Cloud FinOps

Create cloud financial accountability
across your organization

Optimize spending without sacrificing performance with Cloud FinOps.

What is Cloud FinOps?

Cloud FinOps, also referred to as Cloud Financial Operations, is a practice that focuses on aligning cloud costs with business objectives and improving overall financial management in the cloud.

When implemented correctly, it can provide you with a better understanding of your cloud spending patterns, enabling you to make more informed decisions on how to allocate and manage your costs.

This involves ensuring that your:

  • Cloud spending is optimized
  • Wasteful expenditure is minimized
  • Resources are allocated effectively to meet business needs

Improve your cloud financial management

Organizations now spend an average of $3.8 million on cloud computing each year, a third of which goes entirely to waste.

Part of the problem is that finance leaders lack visibility into their cloud costs, making it virtually impossible to control spend, identify areas of overspending or inefficiencies, and make informed decisions to optimize cloud resources.

With Vertice, this lack of visibility no longer has to be a problem. This is because our platform enables you to:

  • Understand how your spend is adding up and where potential savings exist
  • See how optimized your cloud environment is at all times and receive real-time alerts when there are irregularities in your cloud usage
  • Drill down into the current and historic cost drivers for context on your cloud usage

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Achieve greater financial control with Cloud FinOps

By gaining a thorough understanding of how much is being spent on cloud computing, as well as how each of the services are being utilized, organizations can achieve greater financial control and in turn allocate resources more efficiently, better manage variable costs and implement strategies to reduce expenses.

Vertice can provide you with this visibility and control by continuously monitoring and analyzing your cloud usage patterns, in turn enabling you to:

  • Optimize resource usage
  • Prepare budgets and cash flow models with greater predictability
  • Achieve financial accountability across your organization by aligning cloud costs to specific teams and projects

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Streamline the FinOps process

Given the complexities of the cloud infrastructure, this level of control is only possible with some degree of automation. After all, even organizations with a dedicated Cloud FinOps team are unlikely to identify every cost-saving opportunity, let alone execute on them.

Fortunately, the Vertice Cloud Cost Optimization platform leverages more than 75 sophisticated optimization tests with coverage across the AWS products used across your company, in order to continuously identify savings opportunities. We understand that time and resource is a major constraint for many, which is why our recommendations specifically:

  • Require minimal engineering effort, with some automatically implemented on your behalf
  • Provide quantifiable savings estimates

Vertice doesn’t just provide recommendations — our platform also utilizes advanced algorithms that trade reserved instances on your behalf.

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