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The Vertice platform is an essential tool in managing and optimizing SaaS products. Find out how Vertice could save your organization 25% in total SaaS spend.This ZoomInfo pricing guide is an honest, unbiased account of the platform’s features, tier structures and costs. We’ll also summarise three alternative platforms to give you a fair reflection of the current market. At Vertice, we’re interested in one thing only: securing your organization the very best SaaS procurement deals, regardless of the tools it needs.

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Zoominfo empowers business-to-business sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals to hit their number by pairing best-in-class technology with unrivaled data coverage, accuracy, and depth of contacts.

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What ZoomInfo can do for you

ZoomInfo is a sales intelligence and lead generation platform providing access to accurate business contacts and company profiles.  Used by sales, marketing and recruitment teams alike, ZoomInfo subscribers can research potential customers and create targeted lists with precision. Public records, websites, and annual company reports inform ZoomInfo’s databases. The platform also deploys the practice of web scraping — an automated web data harvesting process for harder to extract information. By acting on real-time insights, ZoomInfo offers a go-to-market (GTM) platform in a constantly shifting business landscape. Here are some of the benefits reported by current ZoomInfo customers:

  • 32% boost in revenue
  • 75% more sales meetings per month
  • 35% reduction in customer acquisition costs
  • 50% reduction in prospecting time
  • Reduce the sales cycle by 46 days
  • 50% win rate increase for sales managers

The platform has five core functions, all consistently ranking well in G2’s platform awards. Those five functions are:

1. Sales

  • Find and connect with ideal customers at the right time to maximize productivity and accelerate the sales pipeline.
  • Create targeted lists based on idealized customer profiles, with 70m direct phone numbers and 174m verified email addresses.
  • Review customer interactions across all your communication channels.

2. Marketing

  • Leverage real-time intent data to unlock reliable market insights and turn prospects into customers.
  • Access to over 104m company profiles and 600m individual contacts.
  • Integrated sales and marketing platform to create a consistent customer experience.
  • Create and roll out ad campaigns specifically targeting high-intent customers.

3. Operations

  • Clean your data with matching and deduplication processes customized to your own rules.
  • Convert your data into a consistent, actionable format on a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Integrate with your CRM and other marketing tools, cleaning up data in the process.

4. Talent

  • Unlock access to and insights on ideal candidates and automate customized messaging across multiple channels.
  • Use accurate data insights to build relationships and reduce time-to-hire.

5. Data-as-a-service (DaaS)

  • Integrate data into any company workflow in the format of your choice.
  • Create one unified source of truth to align sales and marketing teams.

ZoomInfo pricing structures and tiers

ZoomInfo pricing isn’t available online, but there is useful information around tier structures and account support. Three ZoomInfo subscriptions target specific areas of the platform:

  • Sales — Accelerating sales processes with accurate databases, company insights and intent signals.
  • Marketing — Improving ROI with advanced contact data, company insights, digital marketing solutions and platform integrations.
  • Talent — Find the best talent faster with advanced candidate search, candidate alerts, and engagement apps.

Your subscription can cherry-pick elements across the entire ZoomInfo platform, depending on the organization size and feature requirements. There’s a 14-day free trial of the platform to help you decide which tools you need. ZoomInfo also takes the tiered approach to customer support. Customers can select from three support packages:

  • Standard — Free support including live chat services and access to the ZoomInfo Knowledge Center. Standard support covers weekday business hours.
  • Preferred — Faster response times as well as email and phone support. This package offers support services 24 hours a day during the week, plus emergency weekend support for critical instances.
  • Premium — Reporting and trend analysis, priority access to integration experts, additional platform training, and profile requests for new companies and contacts. Premium support is available 24 hours a day during the week, plus US-based hours during weekends.

Additional ZoomInfo costs to consider

Although all ZoomInfo pricing points are hidden, the company does hint towards some additional costs to consider. These extra costs depend on the kind of subscription you’re looking for and whether there are any specific features you’d like to add to your contract.Any add-ons — such as ZoomInfo’s Streaming Intent solution — come at an extra cost based on the tool’s usage.And although ZoomInfo integrates with many popular sales and marketing platforms, additional integration requests will come at an extra cost. ZoomInfo subscriptions are likely based on the number of seats in each account. If you’d like to add users to your account, this will also come at an additional cost.

Other vendors offering GTM solutions

We speak plainly here at Vertice. No matter which solutions you need, our mission remains the same: to secure your organization the best price across all of its SaaS subscriptions with tactical IT procurement. In this spirit, here are three alternative ZoomInfo solutions that might better suit your business needs.

ZoomInfo pricing vs Demandbase

Formerly known as InsideView, Demandbase is a data source for identifying and gathering information on new customers and prospects. The platform focuses more heavily on sales and marketing teams, so may suit organizations not concerned with talent acquisition tools. Demandbase pricing is hidden online but subscriptions come in three tiers:

  • Professional – For account-based GTM.
  • Enterprise – Account-based GTM with advanced automation.
  • Elite – A complete solution for experienced enterprises.

Alternatively, customers can select from Demandbase’s ‘à la Carte’ menu, handpicking the specific services they need with pricing estimates offered alongside. Demandbase doesn’t currently offer a free trial.

ZoomInfo pricing vs D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers’ platform was originally known simply as Hoovers, before being acquired by Dun & Bradstreet. Like Demandbase, D&B Hoovers is a tool directed mostly at sales teams, allowing subscribers to reach the right customers with the right conversations at the right time.D&B Hoovers pricing is visible only for its lowest subscription tier, which forms one of three payment models:

  • D&B Hoovers Essential – For individual salespeople, $49 per month.
  • D&B Hoovers – For sales teams (contact for quote).
  • D&B Hoovers Audience Builder – For marketing and RevOps teams (contact for quote).

New customers can access a seven-day free trial.

ZoomInfo pricing vs Lead411

As the name suggests, Lead411 focuses predominantly on sales leads, allowing customers to build new relationships, develop pipelines, and close more deals. The platform also comes with extensive marketing and talent services, bringing it closer to the ZoomInfo platform. Again, the cost is mostly hidden, but Lead411 pricing subscriptions have three tiers:

  • Basic Plus Unlimited, for individuals, $899 per user, per year.
  • Pro, for growing sales prospects — contact for quote.
  • Unlimited, for sales enterprises — contact for quote.

Lead411 offers new customers a seven-day free trial.

ZoomInfo pricing — the Vertice verdict

ZoomInfo is a GTM solution that cuts prospecting time in half, reduces the sales cycle by 46 days, and boosts revenue by an average of 32%. Compared with the other platforms mentioned in this pricing guide, ZoomInfo is the most comprehensive solution for sales, marketing, and recruitment teams alike. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right option for your business. Both Demandbase and D&B Hoovers platforms offer more than adequate sales solutions; if this is the kind of product you’re looking for, then we’re here to help.That’s the foundation of Vertice: no matter which subscriptions you need, we can support the process of securing them. Armed with vendor transaction data, our customer purchasing teams enter SaaS contract negotiations with extra leveraging power, knowing exactly what other companies have paid for their contracts. Once we’ve secured the best deal on your behalf, the Vertice platform optimizes SaaS management with suggestions on upgrades and redundant features, as well as notifications on upcoming renewal and scorecard dates. For more information on how our SaaS Purchasing platform can save you time and money, click on the link and get in touch.


Pricing FAQs

Is it worth paying for ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo helps businesses identify legitimate sales leads, develop suitable marketing campaigns, and attract and recruit the right talent. Customers report a 32% boost in revenue from using the platform, as well as a 35% reduction in customer acquisition costs and a 1.5x increased win rate for sales managers.

Can I use ZoomInfo for free?

No — but new customers can access a 14-day free trial.

What are the subscription options for ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo subscriptions target specific capabilities depending on the focus customers want the platform to have. Customers can subscribe to Sales, Marketing or Talent capabilities or cherry-pick the specific features they want. Customers can also select one of three account support packages: Standard, Preferred or Premium.

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