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Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Security Company, delivers data security and operational resilience for enterprises. Rubrik's big idea is to provide data security and data protection on a single platform, including: Zero Trust Data Protection, ransomware investigation, incident containment, sensitive data discovery, and orchestrated application recovery.

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This Rubrik pricing guide is a resource for any business considering purchasing a subscription to the platform. We’ll explain the platform’s key features, shed light on Rubrik costs and subscription tiers, and then compare it to three alternative solutions to paint a clear picture of its capabilities. Vertice isn’t bound by vendor partnerships or bias, we simply want to lower SaaS expenditure and optimize IT procurement across the board. 

What Rubrik can do for you

Rubrik is a cybersecurity company specializing in data recovery and protection, no matter the location. Covering legacy systems, cloud environments and SaaS applications, Rubrik’s data management technology targets organizations of varying sizes and industries. 

Rubrik’s approach to cloud data management is known as ‘Zero Trust’ — a default skeptical position that treats every device and agent interacting with IT infrastructures as untrustworthy. This zero trust philosophy enables Rubrik to insulate data, spot potential threats, and recover data quickly and completely. 

Rubrik’s flagship product is its Security Cloud, which is split into four areas of cybersecurity: data protection, threat analytics, security posture and recovery.

Data protection

Rubrik’s solution protects data wherever it is: physical systems, operating systems, virtual machines, databases, file systems, and containers. The solution’s data protection technology prevents hackers from discovering backups — one of the latest cyberattack innovations — and ensures backup data cannot be encrypted. 

This level of protection is unified across on-premises, multi-cloud and SaaS environments to maximise coverage across your entire organization. 

Data threat analytics

Rubrik constantly monitors your data assets for any indicators of compromise. Using machine learning technology, the solution detects deletions, modifications and encryptions to determine the scope of any attack. By identifying the scale of malicious activity, Rubrik’s threat analytics enables responders to accelerate recovery time. 

Data security posture

Through data security posture, Rubrik reduces the risk of data exposure by limiting agent access to sensitive data and identifying those that have it. The solution automatically reports on any changes to access permissions, stimulating higher data vigilance levels. Rubrik customers can then classify security gaps and receive recommendations from the solution on how to improve security posture.

Data recovery

The reality is that cyberattacks continue to evolve. In a recent Rubrik survey, 94% of IT security leaders reported a significant cyberattack in their organization within the last year. In this climate, data recovery solutions provide a vital lifeline to businesses. 

Rubrik quarantines data infected with malware, containing any threat to allow for the safe and quick recovery of data. IT teams can then improve cyber readiness and incident response by creating, testing and validating new recovery workflows.

Rubrik pricing structures and tiers

Rubrik pricing isn’t available online, with prospective customers invited to get in touch with the sales team to discuss subscription costs. This is common in the subscription-model economy, where suppliers look to seize control of contract negotiations. 

However, Vertice is able to bypass the inconvenience of poor pricing visibility by leveraging market intel from other contract agreements. We have access to historical transactions between software vendors and businesses similar to yours, and we use that information to negotiate optimized contracts on your behalf. This is the first step we take in enhancing SaaS spend management for our customers and maximising cost avoidance

Rubrik does publish its subscription options on its website, as the following sections reveal. 

Rubrik pricing — Foundation

Rubrik’s Foundation plan covers enterprise, cloud and SaaS systems. It comes equipped with a data security command center and mass recovery capabilities. 

Rubrik pricing — Business

Building on the Foundation tier, Business subscribers will add anomaly detection to their plans. 

Rubrik pricing — Enterprise

Rubrik customers are slightly strongarmed into purchasing the premium Enterprise tier, which comes with the following capabilities: sensitive data monitoring, threat monitoring, threat hunting, threat containment and cyber recovery simulation. 

It’s clear that investing in a cybersecurity solution without these capabilities would be almost entirely pointless, so it seems that the Enterprise plan is really the only worthwhile tier to subscribe to. 

New Rubrik customers can access a 30-day free trial. 

Additional Rubrik costs to consider

Rubrik’s invitation to contact sales for a quote suggests that plans are flexible, and that there’s some leeway in negotiating additional features to any subscription. Vertice’s customer purchasing teams can help there.

In any case, there are a few additional add-ons to consider as standard:

  • NAS Cloud Direct – a solution that addresses the complexities of protecting unstructured files
  • Rubrik Edge – a tool that enhances data recovery in virtual and physical environments. 

The cost of these additions are also hidden.

Other vendors offering cybersecurity and data management solutions

Rubrik isn’t the only provider of cybersecurity and data management software. We have no vested interest in promoting Rubrik over any other provider, so let’s take a look at three alternative solutions operating in this area: 

Rubrik pricing vs Cohesity

The Cohesity portfolio contains six products: 

  • DataProtect – for defences against ransomware;
  • DataHawk – for ML-powered threat intelligence, scanning and data classification; 
  • SiteContinuity – for automated disaster recovery; 
  • FortKnox – for enhanced ransomware protection; 
  • SmartFiles – for managing and securing unstructured data; 
  • Gaia – an AI conversational assistant that helps make faster business decisions.

These six products are included in the Cohesity Data Cloud platform, which is available as self-managed software or as a SaaS license. Cohesity pricing is hidden, but subscriptions come in three tiers: Secure, Enterprise and Premium.

New customers can access a 30-day free trial of Cohesity Data Cloud. All plans also come with premium support, available 24/7, 365 days a year. Cohesity is the chosen cybersecurity partner of five of the Fortune 10 and 47 of the Fortune 500.

Rubrik pricing vs Commvault

Commvault’s solution is comprised of three key capabilities: 

  • Risk – for discovering, classifying and then protecting sensitive data; 
  • Readiness – for ensuring safe and clean recovery with tested processes; 
  • Recovery – for delivering reliable, scalable and rapid recovery. 

These three Rs are rolled into the Commvault Cloud Platform, which is available in three subscriptions: Operational Recovery, Autonomous Recovery and Cyber Recovery. Commvault is a partner of more than 100,000 companies, including brands such as Adidas, Sony and Panasonic.

Commvault pricing is hidden for all three tiers, but there is a 30-day free trial available. 

Rubrik pricing vs Veeam

The Veeam Data Platform offers self-managed data protection for hybrid and multi-cloud data. The platform is formed of three key processes: Backup and Recovery, Monitoring and Analytics, and Recovery Orchestration. The platform is used by 72% of the Global 2000, including businesses such as Deloitte, Shell and Canon. 

Subscriptions also come in three tiers — Foundation, Advanced and Premium — but Veeam pricing is hidden for all three. Like all the other solutions discussed here, Veeam offers a 30-day free trial. 

Rubrik pricing — the Vertice verdict

With Rubrik pricing visibility so low — and with direct competitors also withholding pricing information online — positioning the platform in the market isn’t easy. Nevertheless, Rubrik provides peace of mind to over 6,000 companies around the world, with high-quality data protection, analytics, security posture, and recovery solutions. 

Together with Cohesity, Commvault and Veaam, these four cybersecurity and data management companies can manage security concerns in various environments. 

Whichever solution you need, our customer purchasing teams illuminate SaaS pricing to see exactly what other businesses have paid for the same subscription plans. We share these market insights to arrest the global sprawl of SaaS spend.

Our SaaS Purchasing Platform then helps keeps all your SaaS licenses under control, monitoring performance against KPIs and other metrics to flag subscriptions that are over and underperforming. With this tool, businesses are able to cut annual software spend by up to 30%, optimizing tail spend management and other SaaS operations

For more information on how Vertice can help your business, click on the link and get in touch.


Pricing FAQs

Is Rubrik worth paying for?

If your organization is concerned with the constantly evolving threat of cybercriminals, Rubrik could be an invaluable partner to your operations. It’s trusted by 6,000 leading global brands, including Pepsico and Carhartt.

Can I use Rubrik for free?

No — all Rubrik subscriptions are paid-for, but new customers can access a 30-day free trial.

What are the subscription options for Rubrik?

Rubrik customers can choose from one of three subscription plans: Foundation, Business and Enterprise. Pricing is hidden for all three, but Vertice can help negotiate optimized contracts during negotiations.

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