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James Langley | April 26, 2024

Need clarity on SentinelOne pricing? Our detailed guide breaks down the subscription options available, before explaining how Vertice can help you acquire SentinelOne at the lowest cost using our SaaS management platform. 

SentinelOne provides several cybersecurity tools and solutions at a range of price points, but it’s not always clear which plan your organization needs. Our guide to SentinelOne pricing breaks down each subscription option to help you decide. Find out how leveraging the Vertice platform could help you save time and money when procuring SentinelOne and other SaaS solutions.

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What SentinelOne can do for you

Keeping your organization’s IT systems safe from cyber threats is a constant challenge, but there are many solutions on the market that can help lessen the burden. This is what SentinelOne does, by offering a range of cloud-based services that protect against risks like malware, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats (APTs). 

Unlike a traditional antivirus — which relies on malware file signatures to detect malicious code — SentinelOne leverages machine learning and behavioral analytics techniques to identify potential security threats in real time. If a threat is detected, SentinelOne protects your network by automatically quarantining files, killing processes, alerting your security team, or rolling back attacks to restore data. 

SentinelOne’s primary product, the Singularity XDR platform, is capable of protecting three attack surfaces:

  • Endpoints – SentinelOne keeps individual devices like servers, computers, and mobiles safe by blocking threats in real time, investigating suspicious activity, and promptly responding to contain damage. 
  • Cloud – Whether your cloud environment is public, private, or hybrid, SentinelOne can safeguard workloads like VMs, servers, and Kubernetes containers through features including cloud forensics, cloud incident response, and cloud threat hunting. 
  • Identity – Vulnerabilities and misuse of IAM solutions like Azure Active Directory can expose your network to ransomware and other threats. SentinelOne integrates with these platforms to protect your organization from insider attacks. 

SentinelOne also offers Vigilance, a managed detection and response (MDR) service, and Ranger, a tool for discovering rogue or unmanaged devices within your network. In short, organizations get access to a single unified platform for endpoint detection, prevention, and response that can replace traditional AV solutions.

SentinelOne pricing structures and tiers

Pricing for SentinelOne is organized into five tiers — which one is right for your organization depends on the level of functionality you require. You’ll find a breakdown of each subscription plan below.

SentinelOne pricing – Singularity Core

Price: $69.99 per endpoint per year

Singularity Core is the cheapest tier in the SentinelOne pricing structure, providing base-level endpoint protection platform (EPP) capabilities. Next-generation antivirus (NGAV) protects your devices from ransomware, trojans, exploits, and other attacks, utilizing behavioral AI to identify threats before they cause any harm. 

If an attack does slip through, SentinelOne’s patented 1-Click remediation lets you stop it in its tracks by killing processes and quarantining files, and then quickly recover by rolling back any changes made to your system. 

SentinelOne pricing – Singularity Control

Price: $79.99 per endpoint per year

Singularity Control builds on the Core tier with additional EPP functionality, such as firewall features for controlling in-bound and out-bound network traffic. Granular control of USB and Bluetooth devices within the network lets users restrict read and write capabilities, and policies can be set based on risk factors like Bluetooth protocol version. 

On top of this, the Rogue tool provides enterprise-wide visibility into your network to identify unprotected endpoints.  

SentinelOne pricing – Singularity Complete

Price: $159.99 per endpoint per year

Singularity Complete is an all-in-one solution for enterprise-grade EPP and endpoint detection and response (EDR). This tier includes all Core and Control functionality, along with extended detection and response (XDR) features such as:

  • Threat hunting using MITRE ATT&CK, network isolation, and sandbox integration;
  • Storyline, a visibility tool that offers real-time context and enables hypothesis testing;
  • An API with over 350 functions for building custom automations;
  • 14 days of EDR data retention for historical insights.

SentinelOne pricing – Singularity Commercial

Price: $209.99 per endpoint per year

If your organization needs identity threat detection and response (ITDM), you should opt for Singularity Commercial. This tier of SentinelOne pricing delivers end-to-end protection for your on-premises Active Directory or cloud-based Azure AD deployment. Users can:

  • Identify and eliminate vulnerabilities using RangerAD;
  • Prevent credential theft and misuse;
  • Generate attacker intelligence through advanced decoys with Singularity Hologram;
  • Integrate with a range of IAM solutions for maximum visibility.  

Singularity Commercial also includes all of the EPP, EDR, and XDR features in the Complete plan, and data retention is increased to 30 days. 

SentinelOne pricing – Singularity Enterprise

Price: contact sales

For a truly comprehensive security solution, SentinelOne offers the Singularity Enterprise plan. It builds on the Commercial tier by adding network and vulnerability management features and digital forensics tools.

There’s also a degree of white-glove service provided, including managed onboarding, deployment, and training services.

Additional SentinelOne costs to consider

SentinelOne pricing for its Singularity platform is free from hidden fees. In terms of additional costs, there are several managed services available. By leveraging these, your SentinelOne deployment is bolstered by the support of security experts at every step. 


SentinelOne Vigilance Respond offers managed detection and response (MDR) and threat investigation. The Pro tier also includes digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) and quarterly health checks to ensure you’re prepared for the latest threats. 


SentinelOne Watchtower places a 24/7 team of global threat hunting experts at your disposal. Capabilities include zero-day monitoring, behavioral and TTP hunting, and threat intelligence reporting. If you require custom hunts, compromise assessments, or external hunting, there’s a Watchtower Pro tier available too. 

Support and training

There are multiple support tiers available to SentinelOne customers, providing access to services like:

  • Resource centers;
  • Technical support via web, phone, and email;
  • Designated account managers;
  • Security health monitoring;
  • Live and on-demand training and certifications via SentinelOne University.

Other vendors offering endpoint protection

SentinelOne isn’t the only name to consider when sourcing an EPP or EDR provider. It’s always worth evaluating multiple solutions as part of your procurement operations if you want to strike the right balance between price and functionality. Here’s a look at three alternative vendors.


Similarly to SentinelOne Singularity, the CrowdStrike Falcon platform offers a strong degree of scalability. The company is known for its speed and efficiency in detecting and responding to threats. 

CrowdStrike pricing comprises four tiers. The cheapest, Falcon Go, is slightly cheaper than SentinelOne at $59.99 per endpoint per year, but the solution is generally more expensive otherwise. It’s also typically more complex to manage, especially if you have a large deployment. 


McAfee is a well-known name in the antivirus space. Its comprehensive suite offers endpoint protection functionality and additional features like web filtering, although its reliance on traditional signature-based detection may not be as effective as SentinelOne’s protection against zero-day attacks.

Compared to SentinelOne, McAfee pricing is significantly lower, which may be favorable for budget-conscious organizations seeking a well-rounded solution without the need for the advanced capabilities of SentinelOne.


Defender for Endpoint is worth considering for businesses already invested in Microsoft’s ecosystem due to tight integration with products like Identity, Office, and Cloud. Product capabilities cover areas like EDR, vulnerability management, NGAV, and XDR. 

Microsoft pricing is typically more affordable than SentinelOne, and Defender for Endpoint is included in a number of other subscriptions such as Microsoft Business 365 Premium. However, it’s predominantly focused on Windows-based environments while SentinelOne is platform-agnostic. 

SentinelOne pricing – the Vertice verdict

On the whole, SentinelOne delivers a rich set of cybersecurity features at a cost in line with competitor vendors. The Core tier offers an affordable NGAV solution across all attack surfaces, while the more expensive tiers cater to organizations with advanced protection requirements. In any case, the focus on reducing the burden of endpoint security makes SentinelOne a strong contender.

If you’re looking to procure SentinelOne, why not let Vertice help? We can negotiate on your behalf, while the platform takes care of vendor management — all in the aim of optimizing SaaS spend management. To get started, simply get in contact.

SentinelOne pricing FAQs

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SentinelOne is a pioneer in delivering autonomous security for the endpoint, datacenter and cloud environments to help organizations secure their assets with speed and simplicity.

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