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Marko Marincic | March 20, 2024

The Vertice platform enables efficient SaaS procurement management and the best Riskified pricing by leveraging unique cost insights from our database. 

This Riskified pricing guide outlines the pay-as-you-go model and the main variables for anticipating costs. Learn the advantages of the advanced AI-powered fraud detection application and compare Riskified pricing with similar vendors. The Vertice platform optimizes your SaaS procurement to secure the lowest price – get all the information below.

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What Riskified can do for you

Riskified is a fraud prevention vendor using advanced AI models and machine learning algorithms to provide frictionless support designed to maximize revenue with a 100% chargeback guarantee. The scalable platform suits smaller businesses alongside larger companies, offering streamlined integration with Shopify and other ecommerce leaders. 

Merchants benefit from five primary solutions within the end-to-end fraud prevention and risk management service: 

  • Chargeback Guarantee – Leverage guaranteed chargeback protection with no additional costs. The Riskified price includes advanced machine learning (ML) to optimize fraudulent chargeback prevention. 
  • Dispute Resolve – Manage and track chargebacks in one system, delivering an efficient approach to chargeback operations. This includes automated chargeback dispute submissions with optional manual control using the built-in editor.
  • Policy Protect – Understand the true identities behind refund claims to single out system abusers and reward loyal customers. Policy Protect also detects bots and fake accounts to protect stock and revenue from unauthorized resellers. 
  • Account Secure – Protect from Account Takeover Fraud (ATO) with the Account Secure service. Riskified uses machine learning models to compare current and past behavior by an account owner, optimizing ATO attempt prevention without spoiling genuine user experiences.
  • PSD2 (Payment Services Directive Two) Optimize – Comply with PSD2 regulations without compromising a seamless payment experience. Businesses get valuable data on transaction risk analysis exemption flows, authorization rates, and other PSD2 performance parameters.

Riskified pricing structures and tiers 

The Riskified pricing structure responds to online sales volumes, industry niche, and your unique risk profile. It notably doesn’t charge setup fees or monthly commitments, operating on a pay-as-you-go model starting from 0.4% per transaction. 

Negotiation is key – the Riskified cost responds to several variables, so there are opportunities to broker a cheaper pricing structure. 

The Vertice platform leverages market data to calculate precise pricing benchmarks, while our white glove service handles negotiations directly to help you procure subscriptions at the best price. Our investigations show that Riskified pricing has a relatively high 69/100 parity score, generating a medium discount possibility. 

Considering the elements that affect the percentage-per-order rate is crucial to understanding how much the vendor may charge your business. Key variables include: 

  • Niche – Riskified pricing fluctuates depending on your industry niche. For example, ecommerce merchants in the luxury goods sector might pay more than businesses operating in the sportswear niche. 
  • Scalability – Riskified’s percentage-per-order cost model means merchant customers scaling their business will naturally pay more in monthly costs than those with fewer transactions. On the other hand, the vendor may offer a reduced percentage fee to merchants who can demonstrate a capacity to quickly grow their operations.
  • Negotiation – SaaS procurement relies heavily on negotiation tactics, especially for Riskified and other vendors using flexible pricing structures. Vertice helps you navigate this with our insights into what other businesses are paying. We use this information as leverage to obtain discounts and provide a better price for customers on our platform.

Additional Riskified costs to consider

Riskified pricing doesn’t involve any typical add-ons, but the percentage-per-order model will create rising costs as sales increase, so this could feel equivalent. 

The tradeoff is the capacity to seamlessly scale your revenue without worrying about upgrading a payment plan. This can cause problems with more conventional tiered services, so Riskified’s pay-as-you-go approach will particularly suit ecommerce businesses looking to expand quickly. 

Additionally, we’ve heard some genuine transactions can be listed as fraudulent and can amount to a cost, particularly at the beginning while Riskified’s AI models learn your specific customer habits. The vendor’s advanced machine learning doesn’t take long to get acquainted, so this shouldn’t pose a huge cost long-term. 

The Vertice platform provides dynamic insights on your SaaS stack spending – a practical way to forecast and keep up-to-date with Riskified cost further down the line.

Other vendors offering ecommerce fraud protection and risk management

Selecting the optimal fraud prevention tool is vital. Each vendor has benefits that suit specific business variables, so dedicated research is indispensable. Learn how Riskified pricing compares with three alternative SaaS vendors below. We’ll highlight the primary advantages and disadvantages to help you maximize your procurement success. 

Riskified pricing vs Forter  

Forter pricing has a similarly flexible pay-as-you-go structure to Riskified. Our data shows a 59/100 parity score for Forter, so costs are slightly less consistent than Riskified’s 69. Additionally, Forter offers a 90-day performance guarantee, but Riskified has the better approach with its ongoing 100% chargeback guarantee. 

Splitting these AI-driven fraud prevention tools is difficult as both offer similarly comprehensive services. Forter advertises a 72% chargeback rate reduction and false declines by 46%. Riskified has reduced chargebacks by 84% working with Forever New, but customer stories point to a slightly higher rate of false declines. 

Comparing Riskified and Forter customers can illuminate how each tool responds to ecommerce markets. The former notably works with Prada, suggesting its 100% chargeback guarantee can pay particular dividends in the luxury commodity sector. 

Meanwhile, Forter works with lower-tier high-capacity brands like ASOS and Shein, perhaps pointing to its greater efficiency. Riskified pricing may work better for merchants specializing in higher-value commodities. Its granular approach also offers more control than Forter when manually processing chargeback disputes. 

Riskified pricing vs Kount 

Kount pricing is also fully customizable, but businesses may appreciate the three clear tiers more than Riskified pricing’s formless approach: 

  • Essentials – Available for “select ecommerce marketplaces” and includes basic fraud prevention and chargeback measures with no long-term contractual obligations or monthly minimums. 
  • Advanced – Offers a full solution for pre-authorisation payment risks, complete customization, and unlimited users. Customers also receive standard integration, onboarding, and account support. 
  • Enterprise – Similar to the Advanced plan but with “advanced account support” including a dedicated manager and personalized suggestions. 

The Essentials tier can suit small ecommerce businesses looking to spend very little on anti-fraud measures at the cheapest price, particularly those without the need for Riskified’s all-inclusive service. 

Kount also advertises a Custom pricing structure with more scope for add-ons and bundle discounts. This could be attractive for businesses wanting more modular pricing, although the Riskified price bundles everything together, providing a more streamlined approach to end-to-end fraud prevention. The more flexible payment model also leads to seamless scalability in the long run. 

Riskified pricing vs Signifyd

Signifyd pricing includes a 100% chargeback guarantee similar to Riskified, so you won’t be liable for any fraudulent transactions approved by its AI-powered algorithms. The vendor uses a sales-based pricing structure starting at $500 per month for businesses with under $10 million in sales revenue. 

Per the Signifyd website: “exact pricing is determined through an assessment of current operating expenses, chargeback losses and order declines”. So it’s close to Riskified pricing in this regard. 

That being said, the Riskified cost can start from as little as 0.4% per transaction, offering greater value for money for smaller businesses. It also includes a dedicated account manager – not the case with Signifyd, where additional add-ons cost extra.

Riskified pricing – the Vertice verdict

Riskified provides a holistic fraud prevention strategy underpinned by AI and machine learning to deliver an efficient and scalable service. The service boasts above-average statistics – the 84% chargeback prevention for Forever New being a particular highlight – creating an attractive fraud prevention package that could be a tidy addition to your ecommerce SaaS stack. 

Aside from the robust machine learning algorithms fed by millions of daily transactions, 100% chargeback guarantee, and flexible automation controls, Riskified pricing also delivers potentially advantageous scalability with its percentage-per-order model. Just consider that the lack of a tiered service can make total costs hard to pin down, suiting flexible budget structures more than fixed accounting.

The Vertice platform provides valuable insights into what vendors are charging their customers, giving vital leverage to help us negotiate the best price. But it’s not just initial Riskified pricing and procurement we can help with. Our service can unify your SaaS and cloud stacks to promote greater visibility, leading to reduced spend, risk, and software sprawl across your IT and cloud environments.

Riskified pricing FAQs

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Riskified is on a mission to empower businesses to realize the full potential of eCommerce by making it safe, accessible, and frictionless. It has built a next-generation platform that allows online merchants to create trusted relationships with their consumers.

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Riskified Pricing Insights

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