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Marko Marincic | May 29, 2024

Vertice’s white-glove service leverages unique pricing intel to access the best Yext pricing via targeted negotiation. 

This Yext pricing guide explains the digital presence management solution, offering commentary on the main functionality, target businesses, and potential cost. Further down the page, you’ll find comparisons with alternative vendors, plus details of how Vertice can assist with procurement negotiation to obtain the best price. 

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What Yext can do for you

Yext started life in 2006 as a local advertising platform, slowly expanding into a fully-fledged digital presence management solution. The vendor helps businesses optimize visibility and ensure consistent brand messaging across the online landscape, from search engines and maps to social media and online directories. 

The centralized platform streamlines online listing management, significantly reducing costs and time. Yext pricing can also unlock enhanced customer acquisition by optimizing online presence via boosted SEO, review management, social media enrichment, and more — and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Enterprises can also leverage detailed analytics to gain insights into their digital presence strategies, highlighting areas for improvement or tactics bringing success.

Yext pricing structures and tiers

Yext has massively upgraded its capabilities over the years, leading to a multi-layered pricing structure split into three main sections: Enterprises, Single-Location Small Businesses, and Reseller Partners. Keep reading for a full breakdown of how Yext pricing works. 

Yext pricing – Enterprises 

Yext pricing for the Enterprise tier includes several separate packages, with organizations choosing the modules required and negotiating a quote accordingly. As the vendor offers extensive digital presence management options, we highly recommend researching each product individually to ensure you only select the most relevant tools and keep costs down.

Here are the different modules available to Yext Enterprise customers:

  • Content – Yext Content acts as the foundation for Yext’s enterprise-level services, leveraging a headless Content Management System (CMS) built with a focus on real-world entities and their relationships. Organizations benefit from unified content, enabling information storing that consistently updates itself and connects seamlessly with the other Yext products. 
  • Listings – Yext Listings ensures business information is up-to-date and easily accessible wherever customers and AI search tools might be looking. The vendor advertises on the industry’s most extensive publisher network, syncing information across over 200 platforms.
  • Reviews – With the Reviews module, Yext provides extensive review management tools, helping organizations engage with users, analyze reviews, and generate AI-optimized responses leveraging advanced Sentiment Analysis.
  • Pages – The Yext pricing structure includes a module offering state-of-the-art webpage building tools, helping content editors and developers build fast and user-friendly websites at scale. Key features include unique streaming static generation, out-of-the-box SEO strengthening, and built-in developer tools. 
  • Search – Yext Search delivers an advanced suite for building AI-powered search experiences within business websites. Tools include semantic text search, a streamlined search overlay for websites, named entity recognition, and simple integrations to get search experiences live within 30 minutes. 
  • Social – Yext’s all-in-one Enterprise platform enables organizations to seamlessly manage their digital presence across various third-party platforms, including Apple, Facebook, Google, and Instagram. Create posts, track performance, and reply to customers with the streamlined, location-based interface. 
  • Chat – One of the newest features of Yext is its conversational LLM-powered chatbot that can help drive conversion and enhance the user experience. The platform provides extensive integrations with an organization’s existing tech stack for consistent and up-to-date messaging. 
  • Analytics – Yext Analytics unlocks insightful data gathering and unified reporting for an organization’s entire online presence. Users can track key metrics like listening views, search rankings, review sentiment, and customer engagement through intuitive, customizable dashboards. 

Yext pricing – Single-Location Small Businesses

Yext pricing for single-location small businesses is much more transparent than its Enterprise counterpart, although the feature set is significantly diminished. These ‘PowerListings’ plans have four options: Emerging, Essential, Complete, and Premium. 

The first two tiers are solely for listings on various sites, ranging from local platforms like MerchantCircle to Facebook and Google. Organizations get slightly more functionality from Complete upwards. Here are the fundamentals.

Emerging ($4 per week) 

This Yext pricing tier is the most basic. The platform advertises a 28% optimization rate, so it’ll likely fall short of the mark for businesses with serious online presence goals. Nevertheless, it can be a very cost-effective option for those just starting out. 

The Emerging plan provides listings on less popular platforms, including: 

  • Merchant Circle 
  • eLocal 
  • Topix 
  • YellowPageCity
  • LocalStack
  • EZlocal
  • ShowMeLocal
  • WhereTo?
  • YellowMoxie
  • CitySquare

Essential ($9 per week) 

The Essential Yext pricing tier for single-location businesses provides listings on more major platforms and ups the optimization rate to 56%. Organizations get listings on all the sites from Emerging, plus new additions like: 

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Bing
  • Apple 
  • Yelp
  • MapQuest
  • Citysearch
  • Foursquare

Complete ($10 per week) 

The Complete Yext pricing package for small single-location businesses includes everything from the previous two tiers alongside PowerListings+ and Analytics: 

  • PowerListings+ is an advanced listing function for publishing products, services, calendars, and other online content. It also includes photos and real-time updates across the entire Yext third-party hosted network as well as free training. 
  • Analytics delivers detailed data analysis illuminating the websites and pages that have the most traffic, enabling organizations to focus on these higher-value channels.  

Yext advertises a 100% optimization rate for Complete, so businesses can access the platform’s full strength. 

Premium ($19 per week) 

The next tier of Yext pricing, Premium, is almost double the cost of complete. This tier’s functionality starts to intersect with the Enterprise subscriptions described earlier, granting Yext Pages capabilities for website widgets and Yext Review for review monitoring. 

Businesses looking for upgraded Yext functionality without breaking the bank on an Enterprise plan should consider the Premium package. 

Yext pricing – Reseller Partners 

Yext pricing also includes a Reseller Partner Program, allowing agencies to sell Yext solutions directly to businesses with fewer than 25 locations. Exact prices are available per quote, with four tiers available: 

  • Base – Basic access to Yext’s headless CMS. 
  • Starter – Enhanced customer interaction controls, lead capture, geocoding, and more.  
  • Professional – Advanced tools for controlling digital presence. Similar toolset to the Premium package outlined in the last section.
  • Ultimate – Full Yext Review functionality, in-depth insights, competitive intelligence, sentiment analysis, and more.

Additional Yext costs to consider

The Yext price also has a few add-ons to consider for enterprise subscriptions: 

  • Competitive Intelligence 
  • Additional Users 
  • Live API 
  • Yelp Knowledge 
  • Yelp Listings 
  • Yelp Knowledge Reviews 

The vendor also lists several add-ons for the Reseller Partners packages: 

  • Yext for Food 
  • Yext for Healthcare
  • Yelp Knowledge
  • Google Q&A
  • Review Response 
  • Competitive Intelligence  
  • Live API 

Exact Yext pricing for these add-ons isn’t commercially available. You can contact the vendor for more in-depth information.

Other vendors offering digital presence management

Weighing up alternative vendors is a fundamental part of the procurement cycle. Here are three Yext competitors that could better suit your organization.

Yext pricing vs Birdeye

Birdeye pricing is more expensive than the single-location Yext pricing tiers:

  • Standard – $360/month 
  • Professional – $450/month 
  • Premium – Custom 

Comparing costs with Yext Enterprise packages is trickier due to the obscured pricing information, and will largely depend on individual preferences. Customer stories indicate that Birdeye has an overall more robust feature set, especially for online reputation management and customer engagement. However, Yext is the clear winner for businesses searching for listing-focussed capabilities. 

Yext pricing vs Chatmeter

Chatmeter pricing is aimed squarely at multi-location businesses, so the platform isn’t as versatile for smaller outfits. Yext is the clear winner for listings, SEO, and basic social media management. 

On the other hand, Chatmeter leverages more advanced AI for actionable insights into customer experiences. The platform can also provide better tools like risk monitoring for employees on the ground. 

Customer stories suggest Chatmeter pricing is similar to Yext, although exact information is only available per quote. 

Yext pricing vs Moz Local 

Moz Local pricing is one of the cheapest options for digital presence management: 

  • Lite – $14/month
  • Preferred – $20/month 
  • Elite – $33/month 

It can be a more cost-effective option for small single-location businesses, although functionality is extremely limited. We recommend Yext’s broader tools for anything more than listings and local SEO optimization.

Yext pricing – the Vertice verdict

Suitable for small single-location businesses or huge multinational enterprises, Yext pricing is as versatile as the platform itself. It’s a blessing and a curse — customers can negotiate bespoke contracts tailored to specific needs, but there’s limited pricing transparency and potentially significant costs at higher levels. 

The Enterprise package can be extremely powerful, going far beyond the listings that Yext made its name with in the 2000s. The state-of-the-art web page tools and comprehensive analytics are some of our favorite features. 

Getting the best Yext pricing at Enterprise level requires strategic negotiation. At Vertice, we can help — our experts work directly with the vendor, leveraging our pricing benchmarks to secure you the best price. Our SaaS Purchasing Product also helps you enhance cost optimization and improve your bottom line by eliminating waste, optimizing seats, and providing full visibility into your SaaS stack. To get started, simply get in touch.

Yext pricing FAQs

Yext Company Profile


Yext, the AI Search Company, offers a modern, AI-powered Answers Platform that understands natural language so that when people ask questions about a business online they get direct answers not links.

New York City, New York

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