How A.Team achieved 7x ROI
with Vertice


Savings in their first three months as a Vertice customer

7x ROI

Return on investment so far since working with Vertice

115+ Hours

Amount of time their finance team has saved on SaaS renewals

About A.Team

A.Team, a members-only platform geared towards highly-skilled workers, was designed to be the best place on earth for product builders to work on projects they care about with innovative companies.


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The challenge

With demand for A.Team having skyrocketed, the company made the decision to grow its headcount by 33% in just nine months. But with this growth came the need for additional SaaS tools and licenses to support not only the employees themselves, but also A.Team’s expanding operations.

The problem was, this ever-growing SaaS stack quickly became a bottleneck for A.Team’s Head of Finance, Chris Gonzalez. In addition to leading multiple teams, Chris was also tasked with managing all final contract negotiations — an administrative burden that pulled him away from focusing on larger, more strategic issues.

Knowing they needed a far more efficient alternative, A.Team began the search for a partner that would not only deliver substantial cost-savings, but also reduce the time and energy involved in handling software procurement and renewals.

The solution

Given the company’s focus on having the right people in the right teams, it was important to A.Team that it chose a reliable, professional partner – one that would not only provide cost savings, but also ensure that the terms of any SaaS agreement would be in A.Team’s best interest in the long term.

As a rapidly growing company, A.Team was also looking for a partner that would support the entire procurement process and ensure that all renewals were handled well ahead of any deadlines.

The company’s search for a procurement partner was moving in tandem with its day-to-day operations. It was during this time that A.Team was actively negotiating for a new business intelligence (BI) solution, providing Vertice with an opportunity to demonstrate how it could provide business value, by stepping in to support this negotiation mid-flight. Even with a last-minute contract, Vertice was able to save A.Team an additional 10% on that contract before they even became a customer.

The results

That goodwill negotiation was enough to make up their minds. Since then, Vertice has continued to act as a true collaborator in the procurement process.

As part of the onboarding, the Vertice team helped to identify shadow IT spend and find tools that were being separately purchased by multiple teams. This allowed Vertice to suggest ways to improve A.Team’s procurement process, including helping with a procurement workshop to upgrade the internal processes and improve internal alignment.

Since signing as a customer, Vertice has gone on to save A.Team more than $300,000, hitting over 700% of their savings guarantee in the first year. Vertice has also assisted in SaaS consideration, providing benchmarking and expertise to help the team decide which tools to utilize. Vertice continues to proactively monitor the tech stack for A.Team to keep them ahead of any updates or renewals, giving them the peace of mind they needed to keep their focus on growing their business.

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