How Vertice Workflows helped Holidu save more than $330k in just one year


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About Holidu

Holidu was founded in Munich in 2014, and it is today one of the fastest growing vacation rental companies in Europe. Its mission is to make the hosting and booking of vacation rentals free of doubt and full of joy. Holidu’s popularity has seen it grow exponentially and today the company employs over 500 people in more than 60 countries.


Munich, Germany


Vacation Rentals



The challenge

Having created the platform following their own frustrating travel experience, Holidu’s founders were confident that it would be a popular solution for other guests and hosts. They were quickly proven right, with the company experiencing rapid growth worldwide.

The problem was, having increased its headcount by 40% in just a few years, Holidu also had to leverage a vast amount of software applications to support this expansion, the combination of which quickly became difficult to control. A particular challenge, especially for the finance team, was the clear visibility of when each contract was scheduled to renew and how well each tool was being utilized.

This, in turn, made it difficult for the team to negotiate effectively. With more growth on the horizon, Holidu knew it needed to find a better solution.

The solution

Holidu began to look for a partner that would not only be able to provide its teams with more control, including support with the management and negotiation of its software applications, in turn helping to free up time for its senior leadership team who had previously handled contract negotiations.

After being introduced to Vertice, Holidu was quickly able to realize the opportunity presented by the platform. Another concern was how they could create increased control over the procurement process, which Vertice was able to provide by demonstrating the workflow features within the platform.

Further to the improved processes, Vertice was able to demonstrate the potential for savings with the savings audit. Taken together, this was enough to convince the finance team at Holidu that it was in their best interest to partner with Vertice.

The results

Once Holidu had begun working with Vertice, it wasn’t long before it gained full control into its SaaS spend. The team was able to better understand the entirety of the company’s software usage. This ultimately helped the finance team gain increased control of their spend.

On top of improving the control and visibility, Vertice has delivered significant savings for Holidu as well. In the first year alone, Vertice delivered more than $330,000 in direct SaaS savings and also provided benchmark information to support the CTO on other strategic negotiations.

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