into your budget.
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Reduce your SaaS spend

Once you have total oversight of the software in use (or not) across your organization, you can begin to optimize your SaaS stack.

With so much money being wasted on SaaS, not to mention soaring inflation rates, it’s never been more important to look for ways to streamline your portfolio and reduce your spend.

Vertice can help you to analyze the utilization and value of each software application, to ultimately identify whether it should be kept, replaced, retired, or consolidated.

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Take control of renewals and negotiate better contracts

Vertice’s automated SaaS management allows you to keep on top of your SaaS renewals.

Manual tracking might work if you’re managing only a handful of software applications, but the average organization uses hundreds of tools. This contributes to what can only be described as a Frankenstack — and it can become incredibly easy to lose oversight, miss renewal dates, and end up paying for both expensive and unwanted subscriptions and licenses.

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Ensure your software is secure and compliant

Regulatory legal guidelines safeguard the sensitive personal data belonging to both your customers and your employees. If unvetted applications are being used within your organization to handle this data, you run the risk of breaches that can be costly both financially and for your reputation.

Vertice provides you with the necessary visibility upon your entire software stack, to inspect and verify that every step of the workflow is safe, secure, and regulation-compliant.

This way, you protect your data and your business.

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Discover all the software your company utilizes

It can be challenging to locate and accurately document the many tools in use within your organization. Beyond just asking your employees which applications they subscribe to, you’ll need to ensure that you have procedures in place to discover any new software use — sanctioned or unsanctioned — in real-time.

Vertice’s SaaS management platform enables you to uncover these tools, informing decision making and eliminating shadow IT before it puts your business productivity and data security at risk.
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