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Guy Evans | April 26, 2024

Vertice’s customer purchasing teams offer businesses more control during SaaS subscription negotiations. Then, with the Vertice platform, your organization can save up to 30% on its SaaS spend.

Vertice’s Workday pricing guide sheds light on the platform and its features from a customer-centric position. We work independently of software suppliers, promoting solutions only in the interest of aiding our customers. After an explanation of Workday’s capabilities, this guide will offer three alternative vendors that might better suit your organizational needs. And with the support of the Vertice platform, your business can enjoy significant cost and time savings while achieving optimal SaaS implementation.

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What Workday can do for you

Workday is an integrated platform of cloud applications unifying finance, human resources and lifecycle management workflows. 

This pricing guide will focus primarily on Workday’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, called the Enterprise Management Cloud Platform, but the company has many other products that support business functions in multiple industries. 

The Enterprise Management Cloud Platform offers a single, actionable view of your organization’s people and finances, providing insights, assisting collaboration and facilitating next steps. Designed to overhaul rigid, expensive and inconvenient legacy systems, Workday’s platform allows companies to manage people and money with speed and adaptability. 

Like all functioning cloud services, the platform is continuously updated to provide users with access to current innovations. By ensuring that every user is running on the same and latest version, the platform supports scalability projects, adapting to changes such as security protocols and compliance regulations. 

The platform’s intelligent data core brings together information from employees, finances and operations to give a 360-degree view of your organization, subsequently converting this data into critical business insights.

For business functions like accounting, Workday ties data together from different divisions, platforms and systems to deliver a single consolidated view of business processes. Users are then able to streamline reporting, data management, auditing, and compliance processes across the entire department. 

And when things change, the platform is agile enough to make flexible modifications with configurable frameworks, allowing businesses to constantly adapt and innovate. Part of this agility stems from Workday’s integrations with thousands of other applications, creating a modern multi-cloud infrastructure with broad capabilities.

Workday’s other products target finance, HR and operations teams. We’ll briefly summarize what’s on offer in these areas below. 


Workday’s finance solutions drive innovation, cut costs, and allow teams to make smarter decisions at pace. The vendor divides its. products into the following categories: Financial Management, Spend Management, Financial Planning, Analytics & Reporting and Payroll. For more information on these products visit Workday’s Finance Solutions.


Ten Workday products target HR processes, all designed to empower employees and prepare them for the changing world of work. Solutions such as Employee Experience and Employee Voice are designed to improve everyday experiences, but most Workday’s HR products are for managerial use. 


Workday has three Operations solutions: Professional Services Automation, Supply Chain Management for Healthcare and Student Management. These solutions have been created to improve operational agility and meet multiple industries’ specific needs.

Workday pricing structures and tiers

Workday pricing isn’t available online, with customers invited to contact the sales team to discuss their organization’s needs. This is a common theme in the SaaS industry, where vendors aim to upsell platform features and other products during discussions. 

But the Vertice model disrupts this dynamic. Our customer purchasing teams have unparalleled access to SaaS purchasing insights from previous vendor deals, including the amounts other companies have paid for the same subscriptions. 

This information affords prospective buyers unprecedented leverage during negotiations that our teams will wield on your behalf. We have no ulterior motive here — we simply wish to end the trope of overpaid, underutilized SaaS contracts, and to help businesses optimize their assets.

Additional Workday costs to consider

Since Workday costs aren’t published online, it’s not immediately obvious whether there are any additional fees to consider within your subscription. Standard examples of extra charges include additional seat capacity, additional platform add-ons and special integrations. 

But one thing is certain: if you employ Vertice to negotiate contracts on your behalf, there won’t be any surprise cost incursions during the duration of your contract.

Other vendors offering ERP solutions

Some ERP solutions will suit certain businesses more than others depending on the targeted business functions. That’s no problem for us here at Vertice — whichever solution you need, we’ll help you secure the right deal. With this in mind, here are three alternative options to Workday’s ERP platform. 

Workday pricing vs Oracle

Oracle’s ERP solution is also cloud-based, managing a range of enterprise functions, including accounting, financial management, project management and procurement. Customers can adopt new business models and processes quickly, helping them reduce costs, sharpen forecasts and innovate at speed. 

Like Workday, Oracle also hides its pricing online, inviting new customers to contact its sales team. 

Workday pricing vs SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors’ ERP platform is the catchily named S/4HANA, a solution that specializes in human capital management (HCM) and can support a range of business needs — whether that’s driving new working models, scaling your organization, or even incorporating sustainability practices into existing workflows.

SAP S/4HANA customers can choose to start afresh with their ERP deployment, or migrate their existing system into a tailor-made cloud solution. 

SAP also does not publish any pricing points and tier structures for this platform online.

Workday pricing vs UKG

UKG’s platform specifically targets human resources and is classified as an HCM solution, covering service delivery, operations, scheduling, reporting, analytics and more. These products aim to drive engagement and improve performance across the entire enterprise. 

Like the other three solutions mentioned here, UKG pricing is unavailable online – click on the link for our own detailed guide.

Workday pricing — the Vertice verdict

As your organization grows, it becomes harder to effectively manage both financial and human resources. The legacy systems of old are simply no longer fit for purpose: rigid, expensive to run and awkward to manage, these solutions have been replaced by agile cloud-based platforms such as Workday. 

Workday users can pool huge data repositories, convert this information into actionable insights, and deliver innovations across the whole enterprise. For finance, HR and operations teams, ERP solutions like Workday integrate seamlessly with multi-cloud infrastructures at modern organizations. 

Workday is undoubtedly a leading ERP developer, but it’s difficult to position the platform accurately alongside its competitors when pricing visibility is poor across the board. For decades, this practice of pricing obfuscation has been a constant source of frustration for IT and procurement operations, but Vertice’s approach to contract negotiations is leading a quiet revolution in the SaaS industry. 

We’ll negotiate subscription contracts on your behalf, using market intelligence from previous vendor sales to make sure our clients are never being taken advantage of. Our own platform then enables teams to leverage effective SaaS management tactics, optimizing their features and making suggestions on how these services can be improved. 

For more information on how Vertice’s SaaS Purchasing platform can help your business, click on the link and get in touch.

Workday pricing FAQs

Workday Company Profile


Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance, HR, and planning.

Pleasanton, California
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