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The Vertice platform facilitates optimal SaaS procurement to get the lowest BrowserStack pricing with tactical negotiation. This BrowserStack pricing resource explores the vendor’s 360º website and mobile application testing suite. Discover the pricing tiers for each product and how alternative vendors compare, and learn how Vertice can aid your purchasing strategy, helping you procure at the best price using our unique insights.

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BrowserStack is the world's leading software testing platform powering over two million tests every day across 15 global data centers.

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What BrowserStack can do for you

BrowserStack offers exceptionally comprehensive software testing across web and mobile applications. The vendor’s main selling points lie in its best-in-class browser library and advanced features like the Percy Visual Engine. Smaller businesses up to larger organizations will benefit from the extensive and scalable suite of testing products. Enterprise-level BrowserStack pricing unlocks particularly sophisticated functionality, leveraging machine learning to significantly streamline testing workflows.

BrowserStack pricing structures and tiers

BrowserStack pricing is extremely transparent. The vendor splits subscriptions across eleven product categories, with some containing free plans. Enterprise-level tiers are priced per quote, but organizations can find precise monthly costs for the cheaper plans. Depending on their specific requirements, most businesses won’t need all the BrowserStack products. Assess your needs to ensure minimal resource wastage, as the plans can get expensive without proper SaaS spend management.

Below, we’ve broken down the BrowserStack cost for each product and subscription in the following sections. All prices are based on annual payments, yielding up to 25% savings.

BrowserStack pricing – Live

BrowserStack pricing for the Live product is split into five tiers for website testing:

  • Desktop ($29/month) – Test websites across 3,000+ browsers.
  • Desktop & Mobile ($39/month) – Test websites on over 3,500 desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Team ($150/month for five users) – Additional features like geolocation testing and collaborative debugging.
  • Team Pro ($199/month for five users) – Test payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay alongside more advanced features.
  • Enterprise (contact sales) – Top-spec testing like IP whitelisting, usage analytics, and advanced access control.  

BrowserStack pricing – App Live

App Live is a BrowserStack product for mobile application testing. The tiers include:

  • Individual ($39/month) – Test mobile apps on 20,000+ iOS and Android devices
  • Team ($150/month for five users) – Leverage collaborative testing and integrations with Jira, Slack, GitHub, and more.
  • Team Pro ($199/month for five users) – Improved test coverage and real device features like app frontend performance monitoring.
  • Enterprise (contact Sales) – Premium features and advanced compliance for organization-wide governance and analytics.

BrowserStack pricing – Automate

Most DevOps teams leverage automation to speed up testing workflows. BrowserStack pricing for this functionality on websites is split into four plans:

  • Desktop ($129/month per parallel test) – Automated testing on over 3,000 desktop browser combinations.
  • Desktop & Mobile ($199/month per parallel test) – 20,000+ iOS and Android device units alongside debugging tools and full-spectrum Appium integration.  
  • Desktop & Mobile Pro ($249/month per parallel test) – Advanced feature testing for payments, 2FA with OTP/SMS, video file uploads, and other areas.  
  • Enterprise (contact sales) – Complete 360º testing automation with auto-provisioning and other enterprise-only features.

BrowserStack pricing – App Automate

Automated mobile app testing with BrowserStack has various key features, including a Proprietary Visual Image Comparison Engine. Here are the tiers:

  • Device Cloud ($199/month per parallel test) – Basic native and hybrid mobile app testing automation.
  • Device Cloud Pro ($249/month per parallel test) – Real device automated app testing with additional features like advanced shake gesture simulation.
  • Device Cloud Pro + Visual Cloud (contact sales) – Proprietary Visual Image Comparison Engine and several other AI-powered special features.
  • Enterprise (contact sales) – All features in the plans above, plus geolocation testing from 100+ countries and deeper insights.

BrowserStack pricing – Percy

BrowserStack pricing for the vendor’s advanced Percy Visual Engine range from a free introduction to the next-generation image comparison tool to enterprise-grade capabilities:

  • Free ($0/month) – A free introduction to visual testing.
  • Desktop ($199/month per 10,000 screenshots) – Cross-browser support with more advanced Percy Visual Engine features.
  • Desktop & Mobile ($269/month per 10,000 screenshots) – Everything in Desktop, but with additional real mobile devices and mobile browsers.
  • Enterprise (contact sales) – Complete Percy Visual Engine functionality, including a 99% uptime SLA and dedicated solutions engineer.  

BrowserStack pricing – App Percy

Using the Percy Visual Engine for application testing has slightly different BrowserStack pricing:

  • Free ($0/month) – Free BrowserStack pricing for App Percy includes 1,000 free monthly screenshots and 100 infrastructure minutes.
  • Visual Core ($199/month per 10,000 screenshots) – The basic functionality above alongside extensive integrations, access revision history, configurable sensitivity, and more.
  • Visual Cloud ($399/month) – Unlimited testing minutes across the Real Device Cloud powered by 20,000+ iOS and Android device units
  • Enterprise (contact sales) – Highly scalable testing infrastructure for maximum efficiency and compliance.

BrowserStack pricing – Test Observability

Test Observability helps DevOps teams monitor test execution data with detailed insights and other features. The BrowserStack price starts at free, with two extra tiers offering more functionality:

  • Free ($0/month) – Test reporting and debugging for up to 25,000 monthly executions.
  • Observability Pro ($199/month per 25,000 text executions) – Advanced test reporting with automatic flaky test detection, custom dashboards, errors auto-analysis, and more.
  • Enterprise (contact sales) – Two-year data retention, single sign-on, and additional observability features.  

BrowserStack pricing – Accessibility Testing

Identify and address accessibility issues within your website or mobile app with the Accessibility Testing BrowserStack pricing plan:  

  • Free ($0/month) – Essential tools to spot accessibility issues.
  • Test & Monitor (starts from $199/month) – Audit-focussed screen readers, daily monitoring, website crawling, and more.
  • Automate & Monitor (starts from $459/month) – Web Content Accessibility Guideline testing with automatic function testing, health monitoring, and more.  
  • Enterprise (contact sales) – Advanced access control and other Enterprise accessibility testing features.

BrowserStack pricing – Test Management

The Test Management product can be extremely useful for larger organizations, helping DevOps team track the testing lifecycle:

  • Free ($0/month) – Unlimited test cases and runs.
  • Team ($99/month per five users) – Enhanced collaboration and traceability with advanced filtering and other additions.  
  • Team Pro ($199/month) – Leverage AI for sophisticated test management. Features include auto-generated test runs in Jira App, auto-fill test cases, and more.
  • Enterprise (contact sales) – Custom API rate limit, data storage, and dozens of other Enterprise-only features.

BrowserStack pricing – Automate TurboScale

While it can be expensive at the top end, BrowserStack’s Automate TurboScale product delivers best-in-class testing automation to considerably speed up the entire development process:

  • Small Grid ($299/month) – Browser automation grids for cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and more (up to 10 parallel tests).
  • Medium Grid ($999/month) – Get up to 100 parallel tests with intelligent insights, unlimited test minutes, and more.
  • Large Grid ($2,999/month) – 1,000+ parallel tests to speed up browser automation tests by 100x.
  • Enterprise (contact sales) – Unlimited parallel tests and special Enterprise-only tools like AWS GovCloud Setup.

BrowserStack pricing – Low Code Automation

BrowserStack also offers a low-code automation service, helping organizations create their own automated tests with minimal coding:

  • Free ($0/month) – 100 cloud test executions to help you get started with automation.
  • Essentials (starts from $329/month) – 500+ text executions for scalable, data-driven automated testing.
  • Enterprise (contact sales) – Complete functionality with a dedicated solutions engineer and customer success manager.

Additional BrowserStack costs to consider

BrowserStack pricing is clearly laid out, so additional costs are minimal. That said, remember that the number of users, parallel tests, and screenshots can increase prices for some products.

Other vendors offering Software Testing as a Service

An effective procurement process must involve vendor comparisons, so consider a few alternative options to BrowserStack below:

BrowserStack pricing vs LambdaTest

LambdaTest pricing is more affordable than BrowserStack and can offer more focussed functionality for mobile app performance testing. The subscription tiers range from Free to Enterprise, which is offered per quote.

BrowserStack pricing vs Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs pricing is generally cheaper than BrowserStack. Although the vendor has similarly broad testing functionality, it’s more basic and not quite as scalable. Here’s a quick cost overview:

  • Live Testing – starts at $39/month per parallel test.
  • Virtual Cloud – starts at $149/month per parallel test.
  • Real Device Cloud – starts at $199/month per parallel test.

BrowserStack pricing vs Perfecto

Perfecto pricing can be more expensive than BrowserStack, but the tradeoff is a more complex and scalable approach to mobile app testing. This is the vendor’s forte, so we recommend Perfecto if your testing requirements are more application-specific.

BrowserStack pricing – the Vertice verdict

BrowserStack is a best-in-class software testing vendor covering all bases, with products ranging from live testing to turbocharged automation. The scalable services can get expensive at higher levels, but no other vendor can match the sheer breadth of capabilities. That said, DevOps teams requiring more targeted tools may find better value or quality elsewhere. Ultimately, software procurement requires tactical negotiation if you want a competitive deal. When you leverage our procurement platform, Vertice helps you obtain the best BrowserStack pricing by using our unique pricing benchmarks during SaaS contract negotiations. Get in touch to begin.


Pricing FAQs

Is it worth paying for BrowserStack?

Yes, if it meets your organization’s needs. Be sure to choose the right combination of products from BrowserStack’s pricing structure to avoid excess IT costs.

Can I use BrowserStack for free?

Yes. Organizations can access several BrowserStack products for free.

What are the subscription options for BrowserStack?

BrowserStack pricing is split into subscriptions for each of the eleven products. You’ll find a full breakdown further up the page.

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