Vertice for Procurement

Boost your efficiency, maximize results

Drive savings on all SaaS and cloud agreements, enhance your results and get time back in your day to focus on strategic procurement.

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Extension of your team — address the long tail

As an extension of your team, Vertice’s team of expert buyers negotiate either all agreements or just some – for example your long tail, enabling you to focus on your strategic procurement, contractually guaranteeing savings and delivering 20-30% cost reductions on average.

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Access optimum pricing

With over $1.1bn in spend under management and 15,000+ price points across 5,000+ vendors, Vertice knows optimum vendor terms and pricing. We generate the benchmark insights that help our team and yours negotiate the best deal.

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Get visibility and streamline approvals

Our platform brings all of your agreements, vendor information and key contract details into one place. Streamline intake, approvals and TPRM with intuitive and fully customizable workflows. Track renewals, monitor the utilization of licenses and discover shadow spend.

SaaS Purchasing

Control your spend and boost your team’s results

Procurement leaders use our SaaS Purchasing solution to streamline intake and approvals and to manage all of their SaaS, and even non-SaaS spend, from one place. Our platform allows you to stay on top of renewals and to identify wastage and inefficiencies across your organization.

If required, our expert buyers can act as an extension of your team and leverage thousands of benchmarked data points to get you the best deal on the software agreements that you have little time to focus on — with a guaranteed ROI.

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Cloud Cost Optimization

Monitor your discount commitments and get visibility of your cloud spend

Our Cloud Cost Optimization solution allows procurement leaders to monitor their EDP commitment and to gain granular visibility into their organization’s cloud spend. Procurement leaders will know at all times, how they are performing against their EDP commit and when it makes sense to leverage the AWS marketplace for further SaaS purchases.

Our insight team and expert buyers can assist you throughout the process of signing up to, or renewing your EDP, giving you access to vital benchmark data to achieve the optimum outcome.

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