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James Langley | March 19, 2024

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What AppDynamics can do for you

AppDynamics is an application performance management (APM) tool that helps your business monitor the performance of your applications and IT infrastructure in real time, letting you identify any slowdowns, errors, or other issues. 

It offers a range of tools to give you visibility into your entire tech stack, letting you drill down into the performance of specific aspects such as networks or databases, as well as how these different components are interconnected. You can also track how users interact with your application and correlate this with performance data, helping you better understand how metrics like page load times and error rates are impacting your business. 

Detailed analytics and reporting capabilities let you analyze trends over time, and alerts can be configured to notify your team whenever performance issues are detected. There are tools to monitor the scalability of your application and help you optimize performance as it grows. On top, AppDynamics can also identify security vulnerabilities within your application and help you quickly remediate them according to priority. 

Along with a vast set of integrations with other tools and platforms, AppDynamics is designed to be easy to use, even for those without a technical background.

AppDynamics pricing structures and tiers

AppDynamics is available at four different subscription tiers. Each one is priced per CPU core per month. A single CPU core is defined as a unique logical thread core or processor on a physical or virtual host machine. 

As tiers increase in price, customers get access to a greater range of functionality. Every subscription plan includes unlimited standard access to the AppDynamics University, a digital learning platform which can be used to teach your workforce how to use AppDynamics. 

Here’s a more detailed look at each plan within the AppDynamics pricing structure:

AppDynamics pricing – Infrastructure Monitoring Edition

Price: $6 per CPU core per month

The cheapest tier of AppDynamics solely contains the infrastructure monitoring features of the software. This functionality gives you visibility into how servers, cloud services, networks, and other infrastructure components are performing, along with the resulting impacts on your application. From here, it’s easier to optimize aspects of your IT environment such as resource allocation, capacity planning, and infrastructure scalability.

AppDynamics pricing – Premium Edition

Price: $33 per CPU core per month

There’s a significant jump in cost between the bottom tier of AppDynamics pricing and the Premium Edition, but you do get significantly more functionality for complete oversight of your back end. Alongside infrastructure monitoring, Premium Edition includes two other modules for greater granularity:

  • Application monitoring provides code-level visibility into your software’s performance, from individual transactions within your app to metrics such as response times, throughput, error rates, and resource utilization.
  • Database monitoring lets you keep tabs on the health and performance of your databases using metrics like query execution times, transaction throughput, and database resource utilization.

AppDynamics pricing – Enterprise Edition

Price: $50 per CPU core per month

With the Enterprise Edition of AppDynamics, customers get the same features as the Premium Edition, with the addition of Business Performance Monitoring which includes AppDynamics Business iQ. This functionality lets you view your performance data within the context of key metrics like conversions, illustrating the impact of your tech stack on your business in real terms. 

AppDynamics pricing – Enterprise Edition for SAP Solutions

Price: $95 per CPU core per month

If you need code-level visibility and performance monitoring for SAP, AppDynamics offers a subscription plan specifically catering to this requirement. With this tier, you get the infrastructure and business performance monitoring tools along with an SAP monitoring module that’s only available in this plan.

With application flow mapping, you can monitor your entire SAP stack to track performance and quickly identify problems, including before, during, and after migrations. AppDynamics understands SAP’s proprietary ABAP language too, giving you greater visibility of how events impact your business.

Additional AppDynamics costs to consider

AppDynamics offers two additional packages alongside its standard pricing tiers.

Real User Monitoring

Price: $0.06 per 1,000 tokens per month

AppDynamics offers a suite of real user monitoring (RUM) tools so customers can collect and analyze user interactions across their applications. Unlike synthetic monitoring — which uses scripting to simulate possible user paths — RUM lets your business collect useful performance data while actual users are engaging with your application. As a result, you get deeper insight into the user journey and how it may be affected by web performance metrics or errors. RUM usage is charged based on a token system, with one page view consuming one token. 

Cisco Secure Application

Price: $13.75 per CPU core per month

With the Cisco Secure Application add-on, you’ll get greater visibility into your application security, shining a spotlight on any vulnerabilities, exploits, or configuration issues. Application context, business impact, and security intelligence are combined to create an automated risk score that makes it easy to prioritize issues by importance. On top, Cisco Secure Application blocks threats in real time without the need for additional firewalls or proxies.

Other vendors offering application performance management

There are several all-in-one APM tools on the market that compete with AppDynamics. Here’s a quick look at three alternatives that might suit your organization’s needs. 

AppDynamics pricing vs Dynatrace

Dynatrace’s features are broadly in line with those of AppDynamics, offering observability into your infrastructure, application, and digital experience. There are business and security analytics tools, and users can leverage automation and AI for more efficient monitoring and intelligent recommendations.

Dynatrace pricing is quite complex and varies by the functionality you’re using, but predominantly it’s charged per GiB hour — that’s the cost to monitor, analyze, or protect a 1-GiB memory host for one hour. This means you’ll only pay for what you use, although whether that model makes sense for your business depends on your setup. 

AppDynamics pricing vs Datadog

If it’s a truly all-in-one APM solution you’re looking for, Datadog offers myriad features for observability of your stack, from infrastructure and apps to your CI pipeline and testing. It’s easy to correlate front-end performance with business impact thanks to RUM tools and interactive dashboards, and you can use AI to interact with your data. 

What’s both good and bad about Datadog pricing is it’s incredibly granular so you can tailor the perfect plan for your business objectives. However, each feature within Datadog is priced differently so it’s difficult to get a clear picture of what you might need to spend, and costs can quickly add up. 

AppDynamics pricing vs New Relic

Much like other SaaS vendors in this area, New Relic’s platform combines a range of tools including APM, analytics and reporting, RUM, and more. It offers over 750 integrations, fitting seamlessly into your existing stack. 

New Relic pricing is relatively straightforward. It’s calculated per user type and subscription tier plus the amount of data ingested — the first 100 GB is free with data beyond that costing $0.30 per GB. There are no additional costs for accessing certain capabilities, so you’re getting more of an all-in-one price. New Relic also offers a perpetually free tier.

AppDynamics pricing – the Vertice verdict

From simpler infrastructure monitoring requirements to 360-degree observability of your applications, there’s no doubt AppDynamics is an excellent APM solution. The subscription tiers are relatively flexible, although it’s hard to compare like-for-like with alternative vendors due to the per-core pricing model.

If you want to reduce friction in your procurement process, why not leverage the Vertice platform to save you time and money? We’ll negotiate the best AppDynamics price on your behalf and help you acquire a solution that meets your needs, as well as optimize your SaaS costs by eliminating redundant or unused subscriptions. Simply get in touch to get started.

AppDynamics pricing FAQs

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AppDynamics is on a mission to help the world’s most innovative companies live up to their boldest ambitions. That’s why it is delivering full stack observability that allows people to see, understand, and optimize what happens inside and beyond their architecture.

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