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Access optimized CrowdStrike pricing via the Vertice platform. We leverage pricing benchmarks to get the upper hand during contract negotiations. This CrowdStrike pricing guide explores the endpoint detection and response (EDR) platform, analyzing its cloud security tools and other next-gen cybersecurity features. We’ll also compare the service with other vendors and explain how Vertice can unlock the best price.

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CrowdStrike, a global cybersecurity leader, has redefined modern security with one of the world's most advanced cloud-native platforms for protecting critical areas of enterprise risk - endpoints and cloud workloads, identity and data.

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What CrowdStrike can do for you

CrowdStrike is an industry-leading cybersecurity vendor offering top-spec EDR and cloud security solutions via the cloud-native Falcon platform. Straightforward out-of-the-box deployment and dynamic scalability make CrowdStrike suitable for boutique businesses, large enterprises, and everything in between. The CrowdStrike price unlocks a unified service powered by a “single lightweight agent” to simplify security management and provide consistent protection across an organization’s entire IT infrastructure – even data centers, virtual machines, and offline endpoints. This makes it a particularly appealing choice for complex hybrid cloud environments. The vendor outlines three main areas where the next-gen endpoint detection and response (XDE) platform helps to secure IT infrastructure, particularly endpoints and cloud workloads:

  • Prepare – CrowdStrike provides virtual training exercises to help security teams prepare and respond to targeted attacks within your organization’s IT and cloud environment. The vendor also offers SEC readiness services, adversary emulation exercises, and penetration testing.
  • Respond – The CrowdStrike price includes a pioneering incident response solution, combining powerful AI and the expert CrowdStrike Intelligence team to efficiently contain security incidents. The Endpoint Recovery service can then quickly move to prevent subsequent attacks, remove memory-resident malware, and continuously monitor for novel attack techniques.
  • Fortify – CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform consistently assesses cybersecurity maturity, technical risk, and Security Operations Center (SOC) operations, providing a proactive barrier against potential gaps in security infrastructure.  

CrowdStrike pricing can also include SIEM and log management, identity protection, managed security solutions, and seamless integrations with trusted cybersecurity partners like Trimarc and Dragos.

CrowdStrike pricing structures and tiers

The CrowdStrike pricing structure is broken into five tiers (Falcon Go, Falcon Pro, Falcon Enterprise, Falcon Elite, and Falcon Complete MDR) granting welcome versatility depending on your specific requirements. The vendor also provides an additional Falcon Flex tier, a highly scalable custom plan that can be a particularly cost-effective option. We’ll run you through the subscription plans and their approximate prices below:

Crowdstrike pricing – Falcon Go Annual

Price: $59.99 (maximum 100 devices)

Falcon Go is an ideal Crowdstrike pricing plan for small businesses, offering next-gen antivirus solutions and granular control for up to 100 devices. Annual pricing is $59.99 per year – an extremely affordable way to get to grips with advanced cybersecurity software. Falcon Go is essentially a beefed-up antivirus platform with USB device control. Even still, it’s a solid entry point for small businesses with less complex IT environments. As with all plans, you can access a free Falcon Go subscription for the first 15 days.

CrowdStrike pricing – Falcon ProAnnual

Price: $99.99 per device

Falcon Pro builds on the Falcon Go foundations, adding more advanced antivirus and threat intelligence for deeper insights into your IT and cloud environment. Available from $99.99 per device annually, this CrowdStrike pricing plan includes additional features like firewall management and the Falcon Threat Intelligence solution. It’s a comprehensive service for small businesses in more sensitive industries or larger companies building their cybersecurity foundations.

CrowdStrike pricing – Falcon Enterprise Annual

Price: $184.99 per device

Falcon Enterprise is the first CrowdStrike pricing tier to include a unified security tool spanning antivirus, EDR, XDR, managed threat hunting, and integrated threat intelligence. It’s available for $184.99 annually per device, and is aimed at larger and more complex security landscapes.

Falcon Overwatch is one of the most pertinent selling points, a 24/7 proactive threat hunting service leveraging sophisticated AI alongside an around-the-clock team of cybersecurity experts. This extra layer of security is available from Falcon Enterprise upwards, demonstrating how far the vendor goes to establish watertight security posture across an organization’s cloud and IT environments.

CrowdStrike pricing – Falcon Elite Annual

Price: Contact sales for pricing

Falcon Elite is priced per quote, so this is where software procurement negotiation tactics may come into play. The CrowdStrike cost for this tier will likely only suit larger enterprises, but the tradeoff is truly 360º cybersecurity solutions with additional Falcon Identity Protection and an advanced IT hygiene solution to increase overall security posture.  

CrowdStrike pricing – Falcon Complete MDR Annual

Pricing: contact sales for pricing

Falcon Complete MDR is essentially a fully managed CrowdStrike pricing plan, incorporating the vendor’s full range of capabilities and supercharging the various cybersecurity tools with hands-on involvement by the 24/7 team of Falcon security experts. This tier is aimed particularly at large enterprises rapidly outgrowing their pre-existing security teams. CrowdStrike’s more hands-on approach can free up resources for other workflows.

CrowdStrike pricing – Falcon Flex Annual

Pricing: contact sales for pricing

Falcon Flex is hidden away in the CrowdStrike pricing overview. This could be the most cost-effective option, especially for organizations scaling quickly or with fluctuating security concerns. Pricing is available quote-by-quote, so make sure you understand your security needs before getting in contact. The Vertice platform can help you optimally leverage Falcon Flex’s customizability by visualizing your cloud environment to pinpoint exactly the type of security solutions you require.

Additional CrowdStrike costs to consider

The main area to consider additional CrowdStrike costs is the number of devices your business requires, as this will increase the price. Some plans also have a few potential add-ons, namely Falcon Insight XDR for the Falcon Enterprise and Elite tiers. Other than this, consider the importance of negotiation for the Falcon Elite, Complete MDR, and Flex packages. This is another area where Vertice can lend an indispensable hand. We negotiate directly with vendors using our insights into what other companies are paying for the same services. Consequently, we’re generally able to access a better price and secure it for our customers.

Other vendors offering Cybersecurity as a Service

CrowdStrike provides industry-leading next-gen solutions focusing on endpoint and cloud security, but the Falcon platform can no longer be pigeon-holed into just these boxes alone. Here are three other vendors offering similarly broad Cybersecurity as a Service:

CrowdStrike pricing vs Sentinel

One SentinelOne pricing provides the closest alternative to CrowdStrike, leveraging patented behavioral AI to provide “military-grade” prevention, detection, and response. The vendor has a larger focus on endpoint security and automation, but cloud security takes more of a backseat than CrowdStrike. Organizations can access five packages:

  • Singularity Core – $69.99 (per endpoint)
  • Singularity Control – $79.99 (per endpoint)
  • Singularity Complete – $159.99 (per endpoint)
  • Singularity Commercial – $209.99 (per endpoint)
  • Singularity Enterprise – Pricing on request

SentinelOne prices are more or less on par with CrowdStrike. However, the latter includes additional functionality, better all-round cloud security, and potentially indispensable input from human cybersecurity experts.  

CrowdStrike pricing vs Trellix

Trellix pricing is only available per-quote. The vendor starts where McAfee Enterprise left off, offering XDR and EDR solutions alongside email, data, and wider network security. Its scope can reach further than CrowdStrike, although there is less emphasis on cloud-native flexibility and scalability. Customer stories suggest Trellix might be a more cost-effective option, but it ultimately falls short of the endpoint security-focussed solutions offered by CrowdStrike’s next-gen Falcon platform.

CrowdStrike pricing vs Check Point

Check Point pricing responds to a considerable number of variables, especially for hybrid cloud environments. The vendor isn’t as cloud-focused as CrowdStrike, generally mixing its widespread network security architecture between on-premise and cloud deployment. Large organizations with complex IT environments looking for an all-encompassing security tool might prefer Check Point, although this comes with a few caveats. Deployment is more complex than CrowdStrike, and individual security modules (particularly EDR and XDR) are far less advanced. Overall, CrowdStrike is the more modern and agile option for endpoint and cloud security, but it’s generally more expensive.

CrowdStrike pricing – the Vertice verdict

CrowdStrike is an extremely powerful cybersecurity solution specializing in next-gen cloud and endpoint security. The vendor scores #1 for G2 on User Satisfaction, Ease of Setup, Deployment, and Likelihood to Recommend, demonstrating its top-spec functionality and streamlined user experience. CrowdStrike pricing can get expensive, but it’s largely justified by the comprehensive and holistic cybersecurity solutions. This is also where the Vertice platform can help you procure at the best price. Our data suggests there is a medium discount possibility when negotiating a CrowdStrike subscription. Let us use our unique pricing benchmarks to negotiate directly and secure the optimal pricing plan for your requirements. The Vertice platform also helps you manage your SaaS stack, a particularly helpful tool for the Falcon Flex plan. Get in touch today to start saving.


Pricing FAQs

Is it worth paying for CrowdStrike?

The answer to this question ultimately depends on your business needs. We certainly believe CrowdStrike is worth paying for if you can take full advantage of the robust endpoint and cloud security solutions.

Can I use CrowdStrike for free?

No free CrowdStrike plan exists, but businesses can access a 15-day free trial.

What are the subscription options for CrowdStrike?

CrowdStrike has five standard subscription tiers (Falcon Go, Falcon Pro, Falcon Enterprise, Falcon Elite, and Falcon Complete MDR) alongside a Falcon Flex option.

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