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Gain clarity regarding both how ServiceNow pricing works and how the Vertice platform leverages unique pricing benchmarks to negotiate the best price.ServiceNow is an extremely versatile ITSM and CSM vendor offering dozens of advanced AI-powered solutions on the cloud-based Now Platform. This page illuminates the key use cases, per-quote ServiceNow pricing plan, alternative vendors, and how Vertice may assist with negotiation and procurement.

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ServiceNow makes the world work better for everyone. Our cloud-based platform and solutions help digitize and unify organizations so that they can find smarter, faster, better ways to make work flow.

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What ServiceNow can do for you

ServiceNow provides broad spectrum, AI-powered IT (ITSM) and customer service management (CSM) solutions to help organizations improve everything from workflow automation and security posture to HR services and B2C interactions. ServiceNow pricing is predominantly aimed at larger businesses, as smaller companies may struggle to leverage and afford the complete range of solutions. Customer stories indicate a higher price than less full-spec alternatives, although there’s no doubting the vendor’s maximal functionality. ServiceNow advertises a wide spectrum of solutions across the ITSM and CSM fields, all working on the unified Now Platform:

  • Elevate customer experiences – The ServiceNow cost can encompass in-depth B2C tools, including customer service management, telecommunications service management, enterprise CX, public sector digital services, and more.
  • Transform digital operations – Leverage sophisticated generative AI models and automation to streamline IT asset management, service operations, application portfolio management, ServiceNow cloud observability, and several other digital operations.  
  • Enhance employee experiences – ServiceNow is particularly aimed at hybrid and international workforces, keeping employees engaged and happy with a unified platform. Automate end-to-end process flows, simplify integrations, leverage AI training tools, streamline HR service delivery, and more.
  • Improve cybersecurity – Organizations can leverage ServiceNow security automation and orchestration tools to connect with existing services and form a robust digital environment.
  • Manage risk and resilience – Identify and mitigate risks across business operations. ServiceNow pricing offers risk management for integrations, third-party applications, business continuity, industry compliance, and more  
  • Hyper automation and low code – ServiceNow’s low-code app development and automation tools are testament to the vendor’s exceptionally comprehensive service. Organizations can reimagine processes as digital workflows, streamlining operations at every level.
  • Automate finance and supply chain – Form a centralized finance and supply chain workspace to unify teams, data, and processes. ServiceNow pricing can include targeted automation for procurement, supplier lifecycle, and accounts payable operations.
  • Value acceleration – ServiceNow Impact is a first-of-its-kind solution helping organizations drive increased ROI with AI-powered analysis, one-on-one expert training, premium customer support, and personalized insights.

ServiceNow pricing structures and tiers

ServiceNow pricing is provided on a quote-by-quote basis. Our research and previous customer stories indicate that pricing can start at $100 per user per month, with typical implementation costing approximately $60,000 on average. The ServiceNow price mainly responds to the number of modules and type of licenses you require – all of which are deployed on the cloud-based Now Platform. The vendor splits its products into the following options:

  • IT service management – Streamline IT processes for incident resolution, change management, and service requests.
  • Customer service management – Deliver exceptional customer support through self-service portals, common request automation, and omnichannel communications.
  • IT operations management – Gain real-time insights and automate tasks to deliver proactive digital operations using best-in-class AI for IT Operations (AIOps) solutions.
  • Integrated risk management – Identify, assess, and mitigate risks across an organization’s digital landscape with greater speed and accuracy.
  • HR service delivery – Leverage intelligent workflows to enhance HR services by optimizing inefficient processes from hire to retire using automation, digitization, and generative AI.
  • Strategic portfolio management – Formerly known as IT business management, ServiceNow’s strategic portfolio management product helps organizations make data-driven decisions to drive business strategy.  
  • IT asset management – Automate end-to-end software, hardware, and cloud assets to ensure optimal utilization and compliance.  
  • Integrations hub – Simplify cross-enterprise automation, optimize cost allocation, and reduce complexity with streamlined integration with your existing SaaS stack.
  • Security operations – Strengthen security posture with AI-driven security management tools and orchestration of your pre-existing security infrastructure.
  • Field service management – Enhance customer satisfaction with frictionless field service experiences that break down silos and streamline processes.
  • Application portfolio management – Leverage strategic SaaS and IT portfolio management tools powered by real-time insights to help eliminate risk, reduce cost, and create successful future roadmaps.  
  • App engine – Build custom applications on the Now Platform using the generative AI-powered low-code app engine to address specific workflows.

ServiceNow pricing for each module tends to feature Standard, Professional, and Enterprise pricing tiers, although some products have more obscured packages. Ultimately, organizations must talk to a representative to get a custom quote. This is where Vertice offers an indispensable helping hand. Our platform can help you ascertain exactly what ServiceNow modules you require with insights across your existing cloud environment. Vertice data shows ServiceNow to have a 52/100 pricing parity, suggesting significant differences in what organizations are paying for similar functionality. Consequently, your business could get a discounted price with the right negotiation tactics – we can handle this, leaving you with more time for more profitable operations.

Additional ServiceNow costs to consider

The vendor regularly adds new tools or updates existing solutions, so ServiceNow pricing could increase depending on how the added functionality could help you. Customer stories indicate this is the primary additional cost to consider, but the benefits can outweigh the negatives. For example, the recently unveiled ServiceNow Dispute Management Built with Visa product could help B2C organizations recover substantial costs and prevent fraud. This will naturally bump up the subscription price, but it could make all the difference. Another area where you may find additional ServiceNow costs is the ServiceNow Store. The marketplace offers hundreds of certified, plug-and-play applications that integrate and complement the Now Platform. It’s particularly appealing for organizations without dedicated DevOps teams, empowering businesses to increase agility and performance with specific ServiceNow extensions.

Other vendors offering Customer and IT Service Management as a Service

ServiceNow pricing is on the higher side, although this is justified by its exceptionally comprehensive functionality. Some alternative vendors to consider include:

ServiceNow pricing vs Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management pricing is more transparent than ServiceNow, with the website showing estimates for its Free, Standard, and Premium services:

  • Free – Organizations can run up to three users for a free monthly subscription. Functionality is basic but still incorporates various helpful features, especially for small businesses.    
  • Standard – Available from $66.15 per month (at an estimated $22.05 per agent rate), the Standard tier can accommodate up to 20,000 agents and boosts file storage from 2 GB to 250 GB.
  • Premium – Available from $148.05 per month (at an estimated $49.35 per agent rate), the Premium plan adds 24/7 customer support, unlimited file storage, and advanced incident management all underpinned by Atlassian Intelligence.

In addition to the above, the Atlassian-powered ITSM tool also has an Enterprise tier where prices are available per quote. This is the closest package to ServiceNow and the only one to feature Atlassian’s powerful data analytics. Organizations searching for unified ITSM and CSM solutions alongside unique AI-powered options for low-code app development and ROI optimization will prefer ServiceNow’s broader scope. On the other hand, smaller businesses will appreciate Jira Service Management’s more cost-effective pricing plan.

ServiceNow pricing vs ManageEngine

ManageEngine pricing is delivered on a per-quote basis like ServiceNow, but customer stories indicate that it can be more cost-effective for smaller and medium-sized businesses with less complex IT environments. Implementation can be easier due to the increased out-of-the-box functionality, but ManageEngine may lack the customization that makes ServiceNow so appealing.

ServiceNow pricing vs Nintex Global

Nintex Global pricing is a cheaper way to leverage workflow automation without paying for ServiceNow’s 360º CSM and ITSM functionality. The vendor is a great alternative for smaller businesses with far simpler needs or as an introduction to the workflow automation side of ITSM. Prices are only available on a per-quote basis.

ServiceNow pricing – the Vertice verdict

The Now Platform by ServiceNow offers outstanding functionality for larger multi-national organizations in particular. The 360º ITSM and CSM suite has everything from advanced security automations to HR tools and low-code app development, providing a largely unrivaled service. With 85% of the Fortune 500 leveraging ServiceNow, organizations can trust in a highly dependable and experienced service. Standard Chartered, Delta Airlines, and NHS Scotland are a few notable customers, demonstrating the vendor’s particular suitability for tightly regulated industries. It’s powerful, but ServiceNow pricing can also be expensive. While alternatives can be cheaper, the vendor’s strength lies in its broad functionality and scalability for its enterprise customers. Our unique industry insights into ServiceNow pricing can help you procure at an optimal cost. We handle negotiations directly to cut through the noise and deliver the cheapest possible subscription. The Vertice platform also helps you visualize your tech environment, unifying SaaS stacks in one place to achieve greater visibility, reduce costs, maintain compliance, and streamline operations.


Pricing FAQs

Is it worth paying for ServiceNow?

Larger organizations are best poised to leverage ServiceNow’s extensive functionality. Use the vendor’s value calculator to get an idea of how it can help your business. We highly recommend ServiceNow if you have operations complex enough to take advantage of its 360º CSM and ITSM solutions.

Can I use ServiceNow for free?

ServiceNow has a limited demo platform. Other than this, no free subscriptions are available.

What are the subscription options for ServiceNow?

ServiceNow pricing is offered quote-by-quote depending on the modules you require. You’ll find more information further up the page.

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