Vertice for Legal

Reduce risk and surface
legal insights

Collect required risk information at intake, collaborate on approvals and surface all vendors MSAs and key contract terms in one place.

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Key legal, security and compliance insights

Diligence Insights functionality gives you access to key contract terms, security questionnaires and compliance documents for all of your vendors. Identify with one-click standard contract clauses such as auto-renew terms and see immediately where it is possible to negotiate improved contractual terms.

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Streamline intake and approvals

Intuitive intake and approval workflows allow you to embed your legal requirements at the very start of the purchase or renewal process, making it easy for employees and ensuring compliance. Collaborate with other departments throughout the process and receive real-time alerts.

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All of your contracts and vendors in one place

Our platform centralizes all of your contracts and vendor information in one place, notifies you for upcoming renewals and enables you to easily retrieve previous contracts and agreements including related notes and negotiations.

Diligence Insights

Access key legal terms and speed up your processes

Readily available insights into key vendor legal, security and compliance information helps you rapidly identify non-standard terms and whether the vendor meets your in-house legal requirements.

Easily discover whether you are able to negotiate improved legal terms for specific clauses, and speed up risk reviews.

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SaaS Purchasing

Get visibility into all of your agreements

Our platform gives you visibility into all of your contracts and key vendor information and allow you to monitor any upcoming renewals.

Customizable workflows enable you to embed your legal requirements into the purchase process, automating compliance making sure that they are followed by all employees.

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