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Your cloud costs don’t need to be sky high. Discover our leading cloud cost optimization platform.

Unlock cloud savings in four steps


Vertice makes it easy to track and control your cloud spending, so you can cut costs and say goodbye to wastage.
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Visibility &

Overview of your entire cloud spend, understand what is driving costs, and where all available optimization opportunities exist. Receive accurate forecasts and alerts whenever spend and usage anomalies are detected.

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Continuous Recommendation Engine

75+ sophisticated optimization tests continuously monitor your cloud across 40+ AWS services and produce automated and actionable recommendations requiring minimal engineering support.

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Reserved Instance Optimizer (RIO)

Advanced algorithms buy and sell Reserved Instances on your behalf and can automate savings on your compute spend by up to 60%.

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Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) Negotiation

Expert buyers handle your entire EDP negotiation for you, giving you access to vendor knowledge, benchmark data and advice on key contract terms.

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Visibility & Reporting

Get full clarity on your cloud spending

Cloud Cost Optimization gives you a detailed overview of your entire cloud environment, so you can understand your current spending and identify potential savings.

With all your costs in one place, it’s easy for finance and tech teams to collaborate on your cloud management.

Spanning service lines, account structure and tags — with instant alerts on usage anomalies — we provide rich insights into your spending patterns, as well as idle and underutilized resources, while continuously monitoring your cloud health to identify savings opportunities.

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Continuous Recommendation Engine

Automated cost-saving recommendations

With 75+ optimization tests across 40+ AWS products, Vertice gives you actionable recommendations that require minimal engineering support.

These recommendations show you which cloud cost areas can be optimized, outlining suggested actions in detail for unlocking savings. All optimization tests are continuously run and recommendations are constantly updated to reflect your dynamic cloud environment.

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Reserved Instance Optimizer (RIO)

Next-level automatic optimization of your cloud spend

Advanced algorithms optimize your Reserved Instance coverage, automatically buying and selling RIs on your behalf.

We save you time manually identifying which discount commitments to buy or sell, and enable you to cut compute spend by up to 60%. We give you full visibility into your RI inventory so you can manage them all in one place.

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EDP Negotiation

Access greater savings with EDP lifecycle management

We negotiate your EDP so that you get the best deal on your multi-year commitment.

We have the pricing intelligence and vendor insights to tell you exactly how much discount you should be getting. Our purchasing team has deep expertise negotiating multi-million dollar EDP agreements and knows how to approach each negotiation to achieve the best outcomes.

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The CFO's guide to managing cloud costs for 2024

Cloud spend is the number one cost-cutting priority for financial leaders in the coming 12 months. To better understand the trends, challenges and opportunities of cloud spend, Vertice commissioned a research study surveying 600 finance and technology leaders.

Check out our groundbreaking research for insights into how your business can get cloud costs under control.

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Ready to cut your cloud spend by up to 25%?

Over $1 million is wasted each year by the average organization. This no longer has to be the case.

Your cloud costs don’t need to be sky high. Discover the new industry standard for cost-effective cloud management.