Braze pricing: How much does it cost?

Your options for obtaining pricing information and securing a discount

Aimee Manning | MAR 09, 2023

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As one of the more popular customer engagement platforms on the market with a G2 rating of 4.5, it should come as no surprise that Braze is used by companies such as HBO Max, Skyscanner and Burger King to target and build customer relationships across multiple channels.

But while it’s reassuring to know you’ll be in good company by adding Braze to your SaaS portfolio, you may still be left with one question — how much will it cost?

In this article, we’ll not only discuss how you can find out the price of Braze, but we’ll also outline proven ways you can secure a discount on your subscription.

How much does Braze cost? 

While Braze’s website doesn’t give much away in terms of pricing, there are still a number of other ways you can gain insight into what you can expect to pay for the tool.

First off, you can request a direct quote from Braze itself by getting in touch with the sales team and having a discussion about your business’ needs. At this stage, you’ll likely be offered a product demonstration to help provide some practical understanding of Braze’s advanced suite of engagement tools.

If, however, you aren’t ready to enter into a sales conversation just yet, there are a couple of alternative options for obtaining the necessary pricing information.

How to find out Braze’s pricing without requesting a quote

One way to find out more about the Braze pricing model is to search third-party forums online and gather information about what other buyers claim to be paying.

For example, this article by OneSignal explains that Braze charges based on each organization’s onboarding plan, the number of users logging sessions, and the count of data points. It also suggests that Braze offers no free iteration of the software.

Elsewhere, Capterra reviews of Braze in comparison to other customer engagement platforms claims that the floor pricing — generally speaking, the lowest price offered for a given product — is €60,000 per subscription term, translating to around $65,000.

Braze Pricing

And just to complicate matters further, various articles from Pushwoosh and Bruce Harpham throw around the figure of $100,000 a year, which seems to be the going rate for the service according to hearsay.

So, if these sources are anything to go by, the yearly price that you can expect to pay for Braze is somewhere north of $60,000. But it’s hard to ignore the disparity between these touted figures — and the issue with sourcing this information from fragmented online sources is that you can receive contradictory, outdated, and unreliable insights.

The pricing transparency problem

This illustrates the broader issue of pricing transparency in SaaS procurement. Research from OpenView suggests that just 45% of SaaS vendors publish their pricing online, creating a challenging purchasing environment for buyers looking to add new tools to their company SaaS stack.

So, what’s the solution?

In short, Vertice. With access to the pricing points and transactional data for thousands of global SaaS vendors, including Braze, we can provide you with invaluable SaaS pricing intel that can be used as leverage in negotiations. Intel such as how much other companies are paying for their subscriptions.

How to negotiate your Braze subscription

Whether or not you secure a discounted price on your SaaS purchase comes down to your negotiation strategy. Our data shows that 90% of companies overspend on their SaaS by up to 20-30% — the truth is, there’s nearly always a deal to be had, you just need to know the software negotiation strategies needed to drive a bargain. Here are our top recommendations:

Subscribe to a multi-year contract

Signing up for a multi-year agreement can prompt discounted offers from software vendors. Our data shows that suppliers will generally increase the discount attached to their contracts by an extra 5% for each additional year that a buyer commits to. So, if the typical annual discount is 20%, you could secure a 25% discount for a two-year agreement, and up to 30% for a three-year plan.

The caveat here is that you need to be confident that you’ll still have a need for the tool further down the line, as it can be difficult and expensive to terminate a contract early if the product is no longer the right fit. So, if Braze is set to be a permanent fixture of your SaaS stack, a multi-year contract could work to your advantage.

Use shuttle diplomacy

The use of an intermediary between your business and the vendor — a tactic known as shuttle diplomacy — can be a productive tool in software negotiations. This is because a mediator can help to create a sense of impartiality that will facilitate discussions that both you and your vendor can walk away happy from.

But that’s not the only benefit though. A third party can act as a go-between to communicate proposals for either side, stipulate details that have gone overlooked, or pass on other information without the purchasing party needing to be directly involved in conversation with the supplier.

The best mediators typically have experience and expertise in the given field of software negotiations, helping the deal to pass through as efficiently as it can, all the while saving you a substantial amount of time and effort. .

Secure the best Braze price with Vertice

At Vertice, we negotiate on your behalf and help you effectively manage your entire software portfolio. We secure best-in-class software deals for our clients all over the world, drawing on expert knowledge of the SaaS industry and extensive negotiation experience.

It can be challenging to walk into negotiations blindly and feel like you lack the necessary leverage to secure the best contract terms, but with access to over 13,000 vendor price points, Vertice can handle the sales process for you and take the stress out of software procurement.

Learn more about how we work or the benefits of using a tech-enabled SaaS purchasing solution. Alternatively, see for yourself how much we can save you with our free cost-saving analysis.

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