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Many businesses today rely on SaaS solutions for their day-to-day operations, but the costs of these subscriptions can quickly escalate, creating unnecessary financial burdens. With Vertice’s SaaS purchasing platform, this doesn’t have to be the case. We specialize in negotiating and renegotiating SaaS contracts, such as those for Quality Unit, using industry benchmarks and competitor insights to secure the best deals for our clients. Find out more below.

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Quality Unit Company Profile


QualityUnit specializes in software development of web based products and information systems designed for small to large sized companies. QualityUnit’s products, spanning a wide variety of projects, from small personal websites, to large, full-scale corporate intranets.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Quality Unit Pricing Insights

Pricing Clarity
The Vertice Pricing Clarity Score provides you with insight into how a vendor compares with peers.
Medium Pricing Clarity
Based on Vertice Data
Low Simplicity
Simplicity is rated on how easy and intuitive pricing is to understand.
High Transparency
Transparency is rated on the availability of published pricing structures.
High Parity
Parity is rated on how consistent pricing is across similar customer profiles.
Average Discount
This is calculated by the aggregate price discount that customers pay when compared with list pricing.
medium Discount Possibility
Based on Vertice Data

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