Vertice for IT & Security

Control software sprawl and ensure compliance

Get visibility into all of your software contracts, track utilization, ensure compliance and save 20-30% on your SaaS spend.

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Control all of your SaaS in one place

Bring all of your agreements, vendor information and key contract details into one place and receive notifications of upcoming renewals. Through integrations with your ERP and SSO, track the utilization of your licenses, be aware of overages before they occur, and identify shadow IT spend.

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Eliminate risk and ensure compliance

Smart intake forms make it easy to collect vendor risk data upfront and our workflows ensure that all new purchases meet your compliance standards. Key legal, security & compliance information for thousands of vendors speed up your contracting and approval process by up to 5x.

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Generate 20-30% in savings

With over $1.1bn in spend under management, Vertice knows optimum vendor terms and pricing, advising you where savings are achievable. Our expert buyers negotiate your SaaS agreements, leveraging deep vendor insights and saving you time to focus on other strategic priorities.

Usage Analytics & Discovery

One platform to control all your SaaS spend

IT & Security leaders use our SaaS Purchasing solution to stay on top of their organization’s SaaS agreements and to discover underutilization of their tools at department and user level.

Our Discovery functionality gives further visibility into hidden tools that you may not be aware of, and identifies possible duplication of tools before the point of purchase.

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Security & Compliance

Mitigate IT risk and speed up your processes

Readily available insights into key vendor legal, security and compliance information helps you rapidly identify non-standard terms and whether the chosen vendor meets your required compliance standards.

Intake and approval workflows automate and speed up the renewal and new purchase process and help you mitigate IT risk across all of your tools.

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