Cloud Visibility

Total clarity over your cloud spend

Control your cloud costs with confidence

How It Works

Don't miss a single opportunity for cost-efficiency

A shared view of your cloud costs that allows finance and engineering to collaborate on how to optimize

Data collected from the CUR and analyzed.
Create a single, shared view across finance and engineering of your cloud environment and costs.
Create forecasts together, track usage vs commitments, and discover new ways to optimize your usage and costs.
Cloud Overview Dashboard

Single pane of glass view

Designed for both finance and engineering leaders. Get a digestible overview with granular breakdowns of your cloud environment, uncovering insights and allowing collaborative cost cutting.
Deep Dive

Informed and intelligent forecasting

Drill down into historical cloud costs by product, resource, category, tags, region, and more to understand spending patterns and drive accurate forecasting.
Cloud Spend Trend
Cloud Anomaly Detection
One Step Ahead

Automated Anomaly Detection

Stay ahead of unexpected cost rises and usage spikes with Vertice's anomaly detection, protecting you from losing control of your costs.

You're definitely paying more than you should

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