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Continuous Optimization

The intelligent way to optimize your cloud

Sophisticated optimization tests that make streamlining your cloud spend incredibly simple

How It Works

Reduce your cloud costs by up to 30%

Automate the discovery of cloud cost optimizations without having to commit exhaustive engineering resources

We continuously monitor your cloud usage and recommend custom optimizations.
Receive detailed implementation guides with every recommendation, along with specific potential savings.
Go further, and have our expert AWS buyers negotiate the best-priced EDP for your current and forecasted usage.
Cloud Optimization Engine
Continuous Optimizations

Our tests have it covered

Constantly identify new cost saving opportunities across your entire infrastructure, with 100+ unique, continually-running optimization tests, covering 40+ products including EC2, Lambda, S3, RDS and more.
Realize the Savings

Streamlined implementation

Receive detailed, expert-written implementation guides with every recommendation, designed for minimal engineering effort, fast deployment and maximum cost-reduction.
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Managed EDPs

Let our expert buyers secure the best possible deal on your EDP and/or its renewal, and be alerted to any over- or under-spend.

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Let us show you the savings we can discover for you across your SaaS & cloud