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Guy Evans | March 25, 2024

Let our procurement teams negotiate on your behalf. We leverage other organizations’ purchasing history to land the best Proposify price for our customers.

This Proposify pricing guide will summarize and review the features of each Proposify tier, allowing readers to make an honest assessment of the platform’s capabilities. We’ll then compare these capabilities with other similar platforms so that your organization can select the service most aligned with its business goals. 

Once you’ve made a decision, consider using the Vertice platform to optimize your SaaS stack — from negotiation to implementation, Vertice can save up to 30% on your SaaS spending.

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What Proposify can do for you

You didn’t get into business to spend hours of unpaid time compiling proposals — time and effort that often goes unappreciated. It’s a Catch-22: you need to allocate sufficient resources to business proposals to have a chance of winning new contracts, but you can’t afford the time it takes to do so. 

Proposify is a software tool designed to expedite business proposal creation, significantly improving their quality in the process. The platform enables users to track engagements with a proposal, while also including the ability for quick and easy e-signatures on contracts. 

By making the closing experience more intuitive, Proposify data shows e-signing functionality stimulates a 32% faster sign-off process.

Used by sales and marketing teams alike, Proposify improves consistency and clarity in business proposals while reducing the time spent on creating them. Users establish a framework — including a library of templates, images, video content and service fees — to ensure proposals are always fresh, accurate and accessible. 

Reusable frameworks then remove the necessity to produce something unique for every proposal, without ever looking unprofessional. Based on company data, clients are twice as likely to sign a Proposify proposal.

Proposify pricing structures and tiers

All new Proposify customers can access a free 14-day trial of its mid-tier Team plan. After that you can choose from one of three subscriptions depending on the kind of bandwidth your organization needs. 

Proposify pricing — Free plan

Proposify’s Free plan is designed for freelancers and individuals, accommodating one user and up to five proposal documents. Features include interactive quoting, notifications, content library, proposal analytics, e-signatures, and stripe payments. 

Proposify pricing — Team plan

Price per user per month: $49

The Team plan is designed for small sales teams and comes with an unlimited number of documents. As well as the features listed in the Free plan, users can enjoy client input forms, custom fields and variables, PDF downloads, white labelling, and email and chat support. This subscription also integrates with HubSpot, QuickBooks, and over 5,000 other applications. 

Proposify pricing — Business plan

Price per month: $590

The Business plan is designed for sales teams with ten or more people creating and sending proposals. The $590 price is the price for the whole subscription, not the price per user. 

You can expect all the features of the Free and Team plans, plus Salesforce integration with single sign-on (SSO), approval workflows, user roles and permissions, unassigned signatures, and premium account manager support and onboarding services.

The price of the Business plan isn’t fixed — Proposify encourages any new customers to contact its sales team to discuss your business needs. 

This is where the Vertice platform comes in. Our procurement teams have access to thousands of SaaS transactions, with clear visibility over price points and subscription services. The Vertice platform has repositioned power dynamics in SaaS negotiations forever — with unparalleled insight into SaaS purchasing history, we can strike the best subscription deals on behalf of our customers.

Additional Proposify costs to consider

There are no added costs or fees to Proposify, with everything on the platform available through standard Team or Business subscriptions. The Team plan is billed per user per month, so an extra seat will incur an additional monthly fee of $49.

Other vendors offering business proposal solutions

Proposify offers business proposal solutions to individual, small and larger working teams, but it might not be exactly what your organization needs. We’ve taken a look at three of Proposify’s direct competitors to help you identify the right platform for you. 

Proposify pricing vs PandaDoc

PandaDoc offers a similar product, with its proposal frameworks increasing the number of completed documents in a month by 87%, reducing time spent on document creation by 50%, and increasing close rates by 36%.

PandaDoc pricing also comes in three tiers: 

  • Essentials, costing $19 per person per month up to a maximum of two seats.
  • Business, costing $49pppm.
  • Enterprise, contact the sales team for a quote. 

The functionality of both platforms is virtually identical, but user reviews suggest that PandaDoc is easier to use, set up and administer. Proposify was, however, still preferred in these reviews, with comments revealing the platform’s ongoing product support to be more comprehensive. This suggests that Proposify offers better value for money at the premium end. 

Proposify pricing vs Bidsketch

The Bidsketch platform includes an Optional Fees feature, allowing recipients to tailor proposals sent to them to see how much each additional client service will cost them. As a useful upselling tool, Bidsketch claims Optional Fees increases revenue by 32% on average.

The Bidsketch platform also includes client landing pages where recipients can view, approve, share and leave comments.

There are three tiers to Bidsketch pricing, which users can pay for on a monthly or yearly basis — those doing the latter can save up to 40%. Here’s how the pricing works:

  • Monthly:
  1. Solo (one user): $29pm
  2. Team (three users): $79pm
  3. Business (eight users): $149pm
  • Annual:
  1. Solo: $23pm
  2. Team: $47pm
  3. Business: $119pm

Bidsketch’s Business subscription will cost $1,788 a year, almost three times the price of Proposify. 

Proposify pricing vs Qwilr

Qwilr lets users send interactive proposals as web pages straight from their CRM. Like all of the platforms discussed here, you’ll also receive notifications for views, signatures, payments and engagements; where Qwilr differs is in its notifications for perceived lost interest, offering insight into where in the proposal potential clients turn their attention elsewhere.  

Using Qwilr increases win rates by 20%, cuts time costs by 20%, and produces sales material 75% faster than without. 

Within five months, Qwilr guarantees ROI — here’s how Qwilr pricing is structured:

  • Business: $35pppm when paying annually, or $39 for monthly payments.
  • Enterprise: $59pppm, annual payments only. Enterprise is for teams of five or more, with a Qwilr account manager on hand for a minimum of ten users.

Qwilr’s premium subscription costs the same as Proposify if the number of users is optimized.

Proposify pricing — the Vertice verdict

Proposify significantly reduces the time it takes to create new business proposals. The platform allows businesses to utilize a framework of content that creates more compelling documents, eradicates costly errors and improves the chances of client sign-off. We recommend Proposify to any company struggling to convert new business leads.

Compared to similar platforms discussed here, Proposify is the only one with subscription plans catered to both individuals and larger teams. 

At $49pppm, Proposify’s Team plan is on a par with other mid-tier products, whereas its Business plan is significantly cheaper than Bidsketch’s — perhaps a reflection of Bidsketch’s Optimal Fees feature. Proposify and Qwilr’s premium subscriptions are identical in cost if ten people are using the platform.

The 14-day free trial of Proposify’s Team plan gives prospective buyers insight into the platform’s capabilities without committing to long-term contracts.

Whichever platform you think will work best for your business, the Vertice platform is a necessary tool for optimizing your subscription price. Our market intel includes tens of thousands of transactions, offering leverage during the procurement process often absent from SaaS contract negotiations. We use this insight for one reason only: to secure the best possible price for your organization.

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