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Marko Marincic | March 19, 2024

This Highspot pricing resource reveals the main factors around anticipating subscription costs for this multi-faceted sales enablement platform. Understand the main use cases, how Highspot can enhance your sales capabilities, and which other popular vendors offer Sales Enablement as a Service. Vertice’s white glove service can help you procure SaaS solutions at the best price by leveraging our inside intel.

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What Highspot can do for you

Highspot is a sales enablement platform offering a cloud-based suite for use across the financial services, manufacturing, life sciences, and technology industries. The vendor provides sales teams with vital resources and guidance, helping to close deals faster and achieve higher win rates. 

A Highspot pricing plan can be extremely flexible, running from a service designed for go-to-market teams featuring a handful of employees up to 500+. The sales enablement solution is notably the industry’s only natively-built platform and works with over a thousand businesses, including HSBC and Finastra. 

The Highspot price includes an all-in-one sales enablement platform combining content management, playbooks, sales training, onboarding, and coaching. Additional actionable reporting integrates with agile business strategies, helping organizations to drive revenue with dynamic action plans. 

The vendor caters to five primary use cases to help companies optimize sales enablement: 

  • Sales Content Management – Highspot offers a streamlined content management system leveraging AI-powered search functionality to help sales reps find relevant content for each customer interaction in seconds. The seller-friendly interface provides an easy way to upload, organize, merchandise, and centralize content within a single organized platform. 
  • Sales Plays and Playbooks – Highspot pricing includes practical sales playbook software to equip sales reps with vital training, guidance, and best practices. The vendor enables sales enablement teams to seamlessly create sales play microsites with insights, messaging, value propositions, and training. The on-demand resource also has real-time data processing, leading to a round-the-clock sales optimization culture. 
  • Buyer Engagement – The sales enablement platform provides versatile and engaging tools for buyer engagement, helping your business stand out in the increasingly cluttered B2B sales domain. The Highspot price includes notable features like interactive presentations, personalized microsites for each prospect, and customer engagement tracking. 
  • Sales Training – Highspot also offers a dedicated sales training platform, helping sales managers, enablement teams, and reps to keep evolving with the B2B sales landscape. The vendor’s sales training features include custom training lessons, external training imports, and connection with pre-existing revenue enablement programmes via the Highspot Marketplace.
  • Sales Coaching – Sales training is complemented by a scalable coaching platform with seamless integration with various LMS (Learning Management System). Analytics forms an important part of the sales coaching service, allowing businesses to highlight what top performers are doing and share this know-how with other team members.

Highspot pricing structures and tiers

Highspot pricing is highly customizable and offered on a per-quote basis. The vendor has very little information regarding an average subscription price. Our data shows a 57/100 transparency score, so it’s no surprise. 

Why do so many SaaS and cloud vendors obscure pricing details? Because they don’t want to miss out on more valuable contracts. Negotiation is fundamental and essential, and the Vertice platform is a great way to get started. Our client network generates valuable insights into what organizations pay for similar subscriptions – pricing benchmarks we leverage to directly negotiate you the best price. 

The Highspot price has a relatively low 46/100 parity score, suggesting a high discount possibility. Let us handle the negotiation process and see first-hand how Vertice can enhance your procurement process

Customer stories suggest Highspot pricing is good value for money, but verifying this without getting a custom quote for your exact business requirements is impossible. Our research also indicates that smaller businesses may potentially find more cost-effective tools elsewhere. Again, you must get a quote to verify this, as each organization’s needs differ. 

Highspot pricing responds to several factors you’ll find on the initial pricing enquiry form: 

  • The number of employees in your go-to-market team.
  • How much functionality you want regarding Content Management, Sales Plays and Playbooks, Analytics, Sales Training, Sales Coaching, and Artificial Intelligence.
  • What tools you want to integrate with (Learning Management System, Conversation Intelligence Software, Sales Engagement Software).

Additional Highspot costs to consider

The Highspot pricing model contains add-ons depending on how much functionality your business requires across the five primary use cases. Consider the following before going ahead:


  • Highspot Copilot – Leverages generative AI to help assist with real-time sales guidance, content automation, and personalized experiences. 

  • Integrations – The Hubspot pricing page explicitly states it won’t charge extra for integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and hundreds of other CMS. Nevertheless, if a custom job is required, you may need to pay extra. 

  • Advanced Analytics – Enhanced sales and engagement analytics using Engagement Genomics™ typically increases the Highspot price. This is bundled together with Highspot Copilot.

  • Highspot Marketplace – Standard Highspot pricing includes dozens of complementary content, guidance, training, and best practices from organizations like Force Management and Integrity Solutions. Customers can also access a premium collection for an additional cost.

Other vendors offering Sales Enablement as a Service

Sales enablement solutions can differ significantly in scope and price, so choosing the right vendor depending on your specific needs and budget is essential for overall SaaS and cloud optimization. Gain clarity on how Highspot pricing compares with other Sales Enablement as a Service SaaS vendors below: 

Highspot pricing vs DealHub

DealHub pricing is more transparent than Highspot, providing three main plans:  

  • DealRoom – Focus on sales proposals and closing deals.

  • DealHub CPQ – Additional features for flexible pricing, quotes, and buyer engagement alongside selling playbooks and more.  

  • DealHub Billing – Enhanced subscription management, billing tools, API connectivity, and bi-directional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) connectivity.   

This vendor ultimately falls short of Highspot’s 360º sales enablement functionality, but customer stories indicate it’s simpler to operate. DealHub may suit smaller sales teams with less need for sophisticated AI solutions. It’s also typically available at a lower price, so will be better for smaller budgets. 

Highspot pricing vs Groove 

Groove pricing provides comprehensive sales enablement, marketing, communication, and ecommerce solutions all-in-one CRM and sales platform. The complete suite includes: 

  • GrooveFunnels

  • GroovePages

  • GrooveMail

  • GrooveSell

  • GrooveVideo

  • GrooveAffiliates

  • GrooveProof

  • GrooveCalendar

  • GrooveMember

  • GrooveKart

  • GrooveBlog

Groove has a free 30-day Start-Up Plan offering unlimited page templates, multiple payment gateways, unlimited professional marketing videos, and other benefits. A Free-Lite Plan follows with curtailed features. 

Scaling up, businesses can choose from a Creator+ Plan (currently $42 per month) or Premium+ Plan (currently $299 per month). The latter is closest to what Highspot pricing offers, although it lacks the same full-spectrum functionality. 

Organizations with stricter budgets and a focus on sales communications might prefer Groove, but Highspot is better for CRM integrations, AI-powered content management, and more complex sales cycles. 

Highspot pricing vs Salesloft 

Salesloft pricing is split into three transparent packages: 

  • Essentials – Pipeline generation and rep coaching. 

  • Advanced – Everything above plus full customer lifecycle flows and conversation intelligence. 

  • Premier – A complete sales enablement package also including AI-powered forecasting and revenue management.

Organizations must contact the vendor for a precise quote, similar to Highspot pricing. Salesloft has slightly less all-round functionality, although the streamlined interface and features like Conductor AI and Rhythm can be better for optimizing sales workflows. 

You may also consider using both vendors together, as Highspot and Salesloft can integrate closely. The only drawback is a higher overall cost and potential for software overlap.

Highspot pricing – the Vertice verdict

Highspot pricing is higher than many other Sales Enablement as a Service vendors, but is it worth the money? 

Businesses seeking a comprehensive sales enablement platform encompassing content management, sales playbooks, comprehensive analytics, and more should strongly consider a Highspot pricing plan. While it may be one of the more expensive options on the market, finding the same level of functionality elsewhere is difficult. The Highspot Copilot AI assistant is also a gamechanger and could significantly improve your selling power.   

Don’t let the Highspot cost put you off, as Vertice’s white glove purchasing service can help you secure a discount by leveraging insights into what other customers are paying. We handle negotiations directly, helping our customers to get the most value from this powerful Sales Enablement as a Service platform. 

Highspot pricing FAQs

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Highspot helps companies worldwide improve the performance of their sales teams by turning strategic initiatives into business outcomes.

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