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ADP are a comprehensive global provider of cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions that unite HR, payroll, talent, time, tax and benefits administration, and a leader in business outsourcing services, analytics and compliance expertise.

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Our ADP pricing guide breaks down the different subscription tiers as well as the platform’s features. We’ll also compare it to some alternative vendors. Then, find out how Vertice can secure you the best ADP pricing through direct negotiations based on our pricing benchmarks. 

What ADP can do for you 

ADP is an industry-leading HCM and payroll solution serving businesses of all sizes, from solo companies to multinational enterprises. The company is a payroll innovator, having been supplying solutions since 1949. 

Keeping employees happy and paid on time is a key concern across the board, and ADP helps get the job done. The platform caters to broad organization requirements, providing a scalable option to manage your workforce regardless of the numbers involved. 

RUN powered by ADP is widely regarded as the best entry-level payroll software, making the vendor particularly suitable for SMBs — especially those looking to scale quickly with seamless employee management optimization. On the other end of the spectrum, ADP Workforce Now caters to larger organizations and global enterprises, with dozens of add-ons for more complex and multinational requirements.

Keep reading for a deeper insight into ADP’s features and pricing. 

ADP pricing structures and tiers

Unfortunately, ADP doesn’t publish pricing publicly, and organizations must contact sales for a quote. This is relatively common practice in the SaaS world, it means the vendor retains a competitive edge during contract negotiations

In cases like this, it’s worth considering a procurement partner like Vertice. Our pricing benchmarks give you insight into what other companies are paying for SaaS solutions, which can be used as leverage when negotiating. 

ADP pricing can be loosely segmented based on organization size — here’s a detailed look at the different services available.

ADP pricing – SMBs

RUN Powered by ADP is the core product for small businesses with up to 49 employees. The package has four tiers: 

  • Essential – Aimed at startups and small companies requiring basic payroll capabilities, ADP pricing for the Essential RUN package includes tax filing, direct deposit, Wisely direct debit card support, and multi-company management. HR features are limited to new hire onboarding, employee discounts, and background checks.   
  • Enhanced – The Enhanced ADP pricing plan for RUN adds more advanced payroll features like state unemployment insurance management, job costing, and labor law poster compliance. Businesses can also leverage a ZipRecruiter feature, helping employers find quality candidates by posting to over 100 job boards. 
  • Complete – ADP pricing for the Complete RUN package has full payroll functionality with several notable HR additions. This tier can suit small companies with more complex workforce requirements, as well as medium-sized businesses. Some of the main features include salary benchmarks, HR tracking, HR helpdesk, and an employee handbook wizard.  
  • HR Pro – The HR Pro RUN package includes everything in the previous three tiers but with upgraded HR features. These include an applicant tracking system, learning management system, and sexual harassment prevention training. Businesses can also leverage marketing tools and legal assistance from Upnetic Legal Services.  

RUN Powered by ADP is the core payroll and HR solution for startups and SMBs, but the packages above only scratch the surface — the vendor also has dozens of add-on products to help you get a tailor made plan ticking all the boxes. 

ADP Pricing – Large Businesses and Enterprises 

While RUN powered by ADP is the vendor’s flagship product for startups and SMBs, large businesses and enterprises get a more complex solution – ADP Workforce Now. This all-in-one suite for HR, payroll, and more offers an advanced and scalable platform for more complex requirements. 

ADP pricing here has three tiers: 

  • Select – This plan features complete functionality with enhanced HR tools, payroll and tax solutions, new hire onboarding, digital record keeping, and advanced employee surveys. Select also comes with ADP Assist, a generative AI solution offering automation, analytics, and actionable insights.
  • Plus – The Plus package expands on Select with the notable benefits administration addition. This helps large organizations and enterprises enhance employee satisfaction through streamlined benefits management. 
  • Premium – ADP pricing for the Premium ADP Workforce Now package also includes a comprehensive workforce management solution, exemplifying the vendor’s versatility. This includes employee scheduling, time-off request processing, payroll integration, and comprehensive analytics.  

Large organizations and enterprises may also choose several ADP Workforce Now add-ons to bolster the product’s capabilities. These include: 

  • Talent Acquisition;
  • Performance Management;
  • Compensation Management;
  • HR Assist;
  • Analytics and Enhanced Insights;
  • Learning Management.

Additional ADP costs to consider 

ADP pricing encompasses a vast network of HCM and payroll products. The packages outlined above act as the foundations, but organizations can add dozens of other ADP solutions on top. 

Other example products include:

  • ADP TotalSource;
  • ADP Next Gen HCM;
  • ADP Vantage HCM;
  • ADP Embedded Payroll;
  • ADP Enterprise HR;
  • ADP Comprehensive Services;
  • ADP Comprehensive Outsourcing Services;
  • ADP SmartCompliance;
  • ADP Payroll Tax Registration Services;
  • Wisely by ADP;
  • ADP Celergo;
  • Global Payroll; 
  • ADP GlobalView Payroll;
  • WorkMarket by ADP;
  • Standout Powered by ADP;
  • ADP DataCloud;
  • ADP Mobile Solutions;
  • BrightJump by ADP.

Additionally, organizations can choose from thousands of applications on the ADP Marketplace, the industry’s largest digital storefront. These offer seamless integrations to help you create a unified HR, payroll, and HCM experience. 

ADP pricing is difficult to pin down, so organizations should contact the vendor to get a better sense of the platform’s capabilities and how different add-ons affect the overall price. 

Other vendors offering HCM and payroll solutions 

As part of a strong SaaS procurement process, comparing different vendors is vital if you want to get the ideal solution at a price that works for your budget. Check below for three popular ADP alternatives.

ADP pricing vs Gusto 

Gusto pricing is aimed at small businesses, with the vendor focusing on delivering a user-friendly and cost-effective payroll experience. 

Pricing tiers are as follows: 

  • Simple – $40/month (plus $6/month per person);
  • Plus – $60/month (plus $9/month per person);
  • Premium – contact sales.

Customer stories suggest Gusto is cheaper than RUN Powered by ADP, but there are far fewer potential add-ons. This could pose a problem for businesses scaling quickly, although it also makes the pricing structure easier to estimate. 

ADP pricing vs Rippling 

Rippling pricing involves three core products — HR Cloud, IT Cloud, and Finance Cloud. Organizations can blend these capabilities under Rippling Unity, a unified platform for HCM, payroll, and general work management. 

The platform comes in four tiers: 

  • Core;
  • Pro;
  • Unlimited;
  • Enterprise. 

Ultimately, Rippling cannot match ADP’s vast product selection, especially for enterprises. The vendor is best suited to SMBs, where it can be a more cost-effective and intuitive option for payroll, HCM, and work management under one unified umbrella. 

ADP pricing vs Workday

Workday pricing is aimed predominantly at large businesses and global enterprises, offering highly scalable solutions for HCM, payroll, and work management. 

Customer stories indicate that the vendor is a pricier alternative to ADP and can be more complex to implement. On the other hand, Workday offers more in-depth reporting and is generally regarded as a more modern and customizable platform. 

ADP pricing – the Vertice verdict 

ADP pricing’s versatility is a key vendor strength, and there are many options for businesses of all sizes. RUN Powered by ADP is one of the best payroll and HCM options for small companies, while ADP Workforce Now is a powerful solution for enterprises. 

Additionally, ADP’s long history and proven track record provides stability and expertise that most newer alternatives cannot match. 

Competitors like Gusto and Rippling for SMBs and Workday for enterprises can offer more user-friendly or advanced features, but ADP offers more malleable subscriptions — especially with the add-ons and other products. 

Partnering with Vertice can further enhance this aspect of ADP pricing. As well as offering strategic negotiations based on our pricing benchmarks, our customer purchasing teams are highly experienced at working with vendors to develop a tailor-made subscription that’s perfect for your organization’s specific requirements. 

On top, our SaaS Purchasing Platform offers granular reporting for complete visibility across your software stack, helping to optimize licensing and spend while eliminating shadow IT and wasteful usage. Get in touch to see how we can help.


Pricing FAQs

Is it worth paying for ADP?

ADP pricing is extremely flexible, with various add-ons and product packages. Choose the right blend and choosing the vendor can certainly be worth it, especially compared to competitors.

Can I use ADP for free?

No, ADP does not offer a free tier for its solutions. However, you can get demos of most products to see how they fit your needs.

What are the subscription options for ADP?

ADP pricing is difficult to accurately estimate due to the numerous products available. You can find information on the RUN Powered by ADP and ADP Workforce Now products further up the page.

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