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Online cost and revenue recognition and deferred revenue lifecycle management system that works seamlessly with QuickBooks and Xero. Flowrev delivers cloud based management accounting solutions that helps Founders/CEOs/CFOs/Controllers and CPAs/Accountants streamline and automate the cost and revenue recognition accounting for their company and clients. By eliminating time consuming, error prone spreadsheets, and automating their processes, finance managers/accountants can close faster and deliver more accurate, IFRS/GAAP compliant, financials regularly. Company executives gain near real time visibility into future revenue based upon actual contractual delivery obligations, and can regularly review forecasts and metrics such as MRR/ARR which are automatically updated as new contracts are added to the system.

Portland, Oregon

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Pricing Clarity
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Medium Pricing Clarity
Low Simplicity
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High Transparency
Transparency is rated on the availability of published pricing structures.
High Parity
Parity is rated on how consistent pricing is across similar customer profiles.
Average Discount
This is calculated by the aggregate price discount that customers pay when compared with list pricing.
low Discount Possibility
Based on Vertice Data

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