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James Langley | March 19, 2024

Our Genesys pricing guide breaks down the different tiers and subscription costs, giving you greater clarity. Compare Genesys pricing against alternative vendors, and find out how leveraging the Vertice platform could help you save money and optimize your SaaS procurement workflow.

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What Genesys can do for you

Genesys is a cloud contact center SaaS vendor that can address a wide range of needs within customer experience (CX) for medium and large businesses. Its primary offering is Genesys Cloud, a contact center solution for voice and digital channels. Features include inbound and outbound capabilities, interactive voice response (IVR), and intelligent routing. 

Alongside this core functionality, Genesys Cloud offers multiple other benefits:

  • Artificial intelligence and automation can boost productivity by allowing customers to self-serve. Predictive routing can be used to match customers with employees best-suited to resolve their queries, with AI providing real-time assistance to improve interaction quality.
  • Journey management tools allow your business to measure and optimize the customer experience in line with target KPIs. 
  • Workforce engagement and satisfaction can be improved through features such as performance management, gamification, and flexible scheduling.
  • The solution runs on cloud architecture, minimizing tech footprint and debt. Pre-built integrations can be enabled in a few clicks via the AppFoundry Marketplace, while the open API platform facilitates bespoke connection with your existing tech stack.

Genesys pricing structures and tiers

Genesys offers five different tiers of its CCaaS solution. Capabilities are split into Voice, Digital, and Workforce Engagement Management (WEM), and each subscription tier provides a mixture of these capabilities. 

The Genesys pricing shown below is per named user per month, although subscriptions are billed annually. Customers may also opt for by-the-hour or concurrent user pricing.

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Genesys pricing – Cloud 1 Voice 

Cost per user per month: $75

The cheapest tier of Genesys Cloud delivers all the essentials for handling customer calls, such as inbound, outbound, or blended capabilities plus comprehensive routing configurations. 

Other features include callback options and interactive voice response (IVR), an intuitive drag-and-drop tool for managing your voice call flows, and the ability to record calls in high quality for compliance purposes.

Genesys also offers extensibility with third-party apps and services via an open API and the AppFoundry Marketplace, so you can integrate your contact center with other solutions such as CRM. 

Genesys pricing – Cloud 2 Digital

Cost per user per month: $95

The Genesys Cloud Digital package offers a range of functionality across email, web chat, messaging apps, SMS, and more. Employees can easily manage multiple concurrent interactions via an optimized workspace, and quality management is baked in to make evaluation of interactions quick and easy. Just like the Voice solution, integration with external services is available via the API.

Genesys pricing – Cloud 2 Digital + Voice

Cost per user per month: $115

Essentially the middle tier, Genesys Cloud 2 gives users full functionality across every channel. You get access to all the features from Cloud 1 Voice and Cloud 2 Digital, and can connect interactions between channels.

Advanced analytics and reporting across channels can be done from within one tool, providing holistic oversight of the full customer experience. The fair use policy is also increased — that means more voice transcription and IVR minutes, increased API requests, and greater data storage so you’re less likely to be hit with overage charges.

Genesys pricing – Cloud 3 Digital + WEM

Cost per user per month: $135

Genesys Cloud 3 throws workforce engagement management (WEM) into the mix, adding a suite of features to enhance the experience for your employees. Tools include an activity dashboard with leaderboards and KPI tracking, AI-powered scheduling and forecasting capabilities, and gamification to drive improved employee performance. In addition, Cloud 3 is subject to the maximum fair use policy, giving you plenty of headroom.

Genesys pricing – Cloud 3 Digital + WEM + Voice

Cost per user per month: $155

Need a truly comprehensive solution? The most expensive subscription tier of Genesys Cloud includes all the voice and digital features of Cloud 1 and Cloud 2, plus the WEM capabilities of Cloud 3.

Additional Genesys costs to consider

Although its subscription tiers are for the most part comprehensive, Genesys does charge an additional cost for certain services. 

AI Experience

Add artificial intelligence capabilities to your voice and digital channels, including chat bots, predictive guidance tools, and routing automation from $40 per month.   


Get access to Genesys’s end-to-end journey management software, which lets users combine data from thousands of interactions across all channels and analyze the experience at an individual customer level. 

Genesys Cloud EX

Improve workforce engagement with a suite of tools including scheduling, gamification, and training to help you manage resources, quality, and performance, from $90 per month.

Other vendors offering Contact Center as a Service

Identifying the best tool for the job is integral to an effective procurement process. Wondering how Genesys stacks up against the competition? Check out our comparison of Genesys pricing against three alternative vendors below.

Genesys pricing vs Talkdesk

On the whole, Talkdesk pricing is pretty comparable to Genesys. There are voice or digital-only tiers for $85 per user per month, omnichannel for $115 per month, and an ‘elite’ level that includes improved reporting and workforce management tools for $145 per month.

Customers can also opt for an Experience Cloud, tailoring the solution to their industry through specific features and integrations. There’s a strong degree of flexibility with Talkdesk thanks to a substantial number of add-on packages and additional products.

Genesys pricing vs Five9

An apples-to-apples comparison between Genesys and Five9 pricing isn’t as easy to make as Five9’s plans are charged per concurrent user. They may look more expensive — the digital- and voice-only tiers are $175 per month, scaling up to $325 for access to digital, voice, WEM, and analytics.

In reality, things may work out cheaper if employees working at different times can share licenses. That said, Five9 offers flexible pricing to suit your business’s needs and can also be purchased on a per-seat basis.

Genesys pricing vs Avaya

Avaya pricing is substantially lower than Genesys’s setup. The service may be better-suited to businesses with a digital-first contact center — this subscription tier is just $35 per user per month compared to $75 for the Genesys equivalent.

The voice features of Genesys are more robust, albeit with a slightly higher price tag than Avaya’s $60 per user per month. Avaya’s blended tier is $89 and includes WEM capabilities on top. Both solutions are highly flexible and extensible.

Genesys pricing – the Vertice verdict

Ultimately, Genesys is a comprehensive solution for your contact center and CX needs. It’s particularly well-placed to address voice requirements and this is the cheapest tier of its pricing structure, although its digital channel capabilities are more than up to the task as well. 

As far as cost goes, Genesys is roughly on par with its competitors. Its plans offer simple and transparent pricing, although the additional expense for AI Experience may give some alternative vendors an edge. In any case, flexible pricing is available if you have more specific requirements.

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Genesys pricing FAQs

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With Genesys, organizations have the power to deliver proactive, predictive, and hyper personalized experiences to deepen their customer connection across every marketing, sales, and service moment on any channel, while also improving employee productivity and engagement. By transforming back-office technology to a modern revenue velocity engine Genesys enables true intimacy at scale to foster customer trust and loyalty.

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