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Satori Company Profile


We are an Analytics Agency made with one simple vision: To give clarity in decision making, through data analytics. With teams of data scientists, analysts and software engineers, we have the depth and experience to deliver any data-centric solution and connect all the dots, however complicated. Over the past years our people have been delivering innovative solutions to global brands across multiple industries. Whether it’s a custom big data infrastructure, a machine learning model predicting churn for a leading airline group or an omni-channel CRM ecosystem, we’ve done it. With a diverse client portfolio we are proud to say we are industry and geography agnostic. Existing clients include global leaders across Europe and Australia in the Banking, FMCG, Retail, Travel, Insurance, Marketing, Energy and Defence Industries.

London, England

Satori Pricing Insights

Pricing Clarity
The Vertice Pricing Clarity Score provides you with insight into how a vendor compares with peers.
Medium Pricing Clarity
Based on Vertice Data
Low Simplicity
Simplicity is rated on how easy and intuitive pricing is to understand.
High Transparency
Transparency is rated on the availability of published pricing structures.
Medium Parity
Parity is rated on how consistent pricing is across similar customer profiles.
Average Discount
This is calculated by the aggregate price discount that customers pay when compared with list pricing.
low Discount Possibility
Based on Vertice Data

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