Cloud Visibility

Gain a comprehensive view of
your cloud usage and spend

Gone are the days where finance leaders need to rely on tech teams to demonstrate cloud efficiency. With complete cloud coverage, you can now gain much-needed visibility into your cloud spend and usage.

What is cloud visibility?

Cloud visibility refers to an organization’s ability to have a clear and comprehensive view of their cloud infrastructure, usage and spend.

It typically involves tracking the utilization and performance of cloud resources such as virtual machines, storage, databases and networking components, while analyzing spending patterns across each service, project or department in order to identify cost optimization opportunities.

Gain unparalleled insights into your cloud usage and spend

Lack of cloud visibility is often a major challenge for finance leaders, with many unaware of what exactly is contributing to their cloud bill and why costs are increasing by an average of 35% year-on-year. 

With Vertice, you can now easily understand how your cloud spend adds up with a visual breakdown of your cloud estate, for example by product, service, category or purchase option. You will also be alerted in real-time to any irregularities in your usage that may impact cost. 

With this insight, you can more accurately attribute your costs and forecast spend.

Pinpoint savings opportunities with total cloud visibility

Not only is a manual approach to cloud management incredibly difficult, but even with a dedicated cloud FinOps team it’s virtually impossible to uncover every saving.

With continuous monitoring of your cloud health, Vertice can uncover all idle and underutilized resources, enabling you to make more informed decisions on which services need to be right-sized, suspended or shut down.

The platform also provides you with full visibility of your Reserved Instance (RI) inventory, allowing you to manage everything in one place, while benefiting from Vertice’s advanced algorithms that trade these RIs on your behalf.


Reduce friction between Finance and DevOps

In many organizations, there’s an ever-growing tension between finance and tech teams. While the CFOs goal is to manage the cost of cloud utilization and ensure the budget is spent wisely, the CTO is focused on leveraging technology to become a market-leading solution and achieve a competitive advantage.

With limited cloud visibility, finance leaders are often reliant on their technical colleagues to demonstrate cloud efficiency and provide a breakdown of how the budget is being spent. For many, this is a challenge, with 55% citing the lack of transparency as their number one issue.

With Vertice’s Cloud Cost Optimization platform, this no longer has to be a problem. By providing all stakeholders with a unified and simplified view of cloud spend and usage, Vertice reduces friction between teams, while further improving collaboration.

Ready to cut your cloud spend by up to 25%?

Over $1 million is wasted each year by the average organization. This no longer has to be the case.

Your cloud costs don’t need to be sky high. Discover the new industry standard for cost-effective cloud management.