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Guy Evans | March 25, 2024

The Vertice platform leverages market insights and transactional data to help your procurement teams strike the best Sprinklr price.

This Sprinklr pricing guide highlights the capabilities of each Sprinklr tier, offering insight into the features and price points of each. We’ll provide comparisons with other vendors offering similar services so that you can find the right platform according to your organizational needs. Whichever vendor you choose, know that the Vertice platform is an essential tool for procurement teams looking to optimize their SaaS spend management.

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What Sprinklr can do for you

Sprinklr is a customer experience management (CXM) platform that combines applications for social media monitoring and marketing, content management, employee advocacy and customer service. 

Sprinklr’s platform surveys multiple channels and customer touchpoints in order to trace every digital interaction a customer has with an organization. By collecting vast amounts of data from multiple sources and categorizing that data into easy-to-access repositories, Sprinklr is able to target customers with personalized products and marketing material. Doing so offers greater transparency on customer behavior, improves customer satisfaction and boosts sales performance.

In 2018, Sprinklr added AI capabilities to the platform, automating the process of harvesting and analyzing social media data.

Sprinklr pricing structures and tiers

There are four separate products available on the Sprinklr platform, with customers able to pick and choose which services they require. Those services are:

  • Sprinklr Service:
    • A contact center as a service function that unifies customer service onto one platform, improving productivity and reducing costs by an average of 33%.
  • Sprinklr Social:
    • Manages social media output across brands, teams and geographies.
    • Consistent and scalable social output that mitigates publishing risks.
  • Sprinklr Marketing:
    • Manages all social media channels, unifying organic and paid campaigns from over 30 sources.
  • Sprinklr Insights:
    • An AI tool categorizing customer comments across social media and review sites to an industry-best accuracy score of 90%.
    • Categories for comments include design, packaging, performance and features.

Sprinklr provides access to its Service and Social products via two subscription tiers: Advanced and Enterprise. For Sprinklr Service, the Advanced tier, best-suited for growing teams looking to develop customer service, starts at $249 per user, per month (pppm); for Sprinklr Social, the same tier is priced at $299pppm. 

It might not shock you to learn that Sprinklr withholds Enterprise pricing information online, as well as prices for its Marketing and Insights products. The only way to receive a quote is to arrange a meeting to discuss your company’s needs and the kind of subscription that would support them.

We know that your organization’s time is precious, which is where the Vertice platform acts as an invaluable resource. Our customer purchasing teams work independently of vendors to negotiate contracts our customers wouldn’t otherwise be able to secure. 

With access to extensive purchasing history, we’re able to leverage considerable negotiating power at the table — all in the interest of securing you the bespoke package your company needs, at the right price.

Additional Sprinklr costs to consider

Pricing visibility on Sprinklr pricing is pretty low across the board. For the Advanced Sprinklr Service and Sprinklr Social tiers, prices are fixed per user, so expect to double the amount you pay for every additional seat you add across the entire platform.

Other vendors offering CXM solutions

All organizations are different, which means there isn’t a one-solution-fits-all approach to any SaaS product. This is particularly true when it comes to CXM, with companies taking many different approaches to social media use and interaction. With this in mind, here are some alternative options to Sprinklr. 

Sprinklr pricing v HubSpot

The CXM component of HubSpot is called Operations Hub — a platform that collects, organizes and analyzes customer satisfaction data. The platform is particularly good at locating pressure points in the customer journey, identifying the key reasons behind customer loyalty and brand ambassadorship. 

HubSpot pricing is split into tiers for its CXM platform: the Free tier, which costs nothing but therefore comes with limited capabilities; the Starter tier, where prices start at $18pppm; the Professional tier, where prices start at $702pppm; and the Enterprise tier, which starts at £3,000pppm. All of these tiers are powered by HubSpot’s CRM platform.

The first two tiers are recommended for individual or small-team use, while Professional and Enterprise subscriptions are more appropriate for businesses.

Sprinklr pricing v Tealeaf

Tealeaf is a product from Acoustic that performs behavioral analysis across the entire digital sales lifecycle. One of the platform’s primary benefits is the use of AI to override the manual processing of customer issues and complaints. 

Where Tealeaf’s application of AI is particularly innovative, however, is in the platform’s site and mobile app interactions monitoring. This feature replays customer interactions when the platform identifies instances where customers became confused in the purchasing process, or encountered a bug at a critical stage. 

Tealeaf pricing isn’t available on the Acoustic website, but the company has published an average ROI of 243% for the platform. 

Sprinklr pricing v Medallia

Medallia is a cloud-based CXM platform offering data collection, real-time analytics, personalized reporting, customer recovery and predictive analytics capabilities. Through email surveys, messaging channels, in-app feedback, social media comments, call transcripts and IoT touchpoints, the Medallia platform identifies the specific wants and needs of individuals. 

Medallia price points aren’t published online but customers are able to cherry-pick the solutions they want, divided by Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Contact Center, and Market Research.

Sprinklr pricing – the Vertice verdict

Sprinklr is a comprehensive CXM platform, catering to every facet of the customer service experience. From complex conversational AI chatbots to real-time social media feedback, Sprinklr offers unique insight into the behaviors of all your customers. 

We would recommend the Sprinklr platform — particularly Sprinklr Social and Sprinklr Insights — to any organization that feels it’s underutilizing the treasure trove of customer data generated by social media. These tools will reveal what people truly think of your company and stimulate more effective social output. 

The platform’s other two products, Sprinklr Service and Sprinklr Marketing, will expand customer service capabilities and unify social campaigns across all your channels.    

CXM platforms are coy when it comes to pricing, and you’ll need to contact Sprinklr directly to find a quote for its Enterprise tier. Vertice can help here — our white glove service has been designed with one purpose: to reduce the amount of money and time that organizations spend on their SaaS management

We leverage extensive SaaS purchasing history to negotiate the best deal on your behalf, and our platform makes it easy to manage your stack once it’s live.

Sprinklr pricing FAQs

Sprinklr Company Profile


Sprinklr is the leading enterprise company for all customer facing functions. With advanced AI, Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform helps companies deliver human experiences to every customer, every time, across any modern channel.

New York City, New York
Ragy Thomas

Sprinklr Pricing Insights

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