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Marko Marincic | March 20, 2024

6sense pricing is broadly split into four tiers: Free, Team, Growth, and Enterprise. The Account Based Marketing (ABM) has comprehensive features and a vast B2B database at its foundations. This page explains the 6sense selling points, estimated cost, and how Vertice can help with your procurement. 

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What 6sense can do for you

6sense is a multi-faceted ABM platform leveraging machine learning and advanced AI capabilities to decipher big data and provide organizations with several industry-leading B2B marketing solutions. 

Here is a breakdown of the main marketing and sales selling points: 

  • Intent Data – 6sense provides best-in-class intent data analysis to uncover potentially concealed opportunities and dispel B2B prospecting guesswork in the “Dark Funnel”. The vendor analyzes 500 billion intent signals per month, leveraging sophisticated AI to identify companies actively researching topics related to your offerings.  
  • B2B Database – Organizations benefit from a massive B2B database containing over 449 million buyer profiles, offering in-depth sales and marketing intelligence. An intuitive design with search filters to decipher keyword research, site visit behavior, and more helps with precise ABM and sales.  
  • Predictive Sales Analytics – Utilize AI predictions based on extensive historical opportunity data and current buying signals to reveal leads ripe for customer conversion. The 6sense cost also helps organizations understand buying team personas and their position in the purchase funnel.  
  • Account Intelligence – Bridge the gap between sales and marketing with real-time insights into target accounts, including key decision-makers, buying committee structure, and firmographic data. Enhance win rates and deal sizes with personalized outreach and maximum efficiency. 
  • Omnichannel Orchestration – 6sense pricing notably offers a marketing orchestration platform to maintain dynamic and agile campaigns. Automate everything from data enrichment, contact acquisition, and CRMs to effectively scale workflows. 
  • Prospecting Workflows – Marketing and sales teams benefit from pre-built workflows within existing CRMs, leveraging the vendor’s comprehensive B2B database and predictive AI to provide streamlined prospecting and outreach. 
  • Digital Advertising – B2B digital advertising is a tough nut to crack. 6sense pricing also includes integrations with LinkedIn and Facebook, helping marketing teams use the AI-powered prospecting analysis to create tailor-made advertising campaigns. 
  • Integrations – Integrate with hundreds of cloud services, including featured partners Mutiny, Drift, Salesloft and Outreach. These synergies can make 6sense a seamless addition to SaaS stacks already containing the following. The vendor’s versatility is a huge selling point, helping it fit naturally into existing marketing and sales workflows. 

6sense pricing structures and tiers 

6sense pricing involves four broad plans under its Revenue AI umbrella – Free, Team, Growth, and Enterprise.

These tiers are listed on the website under Revenue AI for Sales. The vendor doesn’t mention Revenue AI for Marketing, although a breakdown of features available with each subscription plan shows that most advanced solutions on the marketing side are only available in the Growth and Enterprise packages. 

Consider the options below regarding the potential 6sense cost: 

6sense pricing – Free 

Free monthly cost 

The 6sense free pricing plan is only available for one user and has fairly limited features. It’s a good way to understand the basic user interface and how everything works, but isn’t a feasible option for extended use. Customers get 50 6sense credits per month to spend on the B2B database. 

The main features available are buyer discovery, Chrome extensions, and list management. 

6sense pricing – Team 

Monthly cost on a per-quote basis

The Team tier considerably scales the available capabilities, although there still aren’t many ABM-specific solutions. The number of uses and credits depends on your team, a precise 6sense cost here is unavailable, so you’ll need to contact the vendor to get a quote. 

Notable advantages over the Free plan include dashboards, reporting, CRM filters, and technographics. 

6sense pricing – Growth 

Monthly cost on a per-quote basis

Again, information regarding a specific 6sense price for its Growth plan isn’t commercially available. This tier is where the vendor’s industry-leading ABM capabilities are more apparent, with its intent data solutions becoming available. 

Growth is the first tier suitable for larger marketing teams. It could be the perfect place to start before scaling up to the Enterprise plan. 

6sense pricing – Enterprise 

Monthly cost on a per-quote basis

Enterprise unlocks the full power of the 6sense platform. This is the only tier loaded with advanced AI, arguably the vendor’s most exciting feature. Sales and marketing teams can leverage predictive AI to help identify prospects, compile playbooks, and more. 

Precise 6sense pricing at Enterprise level is hard to come by. Customer stories indicate that it can top the $100 per year mark, so it’s mainly aimed at large organizations with significant marketing resources.

Additional 6sense costs to consider

No conventional 6sense pricing add-ons, although the customized per-quote model means organizations can chop and change specific functionality. 

The vendor also uses a credit-based model for its B2B database. Consequently, businesses may need to buy more 6sense credits if they’re scaling quickly – a potential thorn to be aware of. 

Two free tools can help you estimate the ROI and overall sales value. Compare this with the 6sense price to get a feel for the service’s cost-effectiveness. 

6sense costs can often be avoided via negotiation tactics, an increasingly essential element for optimal SaaS procurement. But where do you start? The Vertice SaaS purchasing platform offers a white glove service that negotiates directly with your desired vendors. We leverage our inside data to secure a price echoing the best price other organizations pay for a similar plan.

Other vendors offering Account-Based Management as a Service 

Account based marketing can be a precise and highly efficient strategy, especially for B2B sellers. However, targeting only pays dividends using the right tools. While 6sense suits a broad array of organizations, other vendors might do the job more effectively. 

Here are a few similar alternatives with slightly different primary focuses and pricing plans:  

6sense pricing vs Rollworks

Rollworks pricing is typically lower than 6sense. This vendor is a cost-effective fit for organizations beginning ABM operations and has decent functionality for the overall cost. Rollworks has three main tiers: 

  • Standard – Basic account scoring and intent data. 
  • Professional – More personalized account suggestions and intent signals . 
  • Ultimate – Everything in Professional, but with more flexibility and ICP models. 

Add-ons include a capacity for additional insight seats. Rollworks also has four service plans with varying levels of customer support and account management. As with most ABM solutions, a precise price isn’t commercially available. 

Cost-conscious organizations with smaller marketing and sales teams might prefer Rollworks. Outgrowing the platform is easy, however, and businesses may quickly start craving 6sense’s more in-depth intent data, ideal customer profiles, and robust AI. 

6sense pricing vs Terminus

Terminus is a long-standing ABM platform that has shaped targeted marketing and sales strategies considerably over the past decade. The vendor stands out with its user-friendly interface and collaboration features, fostering strong alignment between marketing and sales teams. 

Terminus pricing is hard to find in the wild. Our research suggests it comes in at around the same cost as 6sense, although this is always subject to specific business requirements. 

It might be worth considering Terminus for its slightly better UX over 6sense. The counterpoint is 6sense’s demonstrably deeper B2B database and predictive AI models.  

6sense pricing vs Demandbase One 

Diamondbase One pricing offers a comprehensive go-to-market solution covering intent data, company information, B2B contacts, technographics, and more. The cost is split into three tiers: 

  • Professional – Standard ABM solutions.
  • Enterprise – Additional AI and advanced automation. 
  • Elite – Complete functionality across sales intelligence, orchestration, data integrity, and more.  

Customers can also go “a la carte”, highlighting this vendor’s main strength over 6sense – its greater pricing customizability. Still, 6sense is widely recognized as offering a more premium service so, if you’re looking for fully-fledged ABM solutions, it’s probably the better choice.

6sense pricing – the Vertice verdict

Two things crop up regularly in 6sense pricing feedback. The vendor comes at a premium compared to cheaper tools like Rollworks, but the trade-off is an exceptionally deep ABM platform leveraging largely unmatched AI capabilities to optimize sales intelligence, intent data, and account intelligence. 

The platform is ideal for B2B organizations with complex sales cycles targeting high-value accounts in particular. If you prioritize deep insights from vast data analysis (i.e. over 449 million buyer profiles) underpinned by cutting-edge AI models to identify high-intent leads, 6sense is a powerful option. 

Nevertheless, the sophisticated toolkit and high cost might put off smaller businesses less familiar with ABM principles. 

The Vertice platform can pay particular dividends here. Our white-glove service aids procurement by negotiating directly with vendors to get the best price. We also help increase SaaS stack visibility, helping you make the most of your tools with maximum efficiency.

6sense pricing FAQs

6sense Company Profile


6sense Account Engagement Platform helps revenue teams identify and close more opportunities by putting the power of AI, big data and machine learning behind every member of the B2B revenue team.

San Francisco, California
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