Cloud Cost Optimization

Your cloud costs don’t
have to be sky high


Over half of organizations are experiencing a rapid growth in cloud costs.
We help you reverse the trend.

Slash your cloud costs by up to 25%


Cloud costs can be complex to understand and resource intensive to optimize.
Let us do it all for you.
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Automated Savings

Clever algorithms buy and sell reserved instances on your behalf, while sophisticated optimization tests continuously test your environment for cost-saving opportunities.

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Insights & Negotiation

Get the granular visibility you need, helping you to understand, control and forecast your costs — all while ensuring efficient collaboration between finance and tech.

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Zero-Hassle Implementation

Vertice takes almost no effort at all. Access to automated savings, actionable cost saving recommendations and digestible dashboards are available in minutes.

The CFO's guide to managing cloud costs for 2024

Cloud spend is the number one cost-cutting priority for financial leaders in the coming 12 months. To better understand the trends, challenges and opportunities of cloud spend, Vertice commissioned a research study surveying 600 finance and technology leaders.

Check out our groundbreaking research for insights into how your business can get cloud costs under control.

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Automated savings

Powerful tools to optimize your spend

Working with the cloud can be complex, making it difficult and resource intensive to understand where and how you can optimize your spend. Vertice provides automated tools to streamline your reserved instance coverage and eliminate inefficiencies.

RIO, our Reserved Instance Optimizer is a smarter way to buy and sell RIs that can cut your compute spend by up to 60% – advanced algorithms automate your coverage based on your unique usage trends.

Our recommendation engine continuously monitors your cloud environment and identifies actionable and detailed saving opportunities designed for minimal engineering effort, allowing you to constantly identify inefficiencies.

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Insights & Negotiation

Insights that give you control over your costs

Over half of organizations are experiencing a growth in cloud costs, with annual increases typically at over 30%. Vertice gives you the understanding you need to effectively manage your growing spend and forecast with confidence for the months ahead.

Our platform is designed for effective collaboration between finance and tech teams, breaking down your cloud costs into digestible dashboards, cleanly displaying the areas in which your spend is distributed and where savings can be achieved. Anomaly detection alerts you in the case of unexpected cost rises and thousands of data points inform advanced forecasts of your expected spend.

Deep pricing intelligence of benchmarked comparables and expert buyers help you get the best deal on your Enterprise Discount Program enabling you to commit with confidence.

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Zero-Hassle Implementation

Huge savings and granular reporting are just a few clicks away

Vertice is incredibly simple to get started with.

We connect to your cloud environment via read-only permissions and aggregate all of your cloud spend in one platform, allowing you to access automated savings and deep insights into your cloud spend immediately after setting up your connection.

Speak to one of our team members to see how we can get you started.

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Better together

Save even more with SaaS Purchasing

Don’t stop at cloud cost optimization — Vertice is the first optimization platform for SaaS and cloud spend. Powered by tens of thousands of real pricing data points, we help you save 20% or more on your SaaS stack.

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Ready to cut your cloud spend by up to 25%?

Over $1 million is wasted each year by the average organization. This no longer has to be the case.

Your cloud costs don’t need to be sky high. Discover the new industry standard for cost-effective cloud management.