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Our proprietary database of 16,000+ SaaS vendors' pricing, terms and possible discounts gives you an unfair advantage to secure a fairer price

Be assigned an experienced 1-1 expert buyer and brief them on your objectives and business goals.
Give your buyer as many new contracts and renewals as you wish, and let us right-size them for you.
Receive simple, full-context, one-click approval requests, and watch the savings roll in.
Vendor Benchmarking

Data-driven decisions

Access the same benchmark database of 16k+ vendors' pricing that our Expert Buyers use every day to secure the best deals, and use it for your own negotiations.
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One-click approvals

Every stakeholder - including you - given all the information needed to make a quick, well-informed approval decision.
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Partner with your dedicated expert to secure the best deal for your current and future business needs on every SaaS contract.
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