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Guy Evans | April 03, 2024

Vertice’s customer purchasing teams help negotiate software subscriptions on your company’s behalf while Vertice SaaS Purchasing Platform makes software license management considerably easier.

This Birdeye pricing guide is the go-to resource for an honest reflection on the platform’s features, capabilities, and subscription tiers. At the end of our Birdeye analysis, we’ll also highlight alternative solutions that might be better suited to your organizational needs. 

Whichever vendor you select, know that Vertice is the key to unlocking the best subscription prices — we leverage unique market intel to gain extra bartering power during negotiations, all with the aim of optimizing your entire SaaS portfolio.

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What Birdeye can do for you

Birdeye is a customer experience (CX) platform that helps multi-location businesses draw insights from online reviews, messages, and social media to develop and improve their customer services. 

Birdeye’s solutions target both small businesses and enterprises, improving online visibility, developing business reputations, and managing social media channels across all geographies. 

By managing customer feedback and providing a means to recognize and reward customer-facing workers, the Birdeye platform can be used to incentivize employees to deliver great customer service on a consistent basis. 

Birdeye identifies six core functions of its platform, all of which enhance customer engagements with companies. Those six functions are:

1. Reviews

  • Aggregate company or product reviews from over 200 review sites on one dashboard, building your reputation wherever you’re being searched.
  • Use AI to summarize thousands of reviews and quickly find common themes — identify trends, implement changes, and improve workflows.
  • Receive notifications when new reviews are posted and when they look suspicious. 
  • Trigger automatic and customizable review requests after every customer appointment or purchase
  • Personalized review responses, templates and translations powered by AI.
  • Build review campaigns and draw data from reports to see what’s working.
  • Convert your best reviews into social media posts and add those to your website.
  • Identify and reward the MVPs in your customer-facing team and encourage workers who need extra support. 

2. Social

  • One unified platform for publishing, engagement, and reporting — no matter how many channels or locations.
  • The AI-powered content generator targets specific industries and customers. 
  • Review and approve social content in real-time and track posts on one calendar. 
  • Monitor engagement and post performance by location, uncovering local trends.

3. Listings

  • Create and maintain accurate business listings across hundreds of sites and search engines. 
  • Find errors in existing listings and manage them all from one dashboard.
  • Use AI to write SEO-friendly web copy and descriptions. 
  • Receive reports on listings performance, highlighting metrics such as site traffic, call volume and keyword ranking. 

4. Messaging

  • AI chatbot when your customer support teams aren’t available.
  • Organize messages by customer and channel all from one inbox.
  • Collaborate with colleagues from the same inbox used to monitor customer conversations. 
  • Connect your CRM with over 3,000 software integrations. 
  • Monitor average response times across locations, sources and employees to improve overall service. 

5. Webchat

  • Engage site visitors as soon as they find you online. 
  • Improve the quality of your replies with AI.
  • Organize webchat conversations based on location, time, or conversation type.
  • Receive notifications and assign conversations to the right team to ensure new leads are never missed.

6. Referrals

  • Trigger referral requests after successful customer engagements, such as online payment or a positive review. 
  • Add referral incentives to boost responses and collect more leads. 
  • Measure referral success and convert referral leads.

Birdeye pricing structures and tiers

Birdeye pricing isn’t available online, but the site’s Pricing Configurator can be used for an estimate of your organization’s subscription costs. 

Pricing transparency is a common issue in the SaaS market, but Vertice bypasses this problem by leveraging insight from previous vendor sales. With this information, our customer purchasing teams offer vital support, negotiating contracts on your company’s behalf.

Although Birdeye costs are hidden, the platform comes in three subscription tiers, as the sections below explain. 

Birdeye pricing — Starter

Birdeye’s Starter tier is for businesses who want to improve their reputation and rank at the top of local searches. Platform capabilities of this subscription include all Reviews, Listings and Messaging services. 

Birdeye pricing — Growth

For organizations looking to boost sales by engaging and converting customers, Birdeye’s midweight tier, Growth, might be the way to go. As well as Reviews, Listings, and Messaging services, Growth also comes with Social capabilities. 

Birdeye pricing — Dominate

Advertised as a subscription that provides everything you need ‘to dominate your local market’, Birdeye’s premium tier adds Webchat and Referrals functionality to the platform.

All subscriptions come with campaign, team chat, payments, integrations, and mobile app functionality. Birdeye subscriptions also come with account support and an unlimited number of users, so you don’t need to worry about adding extra seats. 

Free trials of the Birdeye platform are available.

Additional Birdeye costs to consider

Birdeye pricing is hidden online, so it’s unclear whether the platform comes with any extra costs subscribers need to bear in mind. What is clear, however, is that all subscriptions come with an unlimited number of platform users, so you won’t need to pay for additional bandwidth.

Other vendors offering review and CX solutions

The Vertice platform has been built to optimize all SaaS subscriptions, regardless of company size or industry. This means we have no vested interest in promoting one platform over another: whichever software product you choose, we can help strike the right deal. With this in mind, here are three Birdeye alternatives that might be a better fit for your business. 

Birdeye pricing vs Podium

Podium is a CX platform that also uses AI to aggregate and interpret data from review sites, improving customer interactions with enhanced messaging and social media functions. 

The platform has fewer integrations than Birdeye — 200+ compared to Birdeye’s 3,000+ — but there is strong Podium pricing visibility and a 14-day free trial for its three subscription tiers:

  • Core – $399 per month.
  • Pro – $599 per month.
  • Signature – contact the sales team for a quote.

Birdeye pricing vs places greater focus on review responses but also offers listings, messaging and social media capabilities too. Pricing, including platform tiers, are entirely hidden, but customers can make use of a 30-day free trial. 

Birdeye pricing vs Yotpo

The Yotpo platform focuses on reviews, SMS and email interactions, as well as offering tailored loyalty and referral programs to customers. Yotpo helps companies boost recurring revenue by offering subscriptions at the touch of a button. In this sense, it’s probably fair to label Yotpo as more of a marketing platform than an insights one.

Subscriptions come in the following Yotpo pricing tiers:

  • Growth, to maximize reviews impact – $79 per month.
  • Prime, to collect shopper data and drive conversions – $169 per month.
  • Powerhouse, for the complete platform – get in touch to receive a quote.

Yotpo offers three-month free trials of specific features, such as Yotpo Reviews or Yotpo Email.

Birdeye pricing — the Vertice verdict

The Birdeye platform offers comprehensive customer service support for small businesses and large enterprises alike, building reputations, and improving online visibility. The platform harnesses the treasure trove of customer data published on review sites and converts it into more tailored customer experiences.

With Birdeye’s Social, Listings, Messaging, Webchat, and Referrals services, organizations are given the tools they need to offer more personalized engagements across the entire customer journey. 

However, the obfuscation of Birdeye pricing makes it difficult to position the platform alongside its competitors. Podium and Yotpo, by contrast, offer full visibility over the cost of their lower and midweight subscriptions. 

Yotpo’s platform is significantly cheaper and offers a healthy three-month free trial of some of its key services. also hides its pricing, but should be considered by any company looking to focus specifically on reviews engagement.

It’s not at all uncommon to find software platforms obscuring their pricing. In fact, this practice is one of the driving motivators behind the Vertice SaaS Purchasing Platform’s existence, designed specifically to help organizations optimize their SaaS spending. 

Our customer success team holds unique insights on vendor pricing drawn from previous transactions, placing us in the ideal position to negotiate the best deals on your organization’s behalf.

Birdeye pricing FAQs

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Birdeye helps businesses grow through happy customers. Over 60,000 businesses use Birdeye everyday to attract new leads with Listings, Reviews and Referrals, convert them into customers with Webchat and Appointments, and delight those customers with Surveys, Ticketing, and Insights – all in one place.

Palo Alto, California
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Birdeye Pricing Insights

Pricing Clarity
The Vertice Pricing Clarity Score provides you with insight into how a vendor compares with peers.
Medium Pricing Clarity
Based on Vertice Data
Medium Simplicity
Simplicity is rated on how easy and intuitive pricing is to understand.
High Transparency
Transparency is rated on the availability of published pricing structures.
Medium Parity
Parity is rated on how consistent pricing is across similar customer profiles.
Average Discount
This is calculated by the aggregate price discount that customers pay when compared with list pricing.
medium Discount Possibility
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