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About Encompass

Encompass, the number one platform for automating corporate Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence, has been helping banks and financial institutions fight financial crime since 2012.


London, UK




Finance Technology

SaaS Tools


The challenge

Following its success in Australia, Encompass, the number one provider of automated Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions, made the decision to expand its operations globally, launching into both the European and North American markets. With this growth came the need for more software applications – to not only support the company’s operations, but also future plans.

With so many SaaS tools being subscribed to across the organization and department heads responsible for purchasing and renewing the software being used by their teams, Encompass very quickly lost control and visibility of its SaaS stack. This led not only to spiraling SaaS costs, but subsequently the realization that Encompass needed a systematic way to manage its software usage and spend.

The solution

Encompass ultimately knew that it needed a platform that would provide it with a centralized view of every software application in use across the business, while also allowing for both time and cost-savings. Given the company’s focus on security, it was also crucial that any tool that was selected was Single Sign On (SSO) enabled.

It wasn’t just a SaaS management system that Encompass needed, it was also a strategic partner that had the experience to negotiate on its behalf, while leveraging the right data and insights to secure the best possible deal on any contract. Confident that they had found the right strategic partner that could help the business achieve both its short and long-term growth plans, Encompass’ leadership team made the decision to work with Vertice.

The results

Within two weeks, Encompass was fully onboarded and, for the first time, had total visibility of the software being used across the organization. In addition to this, Vertice helped Encompass standardize its commercial terms across vendors to simplify and streamline future renewals.

Vertice is dedicated to being a long-term partner for Encompass, using quarterly business reviews to discuss how to prepare for future growth goals through the use of both new and existing SaaS tools. This information supports Encompass during executive-level discussions to demonstrate its commitment to cost-efficiency. It is this level of strategic partnership that has continued to prove most beneficial to the team, giving invaluable time back to Encompass’ leaders.

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