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Vertice was built to save your business countless hours and countable dollars.

Why we’re here

Today there are thousands of SaaS tools available that are designed to help your business succeed. In reality, many of these services have become so essential to the workplace that they’re required for your business to function.

The original premise of moving software to the cloud or on demand was to reduce complexity, cost and effort. Increasingly though, the sheer number of cloud services that the modern enterprise uses has made renewing, managing and controlling these SaaS services burdensome and expensive.

If these struggles sound familiar, you’re not alone. We’ve spoken with thousands of businesses around the world to understand these challenges, and we can summarize the findings in one sentence: SaaS and cloud spend management are long overdue for modernization.


The SaaS + Cloud Spend Optimization Platform

Vertice exists to fulfill two primary objectives for our customers: to save your business substantial amounts of money, and to save your people substantial amounts of time.

Our team delivers an average ROI of 7x within 90 days for our customers.

Through our experience, pricing data, intimate knowledge of the SaaS market, and expertise in shaping cost-efficient cloud infrastructures, Vertice streamlines multiple critical processes for your business and provides you with visibility to make informed decisions.

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