Vertice for Finance

Reduce spend with ease

Improve your gross margins, eliminate unnecessary spending, get visibility and implement financial controls – all while saving valuable time.

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Cut spend by 25%

Leveraging our benchmarked vendor database, we negotiate your SaaS and cloud spend, improving your bottom line and saving you time. Actionable insights drive cloud optimizations, boosting your gross margins.

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Visibility and predictability

Aggregating all of your spend in one unified platform, provides granular visibility, insights and forecasting for all your spend. Access contracts, renewal dates, key terms, supplier information and cloud commitments in one place.

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Eliminate waste, implement control

Smart approval workflows and anomaly alerting make sure that no spending goes unnoticed. Insights into the utilization of tools as well as the discovery of unknown SaaS spend eliminate wastage.

SaaS Purchasing

A platform to control your SaaS spend and drive savings

Finance leaders use Vertice to streamline the efficiency of their SaaS spend. Our platform allows you to bring all of your SaaS spend into one place, track renewals, gather vendor information and establish intake and approval workflows across your organization.

Reduce SaaS costs by more than 20% with expert buyers who negotiate SaaS renewals and new purchases on your behalf, with insights into underutilized tools.

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Cloud Cost Optimization

An end-to-end solution for finance leaders to optimize cloud spend

Our Cloud Cost Optimization solution enables finance leaders to reach common ground with their tech teams on how efficient their cloud spend already is, and where further optimizations are possible. We give you granular insights into your cloud spend and actionable recommendations with quantifiable expected saving values.

Advanced forecasts help you budget with increased accuracy and track whether you are meeting targets. Automation to manage discount commitments makes the job of both finance and tech teams significantly easier and less time consuming.

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