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Vertice makes purchasing, renewing and streamlining your SaaS stack a whole lot easier.

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Vertice is built to take care of your SaaS, from helping you get the best price on new purchases to managing every step of your renewals.
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Streamlined renewals

Proactively keep track of the software due for renewal, using alerts, approvals and workflows to get the best possible pricing on your SaaS.

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Usage and analytics

Over a third of all licenses go to waste. Vertice tracks your actual usage against the seats you’ve purchased, helping you eliminate overspend and under-utilization.

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Diligence insights

Vertice automatically makes recommendations on the contracts and terms of your purchases, as well as streamlining the compliance and security process.

Streamlined Renewals

Expert insights on your SaaS purchasing

Most companies now use more than 100 SaaS products, with no clear owner or centralized plan for managing them. With limited pricing transparency from vendors, it can be difficult to understand whether you’re getting the best value on your SaaS contracts.

Vertice is powered by data on more than 16,000 vendors, featuring the real price point paid by thousands of customers — helping you determine if you’re paying more than you should for software. Backed by this intelligence and equipped with an intimate knowledge of every vendor’s sales process, our expert team works alongside yours to negotiate fairer prices and better terms.

Your entire SaaS stack is automatically mapped into simple dashboards, granting you a holistic view of your software spending. Alerts and workflows help you get ahead of renewals, with approval options that integrate with your existing processes.

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Usage Analytics

Identify wasted licenses and improve utilization

The next step is to analyze your SaaS stack. Using our detailed and exhaustive database of more than 16,000 vendors, we can compare price points and contracts to identify.

We conduct a full inspection of your SaaS contracts, taking into account your pricing, licenses and payment terms with each vendor.

Through direct integrations with major SSO providers, we measure usage rates throughout your organization. This enables us to identify any instances of over-licensing or duplicate applications, where you have more than one application serving the same basic purpose.

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Diligence Insights

Take the headache out of contracting

Buying, managing and renewing software often consumes countless hours, with conversations spanning multiple meetings and endless emails. With Vertice, you can cut this down to just a few clicks.

Diligence Insights is a collection of features that make the process of contracting with new or returning vendors significantly less stressful. The long list of terms hidden in contracts might include auto-renewals or price increases, which can limit the leverage and control you have as a buyer. Vertice identifies key conditions you might wish to assess or negotiate on, and benchmarks your agreement against thousands of other customers to indicate where you can alter it.

Vertice also provides pre-completed security questionnaires, streamlined processes for obtaining compliance responses, and detailed information on certifications for each vendor, reducing the load on your legal, IT and security teams.

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Better together

Save even more with Cloud Cost Optimization

Don’t stop at SaaS savings — cloud costs such as AWS, Azure and GCP can sometimes amount to even more than software. The Vertice platform manages your cloud spend right alongside your SaaS stack, offering a reduction in your cloud costs by up to 25%

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Smarter SaaS Spend

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