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James Langley | March 19, 2024

Our HiBob pricing guide gives you a clear picture of the different features available within the Bob HRIS. Compare the service with alternative vendors, and find out more about how Vertice can help you save money and time with its SaaS procurement platform.

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What HiBob can do for you

First things first so there’s no confusion — HiBob’s solution is actually just called ‘Bob’. What exactly is Bob? It’s a cross-platform HR system that can solve the people management needs of a variety of organizations small to large, simple to complex — although it primarily excels in the mid-sized business space. HiBob describes the service as ‘more than an HRIS’. Looking at the rich functionality, it’s easy to see why. 

HiBob outlines four different key areas in which it can help its customers: culture, HR automation, DEI&B (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging), and pay transparency. 


Bob bills itself as a tool for creating a warm, open company culture no matter how your workforce is set up — remote, hybrid, or dispersed across different sites around the world. The emphasis of this featureset is ensuring your employees remain connected, giving them a central location to collaborate and engage with one another.

Employees can fill out detailed profiles to share more about themselves, and find common interests with colleagues through Bob’s Clubs. Shoutouts and polls can be posted to a community feed, letting workers celebrate each others’ successes or welcome new hires. Your Voice enables employees to safely and anonymously report concerns in the workplace. It’s also easy to get a top-down view of the company structure using Bob’s Org Chart. 

HR automation

With Bob’s advanced automation tools, HR professionals can eliminate routine tasks by creating reusable workflows for processes such as onboarding and promotions, with no tech experience necessary. It takes mere minutes to create a dedicated workflow using Bob, with each process broken down into small chunks. 

Tasks and schedules can be assigned to employees, and the system can be integrated with Slack or Microsoft Teams to keep everything running smoothly. Security needs can be met too — workflows can be customized on a per-department basis to set the appropriate access rights and permissions.


For those HR professionals looking to make a lasting impact on diversity and inclusion, it underpins every single choice made. Bob offers a range of tools to ensure DEI&B remains at the forefront. 

Personalized onboarding workflows can familiarize new hires with their colleagues and the company culture. Anonymous surveys can be used to get a broader sense of your employees’ experience at work, highlighting any potential issues or misconduct. Detailed data tracking measures the impact of your DEI&B initiatives, and KPI dashboards make it easy to identify trends and understand how your headcount breaks down.

Pay transparency

Bob helps you establish a clear, company-wide payment strategy to reduce pay gaps and ensure compensation aligns with your culture, through features like job catalogs and auditing. Compensation benchmarking makes it easy to pay your workforce in line with market rates, and managers can use employee data to make fair, equitable decisions.

HiBob pricing structures and tiers

Unfortunately, HiBob doesn’t publish its pricing on its website. Weak pricing transparency is relatively common in the SaaS world and is done for a variety of reasons, letting vendors offer flexible plans to potential customers while retaining their competitive edge. 

At a base level, all Bob pricing plans include Core HR and Digital Admin. Customers can then add different modules on top to create a more comprehensive solution based on their organization’s requirements. HiBob’s pricing depends on the size of your organization as well as what functionality you enable.

Bob’s Core HR module is the foundation of the platform. It includes features like:

  • The company homepage, a social media-style feed and central hub;
  • People Directory and Org Chart so it’s easy to find the right person within your business;
  • Automated workflows to streamline routine HR processes;
  • eSign to support eIDAS-compliant digital signatures;
  • Docs Management, a repository for everything from handbooks to contracts;
  • People Analytics, an HR data tool that can be used to measure KPIs and generate reports.

Additional HiBob costs to consider

Each additional module you add to your Bob plan incurs an additional cost. While this might seem more expensive than an all-in-one solution, it means you won’t be paying for anything you don’t need. 

Bob’s functionality can be expanded with additional modules:

  • Onboarding – Streamline your onboarding process with personalized and tailor-made workflows, and get one step ahead with preboarding for new hires. 
  • Performance – Conduct 360-degree performance reviews in a cycle that suits your business, with actionable goals and 1-on-1 check-ins. 
  • Compensation – Manage your compensation policies with easy salary reviews, simple bonus allocation, and greater pay transparency. 
  • Surveys – Engage your workforce with milestone and lifecycle surveys to ensure your workers remain satisfied. 
  • Time Off – Simplify holidays, sick days, PTO, and leave with a request and approval system based on customizable policies. 
  • Time and Attendance – Make it easy for employees to flexibly track their hours with Slack and Teams integration or the Bob mobile app. 
  • Payroll Hub – View centralized real-time data and expedite the payroll process through plug-and-play integrations with third-party payroll apps.
  • Your Voice – Empower your workforce with an anonymous channel for safely and securely reporting their concerns. 
  • Workforce Planning – Optimize productivity by mapping and tracking your workforce and planning for new positions. 
  • Sandbox – Test out Bob’s capabilities in an isolated environment without fear of data loss as part of your change management strategy. 

Users can also integrate a large number of third-party applications and services with Bob via the HiBob Marketplace. 

Other vendors offering human resources information systems

Identifying the right SaaS vendor to meet your needs is integral to a strong procurement process, and there are plenty of HRIS solutions on the market. Here’s how HiBob compares to three popular alternatives. 

HiBob pricing vs BambooHR

Like HiBob, BambooHR pricing isn’t published on the website. The service is charged per employee per month for companies with more than 25 employees, and at a flat monthly rate for 25 or fewer. 

BambooHR offers less flexibility in its plans than HiBob, although this does make its structure a little simpler. There are two base plans — Core and Pro — plus three add-ons for payroll, benefits administration, and time tracking. In terms of available functionality, both solutions are broadly similar. 

HiBob pricing vs UKG Ready

UKG offers two HRIS solutions — Pro Workforce Management is designed for global organizations with industry-specific needs, while UKG Ready is more of an all-in-one package. 

This full-suite service includes an array of features for human resources and workforce management, although it isn’t customizable to the degree of HiBob. UKG Ready pricing is not directly published. 

HiBob pricing vs Gusto

Gusto is one of the few HRIS providers to make its pricing easily accessible. There are three tiers in total. ‘Simple’ focuses more heavily on payroll and costs $40 per month plus $6 per person. ‘Plus’ adds additional HR functionality such as performance reviews, employee surveys, and advanced onboarding tools. It costs $60 per month plus $8 per person. Larger businesses can request pricing for the ‘Premium’ tier, which is better designed to meet more complex needs.

Compared to HiBob, Gusto pricing is relatively straightforward as the subscription tiers are significantly more rigid. Whether it makes sense for you depends on your organization’s size and requirements.

HiBob pricing – the Vertice verdict

Ultimately, HiBob stands out from the pack by placing a much heavier focus on company culture than the competition. This makes it an excellent choice for people-first HR professionals looking to create an inclusive, welcoming work environment, while simultaneously handling routine day-to-day tasks 

The flexibility of HiBob’s pricing means you won’t have to pay for features you don’t need, although this could drive up costs for those with complex requirements when compared to a comprehensive solution at a single price. 

In any case, you should consider leveraging a platform such as Vertice to help with your HRIS procurement. We’ll negotiate on your behalf, using our market intel to command the most competitive price with your perfect vendor — whether that’s HiBob or someone else. Simply get in touch to start saving.

HiBob pricing FAQs

HiBob Company Profile

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HiBob was founded to modernize HR tech. HiBob’s intuitive and data-driven platform, bob, was built for the way people work today: globally, remotely, and collaboratively.

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