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About Shootsta

Shootsta is the premier subscription-based, scalable video solution, educating and empowering brands to create high-quality, cost-effective videos — fast. The company experienced steady growth, expanding into global markets and supporting organizations with an alternative way to engage with prospects and their employees, particularly during and post the COVID-19 pandemic.

With this growth, however, came SaaS sprawl, creating an unmanageable and costly SaaS stack. The leadership team trusted Vertice to bring those costs under control, achieving 100% ROI within the first month and finding $78,000 in savings.




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The challenge

Shootsta’s platform was well-placed to support organizations as the world adjusted to remote working. But with the company’s growth came a proliferation of SaaS tools that were required to support its ever-evolving business. The problem was, these tools were being manually tracked through a spreadsheet, and before long, there were simply too many subscriptions to manage effectively, making it difficult for the team to keep up with renewal deadlines and overall spend.

“We had lost control of our software spend and none of the leadership team had the bandwidth to properly manage and negotiate our SaaS. That was when we realized we needed help,” said Daniel Chiha, CEO of Shootsta.

Additionally, Shootsta’s leaders lacked clarity about which tools were owned by different parts of the organization, which resulted in them subscribing to duplicate SaaS applications, while further missing out on opportunities to negotiate better prices and terms.

The solution

Shootsta wanted a way to consolidate its contracts and redeploy resources that were being spent on tracking and negotiating contracts. It was looking for a strategic procurement partner that would provide the team with much-needed SaaS visibility, while also removing the burden of contract management and being able to deliver maximum cost-savings.

With prices steadily rising and a SaaS stack that was becoming out of control, the team knew that it needed a partner that could highlight potential savings, and negotiate the best prices and terms on its behalf.

“As a scaleup, it’s very hard to keep an eye on the ever growing cost of our tech-stack. Vertice has given us complete transparency on our company tools in an easy-to-use platform,” said Chiha.

While the transparency that Vertice’s user-friendly platform was able to provide was an added benefit, ultimately, the team was reassured by the risk-free nature of the money back guarantee.

The results

Within the first two days, Vertice started negotiating an upcoming contract for Shootsta, and the team was completely onboarded into the platform within two weeks. “Vertice delivered value in the first few weeks and very quickly provided ROI,” said Chiha. On top of the savings, Vertice had simplified the negotiation process for the Shootsta team, saving a substantial amount of time during negotiations for new tools and renewals.

“Essentially, Vertice has become an extension of our internal team,” said Chiha. “The experience and the service is seamless.”

As a result of using Vertice, Shootsta can now focus on its core business requirements knowing that its SaaS contracts are safely in the hands of negotiation experts and that it will benefit from the best possible deals on all of its contracts.

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