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SaaS and Cloud - the new normal

Businesses across every industry have significantly increased their uptake of SaaS and cloud technologies in recent years, particularly during and since the pandemic. 

Our annual SaaS Inflation Index illustrates the scale at which tech costs are rising, highlighting a 17.9% average increase in software spending through 2023. We estimate that global SaaS subscription spending has eclipsed $200bn, and the growth outlook is strong.

At Vertice, our mission is to put power back in your hands when it comes to tech spend.

The challenges posed by SaaS and Cloud stacks

While the benefits of off-premises and out-of-the-box solutions are manifold, so too are the associated costs and management requirements. 

SaaS and Cloud environments, especially as they grow at pace, by nature become ever more complicated and difficult to manage effectively. 

From feature overlap to shadow IT, the ways in which cash can be wasted via inefficient stack management are vast.

But it’s not just a purely financial burden – as our very own Matt Parsloe details in our Beyond the Numbers report, inefficient stack management also has significant impacts upon productivity, time management, and even employees’ job satisfaction. 

All of this and more, when left unmanaged, leaves opportunities for optimized business growth on the table – or, worse yet, in a furnace.

The purpose of our guides

With the relative novelty of this new standard in business practices, there’s a collective need to wise-up to the factors impacting tech spend efficiency in practically every business function across practically every industry.

In this section of the site, our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to understand how SaaS and Cloud subscription models operate, where inefficiencies creep in, to whom all of these things apply, and which factors are most relevant to you and your organization.

Whether you’re wrestling with an overgrown tech stack, struggling to get a cloud contract that perfectly fits your business needs, delving into the intersection of SaaS and traditional procurement, or finally looking to sate your curiosity as to what the enigmatically-named shadow IT really is, we’ve got you covered.

Get the insights and understanding you need to make the right call, and find out more about how Vertice is perfectly positioned to assist across all things tech management and procurement.

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