Cloud Reserved Instance Optimizer
Reserved Instance Optimizer (RIO)

Optimal commitment coverage

Automated management and optimization of your Reserved Instances and Savings Plans

How It Works

Reserved Instance Optimizer (RIO)

Save up to 60% by optimizing your commitment coverage, without heavy engineering resources

Continuously monitor your usage in real-time versus your commitment coverage.
Receive proactive, intelligent recommendations of the exact RIs and SPs you do and don't need, along with potential savings.
Maximize your discount coverage and reduce your spend by as much as 60%.
Reserved Instance Optimizer
Commitment Clarity

Continuous commitment visibility

RIO continuously tracks your discount coverage and maps it against real-time usage, uncovering hidden opportunities for further savings.
Custom Recommendations

Get handed exactly what you need

Take the guesswork out, as RIO continuously delivers custom recommendations for applications such as EC2, RDS, OSS, ELC, Redshift and more.
Cloud Recommendations Card
Cloud Spend Tile
Hug the Line

Reduce your on-demand rate

Effortless cost savings delivered by advanced algorithms that strategically buy and sell RIs and SPs on your behalf, saving you as much as 60% on your spend.

You're definitely paying more than you should

Let us show you the savings we can discover for you across your SaaS & cloud