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HubSpot is a cloud-based CRM platform, with a suite of marketing, sales, and customer support tools, each designed to support business growth, while enabling organizations to deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

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Our HubSpot pricing guide examines this multifaceted platform spanning customer relationship management (CRM), sales, and marketing. We’ll break down the pricing structure for the six main products, and compare HubSpot to alternative vendors to help you find the right solution. You’ll also discover how Vertice helps you achieve the lowest HubSpot price through targeted negotiation based on our exclusive pricing benchmarks.

What HubSpot can do for you 

HubSpot started as a CRM vendor in 2008 but has since grown into an extremely versatile platform offering marketing, sales, content creation, and work management. Individuals can use a free plan to get started, while enterprises get access to a range of powerful products.  

Transparent costs and dozens of products and subscription packages make HubSpot pricing just as versatile as its functionality. We’ll explore this in detail further down the page. 

HubSpot pricing structures and tiers

HubSpot pricing is extremely transparent, offering SMBs and enterprises numerous subscription options depending on the exact functionality required. Here’s a clearer look.

HubSpot pricing – Customer Platform 

HubSpot pricing for the Customer Platform delivers an all-in-one suite integrating the vendor’s marketing, sales, content, and operations tools. Organizations of all sizes searching for a comprehensive solution to manage the entire customer lifecycle can find four options: 

  • Free Tools ($0) – Free access to the Customer Platform is a great way to sample HubSpot’s capabilities. This tier offers basic CRM functionality, enabling limited contact, task, and deal management. Some drawbacks to consider are the HubSpot-branded live chat and just one limited email automation action. 
  • Starter Customer Platform ($15/month/seat) – SMBs requiring a cost-effective platform for slightly more advanced marketing, sales, and service features can opt for the Starter package. This removes HubSpot live chat branding, includes simple marketing automation, supports up to five currencies, and more. 
  • Professional Customer Platform ($1,080/month/seat) – This mid-tier plan offers advanced omni-channel marketing automation, sales enablement, and customer service features. The Professional Customer Platform also provides customizable reporting and analytics. This package suits rapidly expanding businesses looking for a scalable platform.  
  • Enterprise Customer Platform ($4,000/month/seat) – For enterprises with complex customer lifecycles, this package offers a bespoke all-in-one platform. Aside from the increased capacity for everything from administrative presents to contact scoring indexes, this tier also excels with advanced reporting and AI-driven insights.

HubSpot pricing – Marketing 

HubSpot pricing is pleasantly versatile, so organizations can choose specific products if they don’t require the entire all-in-one suite. Here are the options for marketing: 

  • Free Tools ($0) – A free introduction to email marketing, this module is powerful enough for solopreneurs but likely falls short for most other businesses. 
  • Marketing Hub Starter (from $15/month/seat) – An entry-level plan offering slightly more advanced email and marketing features, leading scoring, and analytics, the Starter plan also includes ten email marketing automations and dashboard reports. 
  • Marketing Hub Professional (from $800/month) – Professional touts upgraded capabilities with up to 15 million products, omnichannel marketing, and customizable website traffic analytics. The 100 shared inboxes is also a notable addition for larger marketing teams.
  • Marketing+ Professional (from $900/month) – The Marketing+ Professional package upgrades the content creation and management side of things with custom reporting, AI translation, and dynamic pages. 
  • Marketing Hub Enterprise (from $3,600/month) – A powerful marketing hub for enterprise-level campaigns, this tier includes features like predictive lead scoring, event visualizers, and organization for up to 300 teams. 
  • Marketing+ Enterprise (from $3,800/month) – Get access to additional lead generation and automation features with this package. Enterprise B2B marketers can also leverage 10,000 included marketing contacts, a notable advantage. There’s a one-time Enterprise Onboarding fee of $7,000 for this HubSpot tier. 

HubSpot pricing – Sales 

Organizations focusing on sales can choose from the following options: 

  • Free Tools ($0) – Get basic contact management, deal tracking, and email templates at no cost, ideal for individual sales projects or small teams. 
  • Sales Hub Starter (from $15/month/seat) – Get increased capacity on all tools featured in the free plan alongside e-Signature support, basic automation, multiple currencies, and conversation routing. 
  • Sales Hub Professional (from $90/month/seat) – Larger organizations with more complex sales cycles can leverage the Sales Hub Professional plan, providing playbooks, forecasting, prospecting workspaces, and ABM tools. 
  • Sales Hub Enterprise (from $150/month/seat) – A complete sales hub with lead form routing, custom objects, recurring revenue tracking, conversation intelligence, and other advanced features. There’s a one-off $3,500 onboarding fee.  

HubSpot pricing – Service 

HubSpot pricing for the customer support features has four options: 

  • Free Tools ($0) – Get basic support tools like a live chat and 1-to-1 emailing (with HubSpot branding). 
  • Service Hub Starter (from $15/month/seat) – Remove branding from the features above and leverage additional in-app chat support, simple ticket automation, and payment help. 
  • Service Hub Professional (from $90/month/seat) – Unlock in-depth self-service features for organizations scaling quickly. Additional capabilities include customer feedback surveys, customer portal, playbooks, and service analytics.  
  • Service Hub Enterprise (from $130/month/seat) – HubSpot’s most powerful help desk solution for enterprises includes admin notifications, single sign-on, conversational intelligence, and more.  

HubSpot pricing – Content 

HubSpot’s product for content creation and management has four potential packages: 

  • Free Tools ($0) – For one-man marketers or SMBs looking for an introduction into HubSpot’s capabilities, these basic tools may be enough, including mobile optimization, AI blog post generator, and website generation. 
  • Content Hub Starter (from $15/month/seat) – Remove HubSpot branding from the AI blog generation, landing pages, websites, and forms. Starter also includes premium hosting and AI assistants.  
  • Content Hub Professional (from $450/month/seat) – A highly scalable suite for content marketing, Professional’s main advantage over the Starter tier is upgraded capacity and advanced A/B testing, reporting, and embedded content. 
  • Service Hub Enterprise (from $1,500/month/seat) – Large organizations with multiple content marketing teams should consider the Enterprise package. This adds team organization, activity logging, content approvals, and more. 

HubSpot pricing – Operations 

HubSpot pricing’s versatility is proven by the Operations product. This helps to knit together the other areas, connecting and cleaning customer data while automating business processes. The main tiers include:  

  • Free Tools ($0) – Get access to basic data syncing and third-party integrations. 
  • Operations Hub Starter (from $15/month/seat) – Starter includes everything in the free plan with additional email health reporting, default field mappings, email reply tracking, and more. 
  • Operations Hub Professional (from $720/month/seat) – SMBs with complex requirements and larger businesses can leverage advanced data syncing and automation. The programmable automation and AI-powered data formatting recommendations are two highlights. 
  • Service Hub Enterprise (from $2,000/month/seat) – Enterprises can leverage advanced operations functionality, including permissions, data calculations, and datasets. Additional notable features include the sandbox account. 

HubSpot pricing – Commerce 

HubSpot pricing for the Commerce Hub depends on the integrations and capacity required. The vendor offers a free plan to get started, although organizations must contact sales for more information.  

Additional HubSpot costs to consider 

The main additional HubSpot costs to consider come from any additional seats. Most prices are given per seat, so larger organizations should keep this in mind as costs can quickly add up. 

Other vendors offering CRM, sales, and marketing solutions 

Comparing vendors is a key pillar of strategic SaaS procurement. With that in mind, here are three HubSpot competitors to consider.

HubSpot pricing vs Marketo 

Marketo pricing is commercially obscured, although customer stories suggest the vendor is generally more expensive than HubSpot. It also has a steeper learning curve, but the tradeoff is upgraded functionality.  

HubSpot pricing vs 6sense 

6sense pricing also tends to be more expensive than HubSpot. While HubSpot is ultimately more versatile, 6sense is a better candidate if you require more advanced ABM features. 

HubSpot pricing vs Freshworks

Freshworks pricing follows a similarly modular approach to HubSpot, with various packages for CRM, customer support, marketing, and other products. While there’s no free plan, customer stories suggest the more advanced plans can be cheaper than HubSpot. One downside, however, is the less unified approach.

HubSpot pricing – the Vertice verdict 

HubSpot pricing is incredibly versatile and transparent — two notable advantages in the SaaS world. The vendor can suit all business sizes, from solo outfits to global enterprises. This is its crowning feature, although organizations requiring more sophisticated sales or marketing solutions may find alternatives like 6sense offer more powerful capabilities overall. 

If HubSpot’s come out on top, why not partner with Vertice to procure it? We can help you achieve the lowest HubSpot pricing using our exclusive subscription benchmarks. With over 16,000 vendors in our database, our customer purchasing teams have plenty of leverage to help you save money. Simply get in touch to see how we can help, or find out more about our SaaS Purchasing Platform.


Pricing FAQs

Is it worth paying for HubSpot?

It can certainly be worth paying for HubSpot, especially if you like the taster afforded by the free plans. Ultimately, it depends on your organization’s requirements and budget, but the flexible nature of the HubSpot pricing structure means it’s easy to find the features you need at an affordable price.

Can I use HubSpot for free? 

Yes. HubSpot offers limited free plans for many of its tools.

What are the subscription options for HubSpot?

HubSpot has dozens of subscription options, and its pricing structure is highly modular in nature. You’ll find more information further up the page.

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