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Marko Marincic | May 31, 2024

Vertice enhances SaaS procurement and ClickUp pricing by leveraging our unique negotiation insights.

Learn how ClickUp pricing appeals to both one-person enterprises and huge organizations with numerous teams collaborating on complex projects. In this guide we’ll cover ClickUp’s subscription tiers, main selling points, alternative vendors, and how Vertice can maximize your SaaS procurement.

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What ClickUp can do for you

ClickUp is a veritable Swiss army knife for project management, offering various organization sizes an extremely scalable all-in-one application for task management, collaboration, real-time task monitoring, development lifecycles, and more. 

The unified solution optimizes workflows in several areas, improving efficiency, quality, and overall productivity – everything you need for increased employee harmony and ROI. 

ClickUp pricing is focused on the following use cases: 

  • Project management – Plan, organize, and track various project aspects using an all-in-one application. Key features include automation, task management for cross-functional teams, endless customizations, and 35+ ClickApps (modules targeting various use cases).  
  • Product development – Supercharge product development with advanced sprint management automations, flexible whiteboard-style visualization with the fully customizable Kanban system, and an all-in-one work hub for streamlining the entire development lifecycle.  
  • Knowledge management – ClickUp pricing also provides a dedicated space for work documents and wikis, allowing businesses to seamlessly connect precise information to relevant workflows. 
  • Resource management – Leverage highly customizable dashboards to build the perfect mission control center for every kind of project. Available metrics include time tracking, workload views, and personalized milestones. 
  • Collaboration – Effortlessly break down silos with a unified approach to project management across an entire organization, not just DevOps or marketing (two common departmental silos). ClickUp Chat is an integrated instant messenger threading together collaborative documents, whiteboards, and inboxes.
  • Workflows – Advanced ClickUp AI speeds up workflows via targeted automation, custom fields, expertly-crafted prompts, content generation, and more.

ClickUp pricing structures and tiers

ClickUp pricing has a free plan to help prospective users get a feel for the general interface and aesthetic design. Once you’re confident ClickUp is right for your organization, you can sign up for Unlimited, Business, and Enterprise subscriptions. 

Let’s run through the basics:  

ClickUp pricing – Free 

Monthly cost: free 

The “Free Forever” ClickUp pricing plan is the optimal place to start. 

It uses the same basic interface as the more advanced subscriptions, and is definitely worth checking out before diving headfirst into a paid plan. 

Functionality is naturally more curtailed with a free ClickUp pricing plan, but users can still feel the vendor’s breadth of tools and applications. Here are some highlights: 

  • Unlimited tasks 
  • Two-factor authentication 
  • Collaborative docs 
  • Whiteboards 
  • Kanban boards 
  • Sprint management 
  • In-app video recording 
  • 24/7 support 

However, a few limitations to bear in mind include the lack of AI compatibility and relatively small 100MB storage. 

ClickUp pricing – Unlimited

Monthly cost: $7 per user (paid annually)

Available from $7/month per user paid annually (or $10/monthly per user paid monthly), the Unlimited plan builds on the Free plan, notably offering unlimited data storage, dashboards, integrations, Gannt charts, and custom fields. 

This ClickUp pricing tier is suitably powerful for small teams and complex one-person projects, significantly upping the ante compared to the Free subscription tier. It’s the best way to start getting a real taste of the vendor’s best-in-class 360º project management functionality, with AI compatibility and close to a full range of features (although some are still limited). 

Some of the main additions include: 

  • Native time tracking 
  • User groups
  • Agile reporting 
  • Resource management 
  • Goals and portfolios 
  • Email integration 
  • Column calculations 

ClickUp pricing – Business 

Monthly cost: $12 per user (paid annually)

The Business ClickUp pricing plan is advertised as the most popular. Best for mid-sized teams starting to engage in more complex project and development lifecycles, it comes in at $12/month per user paid annually (jumping to $19 for monthly payments). 

Users benefit from more advanced public sharing, automations, dashboard features, and time tracking. The vendor also unleashes its full power for customizations, allowing for custom task IDs, pinned custom fields, unlimited custom exporting, and more. 

And this is the tip of the iceberg. A Business ClickUp price also includes: 

  • Google SSO 
  • Unlimited teams 
  • Granular time estimates 
  • Enhanced workload management 
  • Timelines and mind maps 
  • Goal folders 

ClickUp pricing – Enterprise 

Monthly cost: contact sales for a quote 

ClickUp pricing at Enterprise level isn’t quite as transparent, offered per quote. This isn’t exactly surprising, as most vendors obscure the prices for their most advanced solutions even if they’re transparent about more basic tier prices. 

On that topic, just a quick reminder: Vertice’s white-glove customer success service can drive more cost-effective procurement via our insight-led negotiation strategies. 

The Enterprise plan is perfect for large organizations working with several sizable teams. It has the most advanced ClickUp solutions, helping to streamline workflows, breakdown siloes, and optimize productivity in all areas. 

We’ve picked out some of the most eye-catching features: 

  • Advanced permissions 
  • Enterprise API 
  • Conditional login in forms 
  • White labeling 
  • MSA and HIPAA availability 
  • Live onboarding training 
  • Customer success manager 
  • Access to managed services 
  • Team sharing for spaces 

ClickUp really breaks clear of the competition here, offering unparalleled functionality and malleability. The vendor takes project management and its surrounding ecosystem down to an extremely granular level – a game-changer for anyone seeking enhanced agility, resource allocation, and more on a grander scale.

Additional ClickUp costs to consider

ClickUp pricing can also include a few add-ons. Consider the following whilst calculating a full cost for your business: 

  • ClickUp AI – You’ll need to purchase the ClickUp AI add-on to use the platform with additional AI-powered features like content suggestion or computer generated meeting summaries. Doing so costs $5/month extra per user, which is relatively cheap for smaller teams, but could easily scale into the hundreds for larger ones. The AI upgrade is only available for Unlimited, Business, and Enterprise tiers. 
  • Automations Actions Organizations using the Free and Unlimited plans will likely need to purchase additional automation actions from time to time, with a 100 to 1,000 monthly limit. The ClickUp cost for these extras is $19.99/month for 1,000, $99.99/month for 10,000, and $299.99/month for 100,000.
  • Email in ClickUp Add-Ons – You can also purchase more email accounts to integrate into the ClickUp infrastructure. Adding one onto the Free plan is $24/year. It turns to $2 per member scaling upwards after that.

Which ClickUp pricing tier is right for your business?

ClickUp pricing is extremely versatile, with four subscription packages — Free, Unlimited, Business, and Enterprise — catering to broad organization sizes and requirements. 

The project management tool’s full-spectrum functionality also targets everything from solo business outfits to large enterprises. We’ve detailed how ClickUp features and pricing can benefit various business sizes below. 

Solopreneurs and freelancers 

The ‘Free Forever’ plan is perfect for personal use, helping solopreneurs and freelancers organize, manage, and track tasks in one centralized workspace. ClickUp’s free version is more powerful than many other alternative free project management software plans, with Kanban boards, unlimited tasks, sprint management, and basic custom field management tools available. 

The Free ClickUp pricing plan also has security features like two-factor authentication, enabling freelancers and solo businesses in sensitive industries to leverage the software without concerns. 

Unlimited free plan members makes scaling easy, but the 100 MB storage limit will most likely require an upgrade. Additionally, the mind map, Gantt charts, timeline, workload, custom fields, and several other features are limited to 60 uses. Consequently, the ‘Free Forever’ plan has somewhat of a de facto time limit depending on how often it’s used.


While SMBs can leverage the Free ClickUp pricing plan to understand the core platform features and interface, the Unlimited tier is the best option. Small business operations benefit from unlimited storage, integrations, dashboards, Gantt charts, custom fields, and more. 

ClickUp also delivers more advanced features like agile reporting, resource management, and ClickUp AI compatibility, helping SMBs streamline workflows without breaking the bank. The additional functionality and resources can also be a great option for nonprofits. ClickUp’s free plan can be limited for these organizations due to the storage and usage restrictions. However, the Unlimited plan strikes a nice balance between affordability and functionality. 

ClickUp pricing for SMBs is one of the cheapest and most powerful options. Customer stories suggest the Unlimited plan offers everything small organizations need, although scaling to more than one team requires a Business plan, so keep this in mind. Additionally, consider team size when choosing a subscription, as the Unlimited package could be limiting for SMBs.

Mid-market businesses 

ClickUp pricing at Unlimited and Business levels is a cost-effective way for mid-market businesses to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and enjoy seamless scaling. The latter is particularly powerful, offering unlimited users and teams to ensure business processes remain unhampered by software constraints. Moreover, the Business subscription doesn’t have any limits on timelines, workloads, or other features, creating truly unchained scalability. 

Team members can leverage advanced reporting like granular time estimates, goal folders, sprint reporting, and more. These features help team managers navigate complex workflows, providing real-time insights into team capacity and helping larger businesses streamline operations for greater efficiency and overall profitability. 

The ClickUp price for mid-market business also expands the project management software’s automation capabilities. Users can set triggers and conditions to automate actions like assigning tasks, updating statuses, or sending notifications, creating time for more valuable work processes. 

Large enterprises 

The ClickUp pricing structure can also suit larger enterprises perfectly at higher levels. The vendor offers its Enterprise tier per quote, allowing organizations to create bespoke packages targeting their exact requirements. This flexibility is a vital highlight, especially with such advanced functionality available. 

ClickUp empowers large enterprises to break down data silos and establish data-driven collaboration across all teams and stakeholders. The default personal views and team sharing for spaces optimize cross-functional relationships, while the advanced API helps knit everything together from a software standpoint. Live onboarding training can also help enterprises get maximum functionality from the offset. 

One of the most pertinent ClickUp selling points for large organizations is its granular project management capabilities. For example, the vendor enables managers to create nested hierarchies within workspaces, with several layers providing a clear visual representation of projects from top to bottom. Whether you want a bird’s eye view of an entire project or a microscopic summary of a highly specific subtask, ClickUp has you covered. 

Another reason why the vendor is a perfect fit for larger enterprises is the extensive SaaS security features. ClickUp pricing at Enterprise level offers single sign-on, custom roles and permissions, HIPAA compliance, private space management, and more.

Other vendors offering Project Management as a Service

The Project Management as a Service space is competitive, with several alternative vendors to consider: 

ClickUp pricing vs Asana 

Asana pricing is slightly more expensive than ClickUp and offers less versatile 360º project management functionality. On the other hand, Asana can be easier to use as a result of the less complex design. Here are the costs per user:

  • Personal – Free 
  • Starter – $10.99/month
  • Advanced – $24.99/month
  • Enterprise – Contact for quote 
  • Enterprise+ – Contact for quote 

It’s a good choice for simplicity and ease of use, but it falls far short of the customization and extensive capabilities afforded by ClickUp.  

ClickUp pricing vs Trello 

Trello is closer to ClickUp than Asana regarding visuals, with greater opportunity to use whiteboards, timelines, calendars and other organizational tools. Users also benefit from the close integration with the Atlassian ecosystem and platforms like Jira. 

Trello pricing will suit organizations prioritizing a fast and straightforward approach with fewer complexities. It’s also cheaper than ClickUp, but don’t expect the same all-in-one service. Here is a cost breakdown per user: 

  • Free $0 
  • Standard – $5/month 
  • Premium – $10/month 
  • Enterprise – $17.50/month

ClickUp pricing vs Wrike 

Wrike comes closer to ClickUp’s broad project management services, even including integrated budgeting tools. The vendor can be better for very large teams requiring advanced resource management, reporting, and security features, although it also has a steeper learning curve. 

Wrike pricing is the most expensive, but not without reason: 

  • Free – $0 
  • Business – $24.80/month
  • Enterprise – Contact for quote
  • Pinnacle – Contact for quote

ClickUp pricing vs Monday 

Monday pricing is comparable to ClickUp, albeit slightly more expensive. The vendor includes an additional Pro tier, expanding on the Standard functionality with more automations and integrations per month. It also offers more advanced custom templates, time tracking, and dashboards.   

Here’s a breakdown: 

  • Free – $0
  • Basic – $9/month
  • Standard – $12/month
  • Pro – $19/month
  • Enterprise – contact sales

Customer stories suggest that Monday is slightly more intuitive and easier to use than ClickUp, with clear visuals helping users instantly understand the basics. 

However, this comes with a trade-off in terms of overall capabilities — ClickUp is far more powerful, especially at enterprise level. The vendor offers a more flexible work management solution with strong automation and AI features, something Monday struggles to match. 

We highly recommend Monday for simpler workflows and less complex projects. For more advanced requirements, ClickUp is the clear winner — but keep in mind it has a much steeper learning curve, so you may need to invest more time and energy learning the ropes.

ClickUp pricing – the Vertice verdict

The ClickUp price includes an impressive number of project management features, especially at the higher levels. Huge scope for integrations with Slack, G Suite, Microsoft Teams, GitHub and over a thousand other SaaS tools makes the vendor even more appealing. 

Just be aware that email and automation add-ons can get quite expensive if you don’t get enough in your base plan. Ensure you allocate enough space before procurement to get the most cost-optimized solution. 

Want a visualized overview of your SaaS stack resource usage and cost allocation? The Vertice SaaS Purchasing platform provides convenient dashboards and real-time reporting you can use to choose the right ClickUp pricing plan. We can also use our industry pricing benchmarks to negotiate you the best price.

ClickUp pricing FAQs

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ClickUp is a task management and collaboration platform with a wide range of internal features. Teams can set and track goals, organize calendars and reminders, share documents and communicate via a chat feature.

San Diego, California

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