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Cost saving synergies and real-time visibility on everything from AWS to Zoom.

Better together


We leverage unique cost synergies between your SaaS and cloud to maximize your savings — they are better together.
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Unified Insights

View your SaaS and cloud spend side by side. Have one source of truth for budgeting and calculating key metrics.

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More Savings

With deep insights into your AWS usage trends, we can deliver even better deals on your related SaaS tools.

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Integrated Purchasing

Maximize your EDP commitment with coordinated SaaS purchases through the AWS marketplace.

Unified Insights

One view for all your SaaS and cloud spend

SaaS and cloud can represent more than 20% of a company’s total cost base, yet most organizations struggle to control them.

We bring SaaS and cloud into a single platform, giving finance, procurement and tech leaders unified insights to control their spend. Surfacing joint opportunities for savings, we bring your teams together towards a common efficiency goal.

Without the need to jump between platforms, access the data you need to forecast, budget or calculate accurate cost of service with ease — all from a single source of truth for your SaaS and cloud spend.

More Savings

Efficiency through unique data

The pricing of many major SaaS tools, like Datadog, MongoDB and Snowflake, is closely interlinked with your cloud costs and usage. This insight enables us to drive even more savings for you.

Our platform generates powerful insights into your cloud usage and anticipated spend. We leverage these insights to negotiate even better deals on cloud-related SaaS tools for you.

As a secondary benefit, when we optimize your cloud, we also bring down your spend on these interrelated SaaS tools.

Integrated Purchasing

Coordinated purchases to maximize your EDP commitment

It is hard to keep track of your EDP. Our real time monitoring of your utilization allows us to recommend savings opportunities through marketplace purchases.

Continuously monitoring your EDP through the platform, we identify in real-time when you are under-utilizing your committed spend. We can then advise and execute coordinated SaaS purchases through the AWS marketplace.

With our management of all your SaaS and cloud, you can be sure to maximize the utilization of your EDP.

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