SaaS Visibility

Gain Clarity over your SaaS

See your SaaS stack in a totally different way

How It Works

Take control of your SaaS stack and never miss a renewal

Imagine never again using spreadsheets and emails to manage your SaaS stack

Auto-upload all of your SaaS contracts and tell us your procurement processes.
Simple dashboards instantly map your entire SaaS stack, while tasks, deadlines and alerts are automatically set up.
Never miss a renewal deadline, approval task or new request again.‍

Gain complete visibility into your SaaS environment

Uncover all the SaaS products in your stack, their renewal dates and their true day-to-day usage - and monitor your savings.
Diligence Insights

Stop vendor risk with Diligence Insights

Review compliance in an instant, as Vertice identifies and surfaces critical terms, and benchmarks your contracts vs industry standard and your business policies.
Workflow Process Management Image
Intelligent Workflows

Accelerate your procurement

Understand how your entire procurement process is operating - capture every request and spot the bottlenecks, dead ends and compliance gaps before they occur.

You're definitely paying more than you should

Let us show you the savings we can discover for you across your SaaS & cloud